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Shared Mail

This page will be devoted to the mail we have received pertaining to the BICKHAM surname. Perhaps you will spot a cousin.

Wonderful site. I wouldn't change a thing. Very well done.  Candis Lee Cattley-Sanders
BRAVO! I am flabbergasted ! Awed !  and proud that you are hanging on my family tree!  I printed out the 62 pages of info about Richard. I am most grateful for all the source data that you are so generous with. Thank you, Carlene! I hope you get some response from someone. About the only way I could help is try a OUIJA board. That was so long ago.  When and from where did Richard get to the new world? I am hoping for a miracle to reward you for all your labor of love.  May the force stay with you! Love and a big bear hug from cousin Zoe
Loved your web site. Good job.  Judy Lynn Slocum
What a great thing to do. You have my permission to add any information I have given you or will give you. Cindy Freeman
Hi cuz! The web site looks really good! I am proud of what you have done. Cindy has most of the info from our branch of the family tree. I know she will be happy to share it with you.  Maxine Johnson
Great web site. I'm of the Southern Bickhams. I still like to see the "other side." My ancestors came from Louisiana and Texas. Keep up the good work.  Loyd Bickham, New Mexico
Your idea of a Bickham page is great. I hope I can help you. Thank you so much for everything you have done for the Bickham clan.  Nancy R. Dalton
Thanks for the time you spent to publish your website. Very nice. Look forward to seeing more info as you build! If I can help let me know!  Ed Bickham, of the Southern Bickhams
I think the web site is very nice and very well done!  Linda Musgrave, descendant of Patience Bickham and Samuel Skill 
I love your website on Richard Bickham. It is so scholarly and wonderful! I wish you were researching some of my other lines touched upon in your Bickham research: Pedricks, Burrs, Hudsons, Eglingtons. Wouldn't that be fortunate for me and many others? Thanks so much for your generosity, thoroughness, and diligence.  Carole Leishman
Hello Cousin Carlene. Your web site looks great. I haven't read it all but looks like you have done a lot of work. Larry Bickham 
I just now looked at the web pages you set up for the Bickhams. Beautiful job, Carlene. I am Gerald Bickham's daughter. I have learned so much from your research. My oldest son is a minister just five miles from where his great, great grandfather was a circuit rider preacher. It sure is a small world.  Judy McKiearnan
I like the web site you have started.  Thomas Davis Bickham
[He is the sixth descendant of the "original" Thomas Davis Bickham to carry the name.]
I had a chance to look at the website you have been working on, and all I can say is WOW! You have really been busy. I am looking forward to sitting down and reading the entire site.  Cousin Kent Bickham
I finally visited your website. I am very impressed, great job! Your hard work is very evident in all the detailed information, and it is easy reading.  David T. Morrison
[This is my brother. What would you expect him to say?]
GREAT!!!!!! web stie. Congratulations. Should bring you a lot of new info.  Juanita A. Morrison
I'm very happy for you to link to my site, and I'm also very grateful to you for making so much wonderful information available on the web.  Richard Wilson
I was delighted to see your Bickham information online!!!! It gives me hope that one day I can figure out why Samuel Skill and Patience Bickham were married in Christ Church, Philadelphia, instead of in Gloucester County where she seems to have been born and raised.  Lynn Bull
Great web site!!!! You've not only done a tremendous amount of work, but you have a nicely organized web site. I've added the link to your web page.  Janice Brown, USGenWeb Moderator & Webmaster, Gloucester Co NJ
Just want to let you know how excited and happy I was to see what you're doing. Bless you for all your hard work. I've gotten as far as William Bickham m. Hannah Hepworth both of England where in England we don't know yet. He was born ab. 1700. Anyway, thank you again for the thorough and very interesting Bickham information and I will keep following up and referring your site to others.  Linda Lois Wascom
I am interested in the George SMITH will you described. I am tracing Appletons and trying to sort out the Quaker Appletons in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I am a descendant of Richard Appleton, son of Richard Appleton, son of Josiah Appleton, son of Cornelius Appleton of NJ.  Wendy
Wendy, I have tried to respond to you directly but the mail I send keeps bouncing back. I must be using an incorrect e-mail address for you. Will you write to me again, please. Carlene
Great website!  I am descended from Hugh Bickham of NW Ohio who was born in 1770 and died in 1847.  We think he came from the NJ and PA Quakers which you have on your site.  Don Bickham
I am from a line of Bickhams that settled in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Father was David Bickham who passed in 2004 and lived in Oklahoma.  His father was Calvin Eugene Bickham and mother Mildred Alice Wood.  Mr records show that my great grandfather would have been Calvin Doss Bickham but that is where my tree stops.  Do you have any info on this line of Bickhams?  Or do you know others who are working on it?  Steve Bickham
I am researching my WORTH family and they seem to be connected to the BICCOMB family of Luccombe, Somerset and Washfield, Devon.  One John Worth (1601-1646) lived at Biccomb in Timberscombe a few centuries ago.  I see that you have wills for some family members as well.  I found your site most interesting.
I reviewed your web site again tonight and was impressed all over again at your thoroughness and detailed information.  My husband's family are direct descendents of Hugh Bickham.  Some internet genealogies have obviously mistakenly related him to Caleb and Rachel Scull.  You do mention that Martin had children who were not named in his will, however, Hugh was born in Kentucky (so far as I can determine), and your Bickhams seem to have stayed pretty close to NJ/PA.  So there must be another branch of Bickhams who sort of just appeared, it seems.  I was hoping that you might have tucked away a clue in your web site but I didn't see an obvious one.  I will check it out ever so often just in case one should crop up.  Thank you for a really excellent web site.
I am researching my husband's family history and am very interested in the name Bickham. His mother was a Bickham and I know that his grandfather was William James Bickham, a prominent figure in the sheet metal workers union. His father was George Henry Bickham, born c 1865 in Paris, as a British subject, one of 8 children, and his father was George Bickham, born c 1832 in Dawlish. I would be most grateful for any information regarding Bickhams that would tie up with these names.  Linda Jenkins
I'm from James N. Erwin II and Sarah Jane Bickham (daughter of Capt. Abner Bickham and Dicy Bliz), and know my heritage in detail.  I see lots of questions and searches about Bickham, Erwin, Bigner, Andrews and others, and thought maybe I might help someone.  Rick Watts
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