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BICKHAM Surname DNA Project

Announcing a BICKHAM Surname DNA Project

Are you looking for further proof or confirmation of your BICKHAM genealogical research?  Or are you wondering which BICKHAM line is yours?  Do all of the known BICKHAM lines actually have a connection?  Answers to these questions are available through DNA testing.


As the DNA test is for the Y-chromosome, participants should be male, and have the surname of BICKHAM (spelling may vary).  If you are a female, select a brother or other male BICKHAM of your direct line for testing.


Testing the Y-chromosome will provide a genetic “finger print” consisting of numbers.  By comparison of participants’ DNA numbers a determination can be made if a relationship exists.  We have begun with a 12-marker test.


The BICKHAM DNA Project has been established with Family Tree DNA.  The Group Administrator is Carlene Morrison.  That’s me!  To express interest, inquire about special project cost, and/or to join the project, please contact me.

Project News

5 August 2009
Test results for the sixth participant are a surprise.  We had expected a match with the fifth participant.  Two markers out of twelve do not match.  As both participants descend from different sons of Benjamin Bickham, perhaps there is a mutation involved.  We are taking a look at the genealogical research of both participants and welcome more participants from the Benjamin Bickham line.
29 June 2009
Kit mailed to sixth participant.
28 June 2009
After eighteen months of project inactivity, our sixth participant has joined.  He is also a descendant of Benjamin Bickham of the 'Southern Bickham' line. 
20 December 2007
Results back for the fifth participant, a descendant of Benjamin Bickham, one of the original five brothers of the 'Southern Bickham' line.  There is a four marker difference between this participant's results and those of the three who are sons of George Washington Bickham, son of Hugh Bickham.  However, there is only one marker difference between the fifth participant's results and those of the descendant of Richard Bickham of Burlington, New Jersey.  Perhaps a possibility of a relationship between the these two lines?
27 November 2007
Results back from the lab for the fourth participant.  He is also a descendant of George Washington Bickham, son of Hugh Bickham.  His results are an exact match with the other two descendants of Hugh Bickham.
19 November 2007
Sample kit from fifth participant received by FTDNA.
15 November 2007
Results back on two more participants for a total of three.  Two of these three participants are descendents of George Washington Bickham, a son of Hugh Bickham of Logan County, Ohio, and they both are an exact match.  The other participant is a descendant of Richard Bickham of 1698 Burlington, New Jersey.  Three markers difference out of a twelve marker test, indicating no relationship with the other two participants for whom results are back.  Bottom Line:  There is probably no relationship between Hugh Bickham of Logan County, Ohio, and Richard Bickham of Burlington, New Jersey.  By the way, Richard Bickham was a grandfather of the Caleb Bickham who married Rachel Scull.
12 November 2007
Fifth participant mailed sample kit back to FTDNA.
5 November 2007
Kit mailed to fifth participant by Family Tree DNA.
4 November 2007
Fifth participant has joined the project - a member of the huge "Southern Bickham" line. 
1 November 2007
Sample kit from fourth participant received by Family Tree DNA. Now we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait . . .
20 October 2007
Expected date for results from first and second participants is 30 November.
18 October 2007
Family Tree DNA mailed kit to fourth participant.
17 October 2007
A fourth participant has joined the project.
16 October 2007
Sample kit from second participant received by FTDNA.
15 October 2007
Sample kit from first participant received by FTDNA. 
11 October 2007
Both participants mailed their sample kits to Family Tree DNA today.
9 October 2007
First participant received sample kit.  Previous participant's results displayed.  Haplogroup R1b1 is England.  No surprise there! 
8 October 2007
Learned a descendant of Hugh Bickham has already had DNA testing done by FTDNA.  Requested he be added to the BICKHAM DNA Project.
6 October 2007
Seccond participant received sample kit, will be mailing it back to Family Tree DNA on Monday or Tuesday.
4 October 2007
Second participant and second line. A descendant of Richard Bickham of Burlington, New Jersey, in 1698.
3 October 2007
First participant, a descendant of Hugh Bickham of Kentucky and of Logan County, Ohio. 

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