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BICKHAM Genealogy and Surname Study


Surname Spellings of BICKHAM in England and the Colonies





The surname BICKHAM, or BICCOMBE, dates from the time of William the Conqueror and the Domesday survey made in 1086.  Known by several different spellings, the village of Bickham, located in what now is Somerset, England, was were the surname was first recognized.

This online site contains recorded information about some of the early BICKHAM lines found in the area of Somerset, and then we come across the ocean to the author's own BICKHAM line which traces back to Richard BICKHAM, first 'found' in records dated 1698, in Burlington, New Jersey.

As a guide to your reading pleasure, the following is a brief introduction to the BICKHAM lines included here.  There will be more, so check back often to see what might be new.


First recorded in 1086, this Richard is the progenitor of a long line of BICCOMBE individuals who lived in and around the village of Bickham in Somerset, England.  This line is closely associated with the manors of Timberscombe, Crowcombe, and Broomfield in Somerset.



One of the most well known BICKHAM lines in Somerset, England, is that of Aldred BYCCOMBE of Old Cleeve.  The author has concentrated heavily on this line in an attempt to include Richard BICKHAM of Burlington, New Jersey, into this family.


Richard BICKHAM of New Jersey

First found in records dated 1698, in Burlington, New Jersey, Richard BICKHAM's parentage is presently unknown with any certainty.  He had three known sons - Martin, Richard, Thomas - who carried the BICKHAM surname into Gloucester County, New Jersey.



Not everything has yet been included for the line carried on by Martin BICKHAM.  Of Richard BICKHAM's three sons, Martin was the only one who did not name his children by name in his will.  This has made research a little more difficult for this line.


Richard BICKHAM, Jr.

Richard BICKHAM, Jr. carried forward his father's name and also passed it to one of his sons.  More research is required for this line, however, what we currently have learned is included here.



The author's direct ancestor, Thomas BICKHAM has been the son most thoroughly researched.  It was the line of Thomas that made the move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and from there to Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, and finally Oklahoma.  There are more generations and more information to be included for this line.  The site is a work in progress and this line has much more detail to be placed online.

It is hoped that you will enjoy learning more about your possible BICKHAM ancestors, and that you will find the sources and detail included here to be helpful clues to your own research.  Please have the courtesy to refer others to this site rather than using the detail provided here as if it were your own.

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