From January 1993 to July 1998, I produced cartoons on a biweekly basis for the Silcon Valley lesbian and gay newspaper OutNOW!, which were published on the editorial page under the heading “Drew’s Views”.  I usually created two cartoons per issue, allowing the publisher to select which one would be published.  This amounted to over 130 published cartoons, and something around 250 drawn over four and a half years.  The ownership of OutNOW! has since changed hands, resulting in a change of focus, and I was not asked to continue as staff cartoonist.

In each of 1994, 1995, and 1996, I produced a 32-page collection called The Queer in Review, containing all the published cartoons from the previous year plus selected favorites which had not been published for whatever reason, along with commentary on each cartoon to add context.  In 1999, I hope to produce a retrospective of all the published cartoons (plus unpublished favorites and some miscellany).  Until then, however, I’m happy to present the cartoons here on my web site.

(For information about getting copies of the 1995 and 1996 QIR collections, please contact me.)

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