#112: Cloning

Obviously done right after the cloning of Dolly the Sheep was announced.

For those not up on their gay terminology, the 1970’s saw the gay male “look” centered around guys who were slender, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, and who sported a moustache.  Known as the “Castro Clone,” this look is still prevalent today.

This is one of a handful of cartoons I did that were created or assembled electronically; no paper original exists.  In addition, because this image is created from the original computer files, it retains shading which dropped out when the printed version was scanned and printed.

In addition, always in pursuit of a better joke, I have changed the text in the clones’ word balloon from the original version, which merely said “Nah...”

(Finally, apologies to Roberta Gregory.  The title of her old Sheep Shots mini-comics was too perfect to not use.)

Cartoon and text ©1998 Jim Drew.