Welcome to my California Raisins website.  I have been collecting these characters for about 10 years.  When my grandson is old enough to go to college I will give him my collection to start his "pizza fund".  He is 8.  Until then, I'll keep collecting them and laughing a lot when I look at them!  I have some extras for sale too.  Email me if you have questions or want to order some.  I don't have doubles of everything, but pretty close!

Copyrighted by CALRAB, distributed by Applause, 2.5 inches tall

Ben Indasun, 1987, $8, orange sunglasses, right hand finger pointed up, left hand finger pointed down
  Tiny Goodbite, 1987, $8, microphone, right fist clenched, tongue shows  
  Justin X. Grape, 1987, $8, can see half plus blue eyes, left hand finger pointed up. Also known as Conga Dancer.  
  Saxophone Player, 1987, $8, slightly leaning back, both gloves covering top of sax, blowing hard, top of sax is black  
  Winking Man, 1988, $12 Hot pink sneakers  
  Red Guitar Player, 1988, $12  
  Santa Hat, 1988, $12 Green sneakers  
  Candy Cane, 1988, $12 Red sneakers, green laces, green sunglasses  
  Valentine Man, 1988, $12 Red sneakers  
  Valentine Woman, 1988, $12 Hot pink shoes  

  Bass, Pink Shoes Female, Drummer, and Yellow Shoes Female. Available individually or as a set from Post Raisin Bran


  Bass Player, 1988, $20, Blue and gray boots
  Pink Shoes Female, 1988, $15, Pink shoes and bracelet  
  Drummer, 1988, $20, Black hat with yellow feather  
  Yellow Shoes Female, 1988, $15, Yellow bracelet and tambourine  

  Ms. Marvelous, 1988, $15 Green shoes and bracelet, tambourine, side swept hairdo  
   Michael Jackson, 1989, $20, Moonwalking, silver glove  
   Turquoise Sunglasses, 1988, $16 Turquoise sneakers, long sunglasses
Turquoise Sunglasses, 1988, $18 Turquoise sneakers, short sunglasses 
  Vertical Surfboard, 1988, $50 Surfboard attached to sneaker  

  Horizontal Surfboard, 1988, $69 Surfboard not attached to sneaker and is parallel to ground  

The Hip Band; set of four; Guitarist, Boy with Microphone, Girl with Microphone, Sax Player
  Hip Guitarist, 1988, $22  
  Boy with Microphone, 1988, $18  
  Girl With Microphone, 1988, $18  
  Sax Player, 1988, $18  

Raisin Some Fun in the Sun, set of four; Girl with Sunglasses, Boy with Surfboard, Girl with Grass Skirt, Boy in Beach Chair
  Girl With Sunglasses, 1988, $15 Sitting on sand with sunglasses  
  Girl With Grass Skirt, 1988, $15  
  Boy In Beach Chair, 1988, $15 Sitting in striped chair on sand with bottle of suntan lotion  
  Boy With Surfboard, 1988, $15 Sitting on sand  

Meet The Raisins, set of four; Red the Piano Player, Lick Broccoli, Rudy Bagaman, Banana White
  Lick Broccoli, 1989, $25  
  Banana White, 1989, $25  
  Rudy Bagaman, 1989, $25  
  Red The Piano Player, 1989, $40  

Meet The Raisins II, set of four; , Mom (Lulu Arborman), Cecil Thyme, Leonard Limabean, A.C. 
  Mom (Lulu Arborman) , 1989, $200, Pink apron and blue shoes  
  Cecil Thyme, 1989, $300, Gray pants and sport coats  
  Leonard Limabean, 1989, $200, Lavender suit and blue hat and handlebar mustache  
 A.C., 1989, $200, Up-do and red sneakers

The Graduates, set of four, Sax Player, Tiny Goodbite, Justin X Grape, and Ben Indasun standing on yellow mortarboard
  Sax Player, 1988, $75, World's most Hell Raisin Grad!  

Tiny Goodbite, 1988, $50, Time To Sing your Praises. Congratulations Grad
  Justin X. Grape, 1988, $40, Heard It Through The Grapevine, you graduated. Congratulations  
  Ben Indasun, 1988, $40, You Really danced through itů.Congratulations  

Del Monte Fruit Snacks Musical Sandwich
  Set of 3 on musical sandwich that plays "Heard It Through The Grapevine". Set includes Ben Indasun, Tiny Goodbite who has a microphone with right hand open, bushier eyebrows and huge eyelids and more teeth, and Justin X Grape with huge eyelids and barely showing eyeballs, and more teeth with a crooked smile. Arms are bendable on these. 1987, $75  
  Justin X Grape, Ben Indasun, and Tiny Goodbite  


First Issue is Copyrighted 1987, CALRAB, 2 inches tall
  Tiny Goodbite, 1987, $5, microphone, right hand finger pointing up, tongue shows but wider smile  
  Saxophone Player, 1987, $5, no frown, slight smile  
  Justin X. Grape, 1987, $5, can see half blue eyes, open hands by side of face with fingers pointing up  
  Ben Indasun, 1987, $5, hands on hips  

Second Issue is Copyrighted 1988, CALRAB, 2 - 2.25 inches tall, 6 characters
  F.F. Strings, 1988, $7, orange sneakers and blue rock guitar  
  Waves Weaver, 1988, $7, Red sneakers and sunglasses holding yellow surfboard on right hip  
  Captain Toonz, 1988, $7, white sunglasses and blue radio on right ear  
  S.B. Stuntz, 1988, $7, blue sneakers standing on yellow skateboard  
  Trumpy TruNote, 1988, $7, turquoise sneakers, blowing trumpet  
  Rollin' Rollo, 1988, $7, yellow sneaker skates and yellow hat  

Third Issue was a group of four soft raisins with poseable arms and legs, 1988. Copyright CALRAB, licensed Applause.

Tiny Goodbite, 1988, $10, plush holding microphone
Ben Indasun, 1988, $10, orange sneakers and sunglasses
Female, 1988, $10, yellow high heels
Justin X. Grape, 1988, $10, turquoise sneaker and yellow hat
Fourth Issue was a group of four, Buster, Anita Break, Benny, 
Alotta Stile

Buster, 1991, $15, black sneakers and orange skateboard, hitchhiking
  Anita Break, 1991, $15, High heels, yellow purse, shopping bags under both arms  
  Benny (Ben Indasun), 1991, $15, Orange shoes, green jacket, bowling ball and blue bag  

Alotta Stile, 1991, $15, pink shoes and purple radio

Fifth Issue was a group of four

Conga, 2000, $5, Turquoise shoes 
Microphone, 2000, $5, Red shoes
Travolta, 2000, $5, Yellow shoes
Guitar, 2000, $5, Turquoise guitar

Individual Items


  Animated Cel, 1994, Wil Vinton Studios, $175 Singing in front of the bar  
  Twin sheets and pillow case, 1988, $10-15  

  Buttons, 1988, $5 each  
  Sleeping Bag, 1987, $18  
  Record Album, Meet The Raisins, $15  
  Mirror picture  
  Simplicity pattern  
  Mad magazine  
  Air freshener, $4  
  Men's low rise briefs, $12  
  IBM game, $25  
  Colorforms, $8 (opened)  
                Front                                              Back
  Huge Plastic Bank, $12  
Coin purses (squeezable), $5 each
   Medium Plush Toy, $8  
Small Plush Toy, $8
   Huge Plush Toy, $12  
   Bank - box of raisins with figure standing next to it, 1988, $15  
  Valentines - 2 boxes, $4 (opened), $6 (unopened)  
  Radio Shack video  
  Cassette - Xmas with the raisins, $15 (unopened)  
                         Tiny Goodbite                                                               Justin X Grape, Conga Dancer  
Bendable 5.5 inch tall, 1987, $15-18
   Wind Up Walkers - 1987  
 Microphone (Tiny), $17.00,  Orange glasses (Ben), $17.00,  Girl, $17
   Light / fan pull, $15  
  Radio $85  
  Coloring Book  
  Yellow lunch box, $5 (well used)  
  Red lunch box, $5 (well used)  
  Digital Watch, 1988, $20 (needs battery)  
Fingertronic Puppet, $30
Knockoffs Swivel Body
 2 inch Tiny Goodbite (microphone), hanging
2.5 inch Sax
2.5 inch Badmitton
2.5 inch Baseball Bat
5 inch Red Tie, Blue Eyes
  5 inch Yellow Shoes and Bat  
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