Winter Project Poets 2007
Essay: Merrifield
Oh, Canada! 2007
Memoriam: Reninger


The Centrifugal Eye's Special Projects Archives

Creativity is an unwieldy vine, sometimes ponderous under its own weight of twisting offshoots.

The Centrifugal Eye Online Poetry Journal is just such a creative vine, constantly in need of timely support and maintenance. TCE has a regular archives site, but some of its quarterly projects are so massive, they require 2-4 times the webspace of a normal issue, and this taxes even the generous TCE Archives.

Centrifuge is The Centrifugal Eye's new Project Archives,
a space set aside for complex works, such as the
2007 Winteractive Project, in which many pages are interlinked for reader participation.

Project Archives will remain online for a year from first publication, with randomly selected individual works remaining for longer, indeterminate periods. This allows older poems and artwork to remain accessible to viewers as long as possible, while making more space available in the current magazine issue for new publications.

Enjoy TCE's Special Projects for awhile longer!
And when you're done here, be sure to revisit

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~ Editor, Eve Anthony Hanninen

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