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There are so many wonderful poems and exciting pieces of art in The Centrifugal Eye's back issues, that I wanted to be able to leave as much of it up on the Worldwide Web for as long as possible.

So TCE's archives section has been designed to accommodate the overflow of files her parent site cannot. It houses all back issues (excluding special projects, which may be found at the Centrifuge site), each of which gradually condense over time. Of course, there is still limited space (just as paper magazines become scarce over time), so you are encouraged to print out and save things appearing in these archives to keep for personal enjoyment if you are a reader; authors should do so anyway, to preserve records. At some point, all work here will eventually disappear.

~ Editor, Eve Anthony Hanninen

Visit the archives site for past Featured Poets' pages, including exclusive interviews, reviews, essays and, of course, excellent poems!

Enjoy a varied selection of poetic styles from both long-term professional and newly rising authors. Immerse yourself in a plethora of visual and aural sensations. C'mon— wade in.

Summer 2014 Cover Art
E. A. Hanninen

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Summer 2014
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Featured Poet: Michelle Barker 
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If you have wandered into our Archives through a side door, you can find The Centrifugal Eye Online Poetry Journal by clicking the "Current Issue" portal-page link on the navigation bar.

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