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Back Issue - August 2006 V1 I4

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Randolph Bridgeman

"These are dusty memories settling in the cuffs of my jeans, he said of: a highway running south"

Michael R. Burch

"Suddenly uncomfortable to stay at my grandfather's house— actually his third new wife's"

Margarita Engle

"West of town, a dragon of flame-hued tractor parts looms above the treetops in an orange grove."

Michaela A. Gabriel

"Sunrise at 6:40. Another winter morning, air as brittle as age-old leather or leaves that haunt"

Zoë Gabriel

"Anyone who lives on their own exists in a wintry land that allows for few illusions Trappers and"

Barry Harris

"His villa is a one-bedroom apartment overlooking an interstate in Minnesota. He listens as he sits"

Esther Altshul Helfgott

"Daphne and Butch got up and went to the door. They said: We're going out. I said: Where to?"

Ed Higgins

"The moon's summer rise leaks shadows from three Jersey steers grazing the far timothy pasture."

Jennifer Lagier

"You will not miss the crucifix woven of hospital bracelets pinned to the bulletin board over your"

David Luntz

"Route 1 runs straight and, like every other line, is infinitely divisible. It's a labyrinth of innumerable"

Frank Marcel

"What happens when you find what you're searching for; when the rails dip and curl and fall over"

P. J. Nights

"The light will thicken, bind the morning commute, tie bumper to hatchback as it solidifies smoke"

Nanette Rayman Rivera

"This is how you live, penny-wise by low-pitched penny. Each wave of blue lava signs the next"

Miriam Sagan

"In the dream version Spanish Harlem the way It always looks in the dream The street signs"

Eamonn Stewart

"Thus, forever toward dark skies Where quivers topaz seas, Your evening sets its task for"

S. Thomas Summers

"to descend beneath these waters, hover like a cloud that eavesdrops on the quarrels trout have"

Klyd Watkins

"remember that afternoon back in Kentucky – we were living in the trailer behind the nursing home"

Patricia Wellingham-Jones

"We rock in weathered wood chairs on your tile veranda Sigh over the lush beauty of roses and iris"

Earl J. Wilcox

"A brilliant red hat was recently added to a tree in the free rent zone for birds in our green backyard."

George Barbier (1882-1932), was one of several leading figures in the birth of Art Deco fashion, acclaimed for his elegant Roaring Twenties illustrations. He was a regular contributor to the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs and a member of a select group of artists who created illustrations for the limited edition publication, La Gazette du Bon Ton. This exclusive periodical was the precursor of Vogue magazine, targeting the elite fashion and design world of Paris. Barbier also did artwork for le Jardin des Dames et des Modes, Modes et Manières d'Aujourd'hui, Les Feuillets d'Art, Fémina, Vogue, and Comoedia Illustré. He also exhibited at the Salon des Humoristes in 1910 under the name of Edouard William. Barbier illustrated catalogs and books, as well, including the poetry books of Paul Verlaine and Charles Baudelaire, and graphic albums of dancer Nijinsky in roles of the Ballet Russes.

Jeff Crouch is an internet artist in Grand Prairie, Texas. He plays at art as though it were a game of hide and go seek. His graphic work has appeared in The Blue Smoke Band, Poems Niederngasse, ardent, moria, eratio postmodern poetry, Ancient Heart Magazine, Speculative Fiction Centre, JMWW, Quill and Ink, Stirring: A Literary Collection, Spoiled Ink, Lunatic Chameleon, Triplopia, Events Quarterly, Skive Magazine, Subtle Tea, Literary Vision Magazine (LitVision), Prose Toad, Lily, Ink Pot, Generator Press (April 2006 Exhibit), Monkey Kettle, BluePrintReview, DogEar, Expose'd, Misanthropists Anonymous (with Molly Crouch), Above Ground Testing (with Molly Crouch), Dicey Brown, as well as many others, with more forthcoming in Forklift Ohio, Acton, Defenestration Magazine, HiNgE, Southern Hum, and Strange Road. Jeff was the cover artist for the Summer 2006 issue of The Centrifugal Eye, and several of his artworks appear throughout the issue.

E.A. Hanninen takes commissions and contracts for editorial & advertising illustration, and teaches painting and writing courses now and then. She specializes in acrylics, pastels, airbrush and computer graphics & illustration and loves exploring impressionism, realism & surrealism in her artwork. She's also a writer, poet, and Editor-in-Chief of The Centrifugal Eye. You'll find several of her pieces in this issue, and a few more showcased in the Special Summer issue of Mannequin Envy (archives).

H. Helmy lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and says he enjoys nature and expresses his feelings towards his environment via his paintings on canvas. "Painting for me is another form of writing . . . like a story . . . The title adds extra dimensions." He loves colors: red for love and passion, black for quiet, "before the action, before the storm". His artwork has been auctioned for the MAKE-A-WISH Foundation® of Eastern Ontario and other fund-raising events, displayed in the Moth Gallery Of Fine Arts, Grand Forks Art Gallery and Lady Audrey's Gallery, and some of his artwork appeared in
The Aurora Review.

Jennifer Lagier is an amateur photographer who enjoys combining her love for hiking and the outdoors with picture-taking, which further inspires her poetry. Jennifer is also The Centrifugal Eye's Summer Featured Poet. She teaches computer literacy courses at Hartnell College and California State University, Monterey Bay.

Charles Martin (1884 - 1934) studied at the Montpelier Ecole des Beaux Arts, Academie Julian, and Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris. He became well-known as a principal Art Deco fashion designer, illustrator, graphic artist and posterist, and was also involved in ballet and theater set design. As did his peer, George Barbier, Martin became a regular contributor to French fashion journals Journal Des Dames et Des Modes, Modes et Manieres d'Aujourd'hui, La Gazette du Bon Ton, and eventually, Vogue. He is said to have favored a Cubist-style in his illustrations.


The August issue also featured three essays:

Writing and the Alzheimer's Caregiver, by Esther Altshul Helfgott
Nature as Muse, by Jennifer Lagier
Traveling With My Muse, by Earl J. Wilcox

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