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Back Issue - May 2006 V1 I3

          the   Poets


Kenneth Pobo

"I walk to The Factory, a gay bar. It's Saturday, drag night. There's Nancy Sinatra"

Alex Stolis

"It will start in two hours— the forced smile and the white noise, the wind will smell"

Lynn Strongin

"the haze that coats sight like eggshell varnish a painting makes cruelty shine."

CarrieAnn Thunell

"She wore the red and black paint of a thousand landscapes across her face."

Davide Trame

"In between the rattlings of the rails into the rails, out of the train window"

Jennifer VanBuren

"Dr. Carola pontificates with owl-beaked, gray-brow professors then chatters in Portuguese"

Klyd Watkins

"Solomon asked, "Jack, do you understand this?" Jack opened his mouth to say no"

Luke Welch

"His silhouette eclipsed the hallway light that last night, his head bowed, hair wild"

Patricia Wellingham-Jones

"She doesn't care how old she gets how the pounds add up to inches She ties daffodils"

Earl J. Wilcox

"What a woman! That day she looked back was no different from any other. The night before"

Gale Acuff

"Ponies. Tiny and Dolly. Father lets the empty pasture to Mr. Lecroy, who trucks them over"

Denise Calvetti Michaels

"When I Begin to Sew, Cara Nonna, I Write When I begin – boundaries and the heaviness"

Jared Carter

"Not by severance but by division. Not propagation stalk by stalk, but the way"

Michael Estabrook

"In the living room of the Rookwood Inn, among the antique bookshelves and French-patterned"

Richard Fein

"Judith cut off a human head yet became a heroine of Israel. How did she wash the blood"

John Grey

"She died in Roanoke on a rainy day. Clouds squeezed the breath out of the earth"

Billy Joe Howell Sinnard

"A basalt Hina squats on a throne of earth, a calabash of winds at her feet. Her hair cascades"

Albert Huffstickler

"I still don't understand: these people carved in the image of the archetypal woman— "

Robert Legat

"More than once upon a time, She led me through the looking glass Of my own distracted"

Ellaraine Lockie

"She slips a string of red recycled beads over the hanger holding her suit"

Helen Losse

"I do not know you, Rosie. And the soprano at your service sang in a language I don't know"

Robin Maclean

"For our first feast of time, I will prepare for you a caricature of the sun"

Ernest Williamson III is a painter, pianist, and poet, who has published art and poetry in over sixty online and print journals. He holds the B.A. and the M.A. in English and Creative Writing from the University of Memphis. He is also a doctoral student at Seton Hall University. His work has appeared in Adagio Verse Quarterly, Snow Monkey, Plum Ruby Review, The Copperfield Review & Thunder Road Press, as well as many other publications. Ernest's artwork "The Artist as Vase" was selected for inclusion in the Adkins Arboretum 2006 Art Competition Exhibition. You can find more of his art on several pages of this issue of The Centrifugal Eye.

Dallas J. Bryant is a West Coast photographer and graphics artist, who also writes science fiction and poetry. He is a regular contributor to The Centrifugal Eye, and his art shows up on several pages in this issue. His work may also be found while perusing the Archives.

James Gielfeldt was born in Nova Scotia and raised in Ontario. He attended Niagara College A.A.T in Welland, where he obtained his diploma in Visual Creative Art and Design. James also attended the BFA program at McMaster University. James also enjoys working as Professor of Life Drawing at Niagara College in the Graphic Design Production/ Art Design Fundamentals program. He has taught art classes for Youth Innovations, City of Welland and for The St. Catherine's Academy of Fine Artists. He's now exploring the wonderful world of printmaking. He lives in Welland with his wife and two sons.

E.A. Hanninen lives in Seattle, Washington, where she takes commissions and contracts for editorial & advertising illustration. She specializes in acrylics, pastels and airbrush, and explores impressionism, realism & surrealism in her artwork. She's also a writer, poet, and Editor-in-Chief of The Centrifugal Eye. You'll find several of her pieces in this issue.

John Millington studied at UCLA, and numerous places throughout the world; wherever his ship docked, he looked for inspiration. He calls himself "somewhat of a Jack-of-All-Trades", relishing a diverse number of activities, from Scouting, sports & motorcycling, to Art. He currently enjoys his retirement in Historic Yorktown, Va., by running his Card, Comic and Gaming Stores. John designed and executed both The Centrifugal Eye's November inaugral cover illustration, and CE's universal logo.


The May issue also featured three essays:

Last Journey ~ a fictional essay, by Jared Carter
Pictures from Bohemia ~ Twenty Years of North Beach: 1965 to 1985, by Kaye McDonough

Viewpoint: Trade Tips ~
Suggestions For Poets, by Helen Losse

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