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Summer 2007

23 Contemporary Poets work their voices
in praise, in criticism, with keen eye or ironic wit,
and strive to recreate the many varied worlds of
"men's work" with their use of vibrant language.

Cynthia Bargar

U as in Undertaker

Ellen Birkett Morris

Adagio in Wood

Kate Campbell

i don' like my dad &
Safe from Suffering

Radu Dima

ramshackle song

Bill Dorris

Windmills &

Michael Estabrook

Bread, Milk, and Eggs &
Great Silken Net

Brent Fisk

To Good Homes &

ZoŽ Gabriel

An Ideal Husband

Howie Good

Interview Tips

K. P. Gurney

Three Months After

Joy Harold Helsing

Thrift & Hobby

M. J. Iuppa

Hypnotic &
Awakened, hours before...

Leland Jamieson

Coffee Break? &
Scotsman's Prophecy

Jennifer Lagier

Patriotism & Malignancy

Ellaraine Lockie

Icon Cowboy,
Godot Goes to Montana &
From Women All Over the World

David Luntz

Mon Triste Oncle

Nathaniel S. Rounds

Rope House &
Opera Chronique

Wanda Schubmehl

Four Lane Road

J. R. Solonche

Memorial Service for Curt &
Ghazal-Sonnet on Glass

Jeffrey Taylor

On Birds and Men

Patricia Wellingham-Jones

Favorite Picture

Ken Whitmore

A Fortunate Man &
Father and Son

Earl J. Wilcox

Mama's Boy Shops for Hazel,
Caveman Visits Doctor,
Hitchhiking in a Minor Key &
Garden Gerontology

Stephanie Curtis - 2007

Spring Themed Art & Portraits
were contributed by the following artists and photographers:

Dallas J. Bryant, Stephanie Curtis, E. A. Hanninen, and Elizabeth Wilcox, as well as Public Domain vintage postcard and advertising art.

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