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Spring 2007

Contemporary Poets sound off:
In tribute, by rant or with ironic mix -
Who better to speak on the virtues and faults of Poets,
but other Poets?

Frank MarcÚl

On Hughes & Bukowski

John Milbury-Steen

On Petrarch, Wordsworth

Maurice Oliver

On Samantha

Wanda Schubmehl

On Doty, Iuppa & Spring

Paul Stevens

On Rimbaud

Carrieann Thunell

On Watkins & Thomas

Ken Whitmore

On Picasso

Daniel E. Wilcox

On Plato & O'Connor

Bill Winter

On Addonizio

Gabriella M. Belfiglio

On Szymborksa & Sisters

K. R. Copeland

On Plath & Brooks

Damilola Oyeleye

On Ifa & Spring

Margarita Engle

On Loynaz & Writing

Michael Estabrook

On Ginsberg & Barlow

Hugh Fox

On Writing & Remembrance

John Grey

On Teen Poets

K. P. Gurney

On Lisa

Joy Harold Helsing

On Poets & Romanticism

Anne Higgins

On Jacobsen

Ed Higgins

On Ginsberg

Bryon D. Howell

On Writing & E. John

Leland Jamieson

On W. Stevens & Writing

Michael Lee Johnson

On Writing & Surviving

Gary Lehmann

On Accidental Poetry

Spring Themed Art & Portraits
were contributed by the following artists and photographers:

Dallas J. Bryant, K. R. Copeland, Stephanie Curtis, E. A. Hanninen, Ellaraine Lockie,
and Bill Schubmehl, as well as Public Domain publicity stills and vintage postcard art.

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