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The Don Ellis Story Official Film Funding Form


Private Film Funding Form

Simply Fill in your Name or Organization, Sign, make a Copy for your records and Date and Mail back to Contact Information below


_____________________________ wishes to Pledge Filmmaker John Vizzusi

the sum of ______________________ to help complete funding for the Documentary Film titled: "Electric Heart" The Don Ellis Story

Contributor will receive credit on the Film being inserted at the tail credits. Contributor will also receive a Final Copy of the Program on DVD. If further copies are requested a special discount for Duplication services will apply.

Contributor understands that Filmmaker John Vizzusi will show truthful accounts of the life, times & music of Don Ellis.

Contributor is invited to monitor the activities during the said Production and will be invited to speak out on issues on-camera themselves.

All expenses will be accounted for and receipts will be compiled and a Final Budget Expense Report will be sent to Contributor once the Film is completed.

Timeline for "Electric Heart" The Don Ellis Story production start is based on completion of funding.

"Electric Heart" The Don Ellis Story is a Independently Produced Documentary Film made expressly for the Film Festival circuits Internationally and once a Distributor is found will be shown with the intent to educate anyone wanting more information on one of the greatest Jazz Artist's of all time.

Contributor fully understands that during the Publicity and Marketing phase of "Electric Heart" The Don Ellis Story, inclusion of yourself or organization as a Contributor into Press Releases, Movie Posters, Newspaper Stories, etc. may happen unless said person or organization strictly forbids Filmmaker John Vizzusi from doing so.


Check made payable to: JOHN VIZZUSI

If you wish to use PAYPAL (www.Paypal.com) contributions can be made to E-Mail address: Centralhsd@earthlink.net


Filmmaker          John E Vizzusi                      Date 1-1-05

Contributor  ___________________                Date ______

Contact Information:

John Vizzusi, Filmmaker

Errol Estates

1409 Oak Place #K

Apopka, FLORIDA USA 32712-2084

E-Mail: Centralhsd@earthlink.net

Production Office: 407-889-8998

Mobile: 407-252-4135

WEBSITE: http://www.dvfilm.org