Celeste Hastings

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CELESTE is a New York
City based choreographer, dancer, improvisational  performer, costume and
soundscape designer, also experimenting with the video medium.  Her
work both theatrical and site specific, fuses elements of butoh dance, dance and
theater with an emphasis on creating evolving surreal visual and sound
environments, with an eye for the microcosmic/macrocosmic.  She was a
lead dancer for over 10 years with the post modern butoh group Poppo and Gogo
Boys under the direction  of Poppo Shiraishi  in the mid 80's through
90's (Poppo had a background with Akira Kasai) and worked as well as a modern
dancer and in physical theater. The experience of helping create group
choreography for Poppo as well her improvisational experience, left Celeste
with an interest in the power of group unity in movement and feeling which she
tends to come back to in working with others.    She has also been emphasizing creating solo work since 2003.  Often performed with the body
painted totally white,  her dance has a sculptural  time altering quality
exploring the felt life-force energy of the ever present now within 
each of us and its connection to all time, all peoples, all matter and beings,
all universes.   She sees the individual as an archetype of all
humanity and life, fusing the elemental beauty of line and form in nature,
humor, spirituality and love for the greater World/Universe into the work she does herself and with others.   Is American, born and grew up in

She has collaborated with  many artists  and companies
such as Akira Kasai (Butoh America @ Japan Society), many times with Richard Move and Noemie
Lafrance, Anemone Dance Theater,  Black Moon Theater, Nancy Faragallo, Moeno Wakamatsu, Nadine Helstroffer, Patti Bradshaw, Chris
Maresca, Pepatien, NovEnsemble, Mariko Sanjo, Acion Colectiva, director Antonio Lai and Juozas Ivanauskas in NYC and Poland,, Tetsuro Fukuhara and Eri Majima in Tokyo, musician Jim Staley, visual artist Venantius Pinto and more. Upcoming Transmedia show at Roulette in Brooklyn March 21, 2018, collaborating with video artist Angie Eng and composer/music producer Hoppy Kamiyama.   She has worked with filmaker Simon Grome both as co-editor and actress for feature film. Trainings range from ballet and modern to flamenco, ballroom, tango, butoh, tai chi, chi kung and yoga.  Butoh trainings have been with:  Natsu Nakajima, Yukio Waguri,  Aikira Kasai, Ko Murobushi, Atsushi Takenouchi, Yuko Kaseki, Katsura Kan, Tetsuro Fukuhara, Yumiko Yoshioka, Daisuke Yoshimoto, Diego Piņon & Minako Seki in Berlin & with Yoko Ashikawa years ago. Her work as a Massage Therapist since 1993 with emphasis on Amma Therapy accupressure,  bioenergetics and western medical methods has also informed her dance and quest to find what enervates and gives meaning to life.

Celeste is also director/choreographer since 2000 of a satirical yet existential butoh group
called The Butoh Rockettes with an underground following in the New York City club and
dowtown theater scenes. Birthed in 1996 (together with Co-Creators/Co-Members
Patti Bradshaw and Chris Maresca (1996-1999)) at the dowtown club MOTHER run
by ChiChi Valente and Johnny Dynell, they were invited by Producer Richard Move to
join in the annual acclaimed Jackie Christmas shows.  Celeste continues to develop The Butoh Rockettes - upcoming show March 24th, 2018 in the Coney Island Ritual Cabaret sideshow stage. .  See Upcoming Link and Link for Butoh Rockettes site.

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Above Photo of Celeste in "Nuit" by:  Frank Schneider

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