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Treats for the senses of adventure, wonder, mystery, horror, humor, aesthetics, nostalgia and curiosity.
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Argosy All-Story Weekly (continued)

Argosy All-Story Weekly Jan 14, 1928 (Vol 192 #1)  Gallery entry 14Feb2005
    Munsey 160 pages (7x10")

  • The Evil Panorama (1/6) by Charles Francis Coe
  • Luckett of the Moon (2/4) by Slater LaMaster
  • Adventurers All (5/6) by Ben Conlon
  • Range Rivals (conclusion 3/3) by John H. Hamlin
    Complete in this issue
  • Black Mutiny (novelette) by Judson Philips
  • The Whistling Waddy Wades In by Donald Bayne Hobart
  • Fare Enough by Gordon Stiles
  • The Publicity Princess by A.T. Locke
  • Snowfall by H.A. Woodbury

• Plus poetry. • The Reader's Viewpoint reveals The Golden Argosy #1, a large size 8-page weekly, was for Dec 9, 1882; it became monthly Apr 1894, then weekly in Oct 1917. The All-Story began as a monthly Jan 1905, went weekly Mar 7, 1914, merged with Argosy Jul 24, 1920. • Worts' The Return of George Washington is the readers' favorite (but for one).

Condition: Moderate edgewear; FRONT COVER: writing under red band, top right corner rounded. 2 inch top and 3/4 inch bottom separation; BACK COVER: nearly completely detached, chipping inner bottom edge, tears mid-spine, crease at bottom of picture; SPINE: top 1/2 and bottom 3/8 inches missing; PAGES: supple, tan, TOC marked.

Argosy All-Story Weekly Feb 16, 1929 (Vol 201 #4)  Gallery entry 6Jan2005
    Munsey 136 pages (441-576) (7x10")
    Cover by George W. Gage (signed) for The Cardinal's Curse

    Complete in this issue
  • The Cardinal's Curse (novelette)by J. Allan Dunn
  • Human, All Too Human by Don Waters
  • The Baby of the Boswell Line by Harold Montanye
  • The Comeback by Melville C. Coleman
  • The Way of the West (1/4) by A.T. Locke
  • The Spectral Passenger (2/6) by Fred MacIsaac
  • Ho for London Town! (3/4) by Talbot Mundy (Adventuring with Shakespeare)
  • The Black Ace (6/6) by Hulbert Footner

Condition: Heavy edgewear; front cover separation 2 inches at top, entire bottom; chipping at top and bottom of spine; back cover soiling; writing to upper right of pirate's head; pages supple, edges browing, light flaking


Argosy Apr 12, 1930 (Vol 211 #4)  Gallery entry 24Apr2005
    Munsey 144 pages (433-576) (7x10")
    Cover by Howard V. Brown (signed) for Island of the Damned

  • Island of the Damned (1/4) by R. de S. Horn
  • Alexander the Red (2/3) by Don McGrew
  • The City of Japheth (conclusion, 3/3) by W. Wirt
  • Gone North (4/6) by Charles Alden Seltzer
    Complete in this issue
  • Stepping in Society by John H. Thompson
  • Sky Madness (novelette) by Garret Smith
  • No Decision Rendered by Sehon Carlisle
  • Carmen by C.A. Freeman
  • The Men Who Make the Argosy (author bio) -- R. de S. Horn

• Another poetic tribute in Argonotes, another reader has 2 9-foot stacks of back issues.

Condition: Light edgewear; FRONT COVER: light soiling, writing under content wording; BACK COVER: edge tears and chip, soiling; PAGES supple, tan, browned closed edges, last page foxing.

Argosy Aug 23, 1930 (Vol 214 #5)  Gallery entry 30Apr2005
    Munsey 144 pages (580-720 + 3 unnumbered) (7x10")
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for The Crimson Trail

  • The Crimson Trail (1/5) by J.E. Grinstead
  • The Green Snake's Fangs (conclusion, 2/2) by Eugene Cunningham
  • The Prince of Peril (4/6) by Otis Adelbert Kline
  • The Man of Gold (5/6) by Fred MacIsaac
    Complete in this issue
  • That Sally Boat by Joseph Knox Stone
  • The Sea Pig by Ralph R. Perry
  • The Publicity Kid by John A. Thompson
  • Ox Gunther Kicks Off by Paul Evan Lehman
  • The Men Who Make the Argosy (author bio) by Ralph R. Perry

• Argonotes: invitation from the Brooklyn Scientific Club. • Full page ad for Railroad Man's Magazine Aug 1930, with cover art.

Condition: Moderate edgewear (tears, creases); FRONT COVER: tears, surface creases; SPINE: bottom 1 inch torn, top tip worn; PAGES supple, bright.

Argosy Mar 14, 1931 (Vol 219 #4)  Gallery entry 16Jun2005
    Munsey 144 pages (433 - 576) (7x10")
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for Barons of the Border

  • Barons of the Border (1/5) by J.E. Grinstead
  • The Tiger of Pnom Kha (2/3) by F.V.W. Mason
  • Sinister House (conclusion, 3/3) by William Merriam Rouse
  • The Hothouse World (4/6) by Fred MacIsaac
    Complete in this issue
  • Parole by Jack Allman
  • The Black Tide (novelette) by Ralph R. Perry
  • Red Death by Norman H. White, Jr.
  • Ray Martin, Oyster Pirate by Bertrand L. Shurtleff
  • The Men Who Make the Argosy: Norman H. White, Jr.

• In Argonotes: story background from Ralph R. Perry, a Victor Rousseau fan, and a wholly negative basher. • Full page ad for Detective Fiction Weekly Mar 21, 1931, with splash page of Missing Millions by Fred MacIsaac.

Condition: FRONT COVER: trimmed, top right corner creased (reinforced with tape); BACK COVER: moderate edgewear (tears, creases); SPINE: moderate wear, esp. at middle, bottom 1/2 inch missing; PAGES supple, light.

Argosy Apr 4, 1931 (Vol 220 #1)  Gallery entry 28Jan2005
    Munsey 144 pages (plus 8 page advertising section in front) (7x10")
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for Captain Judas

    Complete in this issue
  • Beyond the Dark Nebula (novelette) by Harl Vincent
  • Three Cat's-eyes by H. Bedford-Jones
  • Relics by John H. Thompson
  • Soft Pickings by Howard R. Marsh
  • Captain Judas (1/6) by F.V.W. Mason
  • Mob (2/2) by Robert Carse
  • The Battle of Silent Men (3/6) by M. Wheeler-Nicholson
  • Barons of the Border (4/5) by J.E. Grinstead

Condition: Front moderate edgewear, top right corner missing; back heavy edgewear, creasing, soiling, spotting near spine; pages supple, light tan, occasional stains, closed edges dirty.

Argosy Apr 11, 1931 (Vol 220 #2)  Gallery entry 27Apr2005
    Munsey 144 pages (145-288) (7x10")
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for The Bearded Slayer

  • The Bearded Slayer (1/2) by Theodore Roscoe
  • Captain Judas (2/6) by F.V.W. Mason
  • The Battle of the Silent Men (4/6) by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
  • Barons of the Border (conclusion, 5/5) by J.E. Grinstead
    Complete in this issue
  • Black Wings of Death (novelette) by Eustace L. Adams
  • Easy Money by Dex Volney
  • The Timed Stampede by Warren E. Carleton
  • On the Evidence by Jack Woodford

• Full page ad for Detective Fiction Weekly, with splash page of The Sinster King by Judson P. Philips.

Condition: Moderate edgewear (chips); FRONT COVER: 1/2 inch bottom separation, inside tape on chips; SPINE: tape around bottom staple; 1/8 inch top and 1/4 inch bottom missing, white!; PAGES supple, light yellow.

Argosy May 9, 1931 (Vol 220 #6)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Munsey 144 pages (721 - 864)(7x10")
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for Forbidden Valley (ominous!)

  • Forbidden Valley (1/4) by Frank C. Robertson
  • Suicide, Inc. (2/3) by Richard A. Martinsen
  • Jan of the Jungle (4/6) by Otis Adelbert Kline
  • Captain Judas (conclusion, 6/6) by F.V.W. Mason
    Complete in this issue
  • The Coral of Idris (novelette) by H. Bedford-Jones
  • Doggy Baseball by Lieut. John Hopper
  • Second-Hand Glory by John H. Thompson
  • At the Feet of Inam by Bertram L. Shurtleff

• Full-page ad for Detective Fiction Weekly reproducing page 1 of The Hidden Hand by Richard Howells Watkins.

Condition: Heavy edgewear (chips, tears, creases); SPINE: top 1 1/2 inch missing, light wear; PAGES: supple, light tan, light creasing, top of contents page a bit fragile, elsewhere a few stains, a corner missing and a tear.

Argosy Jun 20, 1931 (Vol 221 #6)  Gallery entry 27Apr2005
    Munsey 144 pages (721-864) (7x10")
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for The Grapevine Murders
    Inside front cover ad for All-Story Love Stories with Jun 27th cover

  • The Grapevine Murders (1/6) by George F. Worts
  • Under the Polar Ice (2/3) by Jack Allman
  • The Devil's Checkerboard (3/5) by J.E. Grinstead -- signed George Samuels illustration
  • Pirate of Wall Steet (conclusion, 6/6) by Fred MacIsaac
    Complete in this issue
  • The Dagger of Doom (novelette) by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
  • Head-Hunters by Sidney Herschel Small
  • Quick Fox by Harold de Polo -- signed George Samuels illustration
  • Cannons by John H. Thompson
  • The Men Who Make the Argosy (author bio) by Sidney Herschel Small
  • In Argonotes, author Small provides background for his story, Head-Hunters.

• Female reader requests female writers. • Reader complains about illustration of soldier's uniform. • Full page ad for Detective Fiction Weekly, with splash page of Not So Dumb by Erle Stanley Gardner

Condition: Light edgewear (small tears, creases, chips); FRONT COVER: 3/4 inch top separation, writing above content wording; BACK COVER: writing near top left corner; SPINE: tip wear, white!; PAGES supple, yellowed.

Argosy Jul 18, 1931 (Vol 222 #4)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Munsey 144 pages (433 - 576) (7x10")
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for The Turquoise Trail

  • The Turquoise Trail (1/4) by W.C. Tuttle
  • Swordsmen of Florida (2/6) by Charles M. Maigne
  • Tama, Princess of Mercury (4/4) by Ray Cummings
  • The Grapevine Murders (5/6) by George F. Worts
    Complete in this issue
  • Borrowed Money by Ellis Parker Butler
  • Flying Racketeers (novelette) by Eustace L. Adams
  • M.P. by Lieut. John Hopper
  • Steal a Dog's Bone by Hugh B. Cave

• Full-page ad for Detective Fiction Weekly reproducing page 1 of The Garroters of Ghost Cove by T.T. Flynn. • Amusing letter suggests W. Wirts' stories have a soporific effect. Another has a formula for greater enjoyment: Make it twice as big, charge twice as much, publish twice as often!

Condition: Moderate edgewear (small tears, creases, chips); SPINE: wear at top, bottom 3/4 inch missing; BACK COVER: light soiling; PAGES: supple, light tan, light foxing at edges.

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