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Argosy All-Story Weekly (continued)

Argosy All-Story Weekly Jun 21, 1924 (Vol 161 #1)  Gallery entry 23Dec2004
    Munsey 160 pages
    Cover by Modest Stein (signed) for Liberation

  • Liberation (1/6) by Isabel Ostrander (published posthumously)
  • The Three Hostages (2/8) by John Buchan
  • Suitable for Framing (4/5) by Edgar Franklin
  • The Locked Book (5/7) by Frank L. Packard
  • Signed "Scada" (3/3) by J.E. Grinstead
    Complete in this issue
  • Vingo's Roving Romeo (novelette) by Loring Brent
  • The Little Doll by Wilson Collison
  • Hate's Partner by Frank Richardson Pierce
  • The Whipper-In by Arthur Hunt Chute
  • A Flyer in Elephants by Gorton Carruth

• Isabel Ostrander is remembered in an editorial page.

Condition: Inside front cover staining at top and left edges, continuing noticeably throughout the book and especially inside and outside back cover, including bottom right corner; back cover heavy edgewear; pages supple but with dirty edges; spine soiled, top inch missing.

Argosy All-Story Weekly Nov 14, 1925 (Vol 173 #2)  Gallery entry 23Dec2004
    Munsey 160 pages (161 - 320)
    Cover by Mulford (signed) for A Blaze of Glory

  • A Blaze of Glory (1/3) by Fred MacIsaac
  • The Starlit Trail (2/6) by Kenneth Perkins
  • The Bronze Hand (3/4) by Carolyn Wells
  • The Jungle Call (4/4) by Coralee Stanton and Heath Hosken
    Complete in this issue
  • The Man in the Gray Coat (novelette) by Wilson Collison
  • $10,000 Reward by Paul Sand
  • Socker Dooley's Hoodoo by Charles Francis Coe
  • Silk Stockings by Madeline Kohler
  • The Whispering Coyote by Arthur Preston Hankins
  • A Carnival in Canton by Eric Howard

Condition: Inside front cover staining at top and left edges, continuing through first pages, then to a small degree through the remainder of the book; back cover heavy edgewear; top 1 1/2 inch of spine detached, then torn about an inch to right; heavy edgewear; pages supple but with dirty edges.

Argosy All-Story Weekly Dec 12, 1925 (Vol 173 #6)  Gallery entry 23Dec2004
    Munsey 160 pages (801 - 960)
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for The Mad Movie

  • The Mad Movie (1/3) by Fred MacIsaac
  • Unhearing Ears (2/5) by Arthur Preston Hankins
  • Her Hour of Reckoning (3/4) by Elizabeth York Miller
  • The Starlit Trail (6/6) by Kenneth Perkins
    Complete in this issue
  • Things in Plain Sight (novelette) by L.M. Hussey
  • On the Mojave Trail by Erle Stanley Gardner
  • First Aid for Skeeter Butts by E.K. Means
  • No Social Background by Gordon Stiles
  • A Comedy of Terrors by Eric Howard
  • The Helping Hand by Olin Lyman

Condition: Moderate edgewear, front and back covers; bottom 3/8 inch of spine partially missing; pages supple but dirty-edged, and with corner warped (water damage?)

Argosy All-Story Weekly Feb 27, 1926 (Vol 175 #5)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Munsey 160 pages (641 - 800) (plus 4-page advertising section in front)(7x10")
    Cover by Modest Stein (signed) for Six Day Glory and O.K. for Oklahoma

  • Six-Day Glory (1/3) by John Holden
  • Sea Lure (2/5) by Richard Barry
  • The Seal of Satan (4/5) by (guess)
  • The Ranch Beyond (3/3) by Charles Francis Coe
  • The Story of Frank A. Munsey (3/?) (article) by The Editor
    Complete in this issue
  • O.K. for Oklahoma (novelette) by Walter A. Sinclair
  • Buttons of Brass by Beatrice Ashton Vandegrift
  • Bear Meat by Stanley Walker
  • Bob-Tail by E.K. Means -- racial caricatures
  • Broken Links by F. St. Mars

Condition: Edgewear (tears, chips, creases); FRONT COVER: right edge erosion, 3/4 inch top separation, writing over "S" in Argosy and "L" in Weekly, stained inside at top and left; SPINE: top 1/2 inch missing, split 1 inch at top, bottom tip worn, crack after title; BACK COVER: 1 3/4 inch bottom separation, apparently reglued, top apparently trimmed, left edge erosion, stains inside at top and bottom; PAGES: supple, tan, stains in front and back at top.

Argosy All-Story Weekly May 8, 1926 (Vol 177 #3)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Munsey 160 pages (321 - 480) (plus 8-page advertising section in front) (7x10")
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for Burning Money

  • Burning Money (1/3) by Fred MacIsaac
  • Soldiers All (2/3) by Joseph Ivers Lawrence
  • Trickery Trail (3/6) by Charles Francis Coe
  • "I Did It!" (conclusion, 4/4) by Garret Smith
    Complete in this issue
  • In the Pictures (novelette) by Eric Howard
  • Red Hamblin Comes Home by Raymond S. Spears
  • Say It with Onions by John D. Swain
  • The Play's the Thing by Samuel G. Camp
  • Punishment and Pants by E.K. Means
  • What Good Are Cats? by Roderick William Siler

• Plus Poetry

Condition: Light edgewear; BACK COVER: 1 inch top separation; SPINE: wear at tips; PAGES: supple, bright to light tan.

Argosy All-Story Weekly Sep 11, 1926 (Vol 180 #3)  Gallery entry 24Jan2005
    Munsey 160 pages (321-480) (plus 8-page advertising section in front) 7x10"
    Cover by Mulford (signed) for Personality Plus

    Complete in this issue
  • Out for Records (novelette) by George M.A. Cain
  • The Unwritten Law by Howard Ellis Davis
  • Money in the Bank by Eric Howard
  • The Saturday Night Party by Richard F. Merrifield
  • Partners by Rose Henderson
  • Personality Plus (1/3) by Joseph Ivers Lawrence
  • "You're Under Arrest!" (2/5) by George F. Worts
  • Horsemen Against the Moon (4/5) by Kenneth Perkins
  • The Big Voice (3/3) by Fred MacIsaac

Condition: Overall light edgewear; front cover 1 inch tear at right edge, bottom spine 2 1/2 inch separation, with left bottom corner of pages thru 352 are dogeared; back bottom spine 1 inch separation; front advertising page smudging mid-left edge; pages supple, browning.

Argosy All-Story Weekly Apr 2, 1927 (Vol 185 #2)  Gallery entry 28Apr2005
    Munsey 160 pages (161-320) (plus 12-page front and 8-page back advertising sections) (7x10")
    Cover by Raymond Thayer (signed) for "I've Come to Stay"
    Inside front cover ad for Sterno.
    Back cover ad for Camel with nice art.

  • "I've Come to Stay" (1/3) by Garret Smith
  • Battle Sight (2/3) by Joseph Ivers Lawrence
  • Land of the Free (3/6) by Charles Alden Seltzer
  • The Wrong Side of Fifth Avenue (4/4) by Ben Conlon
    Complete in this issue
  • Marriage -- or Oblivion (novelette) by George F. Worts
  • Mr. Clark and the Lost Lady by Judson Philips
  • Pro Stuff by Charles Francis Coe
  • The Big Joke by M.E. Chase
  • Reward Offered by Eric Howard

• Plus poetry • Other ads: Dentyne, Lucky Strike ("David Warfield's Magic Voice"), 2-page spread for Listerine. • Guy in Jung's Arch Braces ad is dead ringer for Magnum, P.I.'s John Hillerman.

Condition: Light edgewear (tears, creases), trimmed?, front and back 1 5/8 inch top separation; FRONT COVER: reader's crease, bottom and bottom right edges stained; BACK COVER: 1 inch bottom separation, bottom right corner broad stain; SPINE: top 3/8 inch mostly missing, bottom tip wear; PAGES supple, light tan with darker edges, bottom stained, TOC marked.

Argosy All-Story Weekly Nov 5, 1927 (Vol 190 #3)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Munsey 160 pages (321 - 480) (7x10")
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for Queen of Clubs

  • Queen of Clubs (1/6) by Hulbert Footner
  • Conrad the Saxon (2/3) by Joseph Ivers Lawrence
  • The Return of George Washington (4/6) by George F. Worts
  • Doing Away with Burke (conclusion, 3/3) by M.E. Chase
    Complete in this issue
  • "It's a Bargain!" (novelette) by Oscar J. Friend
  • Fouls and Fumbles (novelette) by Edgar Daniel Kramer
  • Pick 'em Up McGarrity by Will McMorrow
  • Mules Make Tracks by Laurance M. Hare
  • The Matter of the Photograph by Rose Henderson
  • Winning With Weegee by James Perley Hughes

• Plus Poetry

Condition: Moderate edgewear (chips, small tears), stain at bottom throughout; FRONT COVER: separated except for 2 1/2 inches area 1 inch from the top; SPINE: wear at top; bottom 3/4 inch missing; BACK COVER: vertical tear on the right side from bottom to 2 inches from the top, separated 3/4 inch at top, 1 1/2 inches at bottom, soiling; PAGES: supple, light tan, light foxing, staining, first page detached.

Argosy All-Story Weekly Aug 13, 1927 (Vol 188 #3)  Gallery entry 24Jan2005
    Munsey 160 pages (321-480) (plus 4-page advertising section in front) 7x10"
    Cover by Paul Stahr (signed) for The Stolen Plane

    Complete in this issue
  • The Stolen Plane (novelette) by Richard Howells Watkins
  • Far Above Rubies by Ben Conlon
  • The Despised Comet by Garret Smith
  • The Sheriff Stays at Home by Eric Howard
  • The Roving Diplomat by Laurance M. Hare
  • Dumb Is as Dumb Does by Ellen Hogue and Jack Bechdolt
  • Bringing the Boom to Vingo (1/3) by Loring Brent
  • The Call to Arms (2/3) by Gordon Stiles
  • Paid in Advance (3/6) by Edgar Franklin
  • Eyes West! (4/4) by ? (readers are asked to guess the author's identity)

Condition: Light edgewear; front cover and first pages separated 2 inches at bottom spine, also 1/2 inch separation at top; back cover creasing along spine, staining at top reaching noticeably back through half the pages; pages supple, some browning.

Argosy All-Story Weekly Aug 20, 1927 (Vol 188 #4)  Gallery entry 24Jan2005
    Munsey 160 pages (481-640) 7x10"
    Cover by D'Armeris (?, signed) for Thunderbolts of Jove.

    Complete in this issue
  • A Cavalier of the Range (novelette) by George M. Johnson
  • Such Is Fame! by Howard Rockey
  • Demilitarizing Carson by John Hopper
  • An Impromptu Honeymoon by Robert Beith
  • Scared to Death by Eric Howard
  • Thunderbolts of Jove (1/4) by Joseph Ivers Lawrence
  • Bringing the Boom to Vingo (2/3) by Loring Brent
  • Paid in Advance (4/6) by Edgar Franklin
  • The Call to Arms (3/3) by Gordon Stiles

Condition: Light edgewear; staining at top of pages and back cover; 1/2 inch separation at bottom, front and back; top separation 1/2 inch in front, 1 inch in back; pages supple, browning a little.

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