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A burgeoning collection of publications from and about the days of classic fiction, illustration, and clever humor.

Treats for the senses of adventure, wonder, mystery, horror, humor, aesthetics, nostalgia and curiosity.
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Science Fiction Plus (Preview of the Future) (continued)

Science Fiction Plus (Preview of the Future) Oct 1953 (Vol 1 #6)  Gallery entry 9Jul2005
    Gernsback 66 pages (magazine)
    Cover by Frank R. Paul (signed) for Our Atomic Sun
    Back cover by Paul and Tina (signed), "The Elements of Science-Fiction"

    Complete in this issue
  • The Celestial Brake (novelette) by Thomas Calvert McClary -- Paul illustrations
  • Strange Compulsion (novel) by Philip Jose Farmer -- Finlay illustrations
  • Operation: Gravity by Jack Williamson
  • Postscript by Eric Frank Russel (sic)
  • Worlds Within Worlds by Roger Dee
  • Freedom of the Race by Anne McCaffrey -- first story by this SF great
  • Our Atomic Sun (article) by Donald H. Menzel, Ph.D.

• Plus editorial, science news shorts, book reviews, science Q & A, other features.

Condition: FRONT COVER: date stamp, bottom right corner crease; SPINE: tip wear; PAGES supple, tan (now rough stock), occasional warping (liquid?) at top.

Science Fiction Plus (Preview of the Future) Dec 1953 (Vol 1 #7)  Gallery entry 9Jul2005
    Gernsback 66 pages (magazine)
    Cover by Frank R. Paul (signed) for Misfit -- first and only full-bleed cover painting
    Inside back cover, Science-Fiction Around the World, covers of international SF magazines.
    Back cover by Paul (signed) for Extra-Terrestrial Communication

    Complete in this issue
  • The Triggered Dimension (novel) by Harry Bates -- Finlay illustrations
  • The Vampirate (novelette) by James H. Schmitz
  • Trans-Human by Murray Leinster -- Finlay illustrations
  • Planted! by Frank M. Robinson -- Lawrence illustration
  • Bitter End by Eric Frank Russell -- Lawrence illustration
  • "Space" Salesman by J.P. Phillips -- Lawrence illustration
  • Intelligence Factor (short short) by Corwin F. Stickney -- Lawrence illustration
  • Misfit (short short) by Michael Fischer
  • Operation Switch (short short) by Norman Arkawy and Stanley Henig
  • Extra-Terrestrial Communication (article) by Leslie Shepherd, Ph.D. -- Paul illustration

• Plus editorial, science news shorts, book reviews, science Q & A, other features. • Next issue announcement touts The Malignant White by Murray Leinster, claims it's keeping the remaining contents a surprise. That issue would never appear.

Condition: FRONT COVER: light soiling; SPINE: tip wear, rubbing at bottom; PAGES supple, bright.


Scribner's Jun 1874 (Vol 8 #2)  Gallery entry 7Jul2005
    Charles Scribner's Sons 132 pages (397-528) (plus 28-page front and 60-page back advertising sections) (7x10")

    Complete in this issue
  • The University of Chicago (article) by Robert Herrick
  • The Lamp of Psyche by Edith Wharton
  • American Posters, Past and Present (feature) by H.C. Bunner
  • Mr. Stevenson's Home Life at Vailima (article) by Lloyd Osbourne -- Robert Louis Stevenson in Samoa (subtle)
  • The Art of Living -- The Case of Woman (article) by Robert Grant -- women's emancipation
  • Mr. Huxley (article) by N.S. Shaler -- Thomas Huxley
  • American Wood-Engravers -- William Miller
  • The Amazing Marriage (chs 37-39) by George Meredith
  • A History of the Last Quarter Century in the United States 7: Home Agitations and Foreign Problems -- Stanley's explorations, Jesse James, Chinese,

• Plus articles.

Condition: Moderate edgewear (chips, creases, tears); FRONT COVER: bottom left edge chips, light soiling, small address label, 1 1/2 inch bottom separation; BACK COVER: top left corner missing; SPINE: tears, glue drying, top 1/4 inch missing; PAGES: supple, white/offwhite, dogears in back, occasional erosion, staining.

Scribner's Oct 1895 (Vol 18 #4)  Gallery entry 7Jul2005
    Scribner & Co.130 pages (129-258) (plus 4-page front and 60-page back advertising sections) (7x10")

    Complete in this issue
  • The Great South -- The South Carolina Problem; The Epoch of Transition (article)
  • Victorian Poets: Alfred Tennyson Pt 2
  • Au Sable Chasm (travelog?) by Clifford P. MacCalla
  • An Elephant Hunt in Siam by Ganier d'Abain
  • Monsieur le Baron by Amalie La Forge
  • The Best Fellow in the World by R.H.D.
  • Katherine Earle (chs 18-20) by Adeline Trafton
  • Adina (pt 2) by Henry James, Jr.
  • The Mysterious Island (chs 5-6) by Jules Verne
  • A Four-Leaved Clover (1/2) by Saxe Holm

• Plus editorial features.

Condition: FRONT COVER: stains, rubbing/pulling; BACK COVER: missing; PAGES: supple, offwhite, last page light soiling+staining.

Short Stories

Short Stories Sep 25, 1946  Gallery entry 30Dec2004
    Short Stories Inc 144 pages
    Cover by Charles Wood for Payment to Tondo Radang (a guy who resembles Jerry Orbach)

    Complete in this issue
  • Payment to Tondo Radang (novel) by Kenneth Perkins
  • Last Command by Wilbur S. Peacock
  • Precession by George Whitley
  • The Bucko Mates Board Jezebel (novelette) by Steuart M. Emery
  • Spar Boy by Don James
  • League with the Leopard by Don Cameron Shafer
  • Red Clark's Short Cut (2/4) by Gordon Ray Young

Condition: Moderate wear along edges and front spine; front cover detached; spotting along bottom spine, first page edges, back cover left edge staining; pages supple

Short Stories Aug 25, 1947  Gallery entry 30Dec2004
    Short Stories Inc 144 pages
    Cover by Pete Kuhlhoff for Clean Record

    Complete in this issue
  • Clean Record (novelette) by H.S.M. Kemp
  • The Jade Bell by Dan Cushman
  • The Horse Thief Trap (novelette) by Walt Coburn
  • School Ship Product by Francis Gott
  • A Gunman's Luck by Caddo Cameron
  • Unknown Partner (novelette) by Edward Parrish Ware
  • Two Kinds of Killers by Lyndon Ripley
  • Freedom Has a Price (3/4) by H. Bedford-Jones

Short Stories Mar 25, 1948  Gallery entry 30Dec2004
    Short Stories Inc 144 pages
    Cover by Charles Wood for Story about a Cat

    Complete in this issue
  • Story about a Cat (novelette) by William Chamberlain
  • Flash Flood by John E. Kelly
  • Men Who Wouldn't Die by George C. Appell
  • Too Much Water by Edward Parrish Ware
  • Bush Rookie by H. Fredric Young
  • A Turn Over for Tony (novel) by Kerry O'Neil
  • The Letter of Deception by Gene Van
  • Homeward Bound with Death by Berton E. Cook
  • Your Bones in the Brush (2/4) by Caddo Cameron

Condition: Moderate edgewear, creasing; pages supple, darkening.

Smith's Magazine

Smith's Magazine Nov 1912 (Vol 16 #2)  Gallery entry 16Jun2005
    Street & Smith 180 pages (181-360) (plus 4-page front and 12-page back advertising sections) (7x10")
    Cover by H.W. Ditzler (signed)

  • The Parasite (Chs 1 to 8) by Helen R. Martin
    Complete in this issue
  • Deux ex Machina by Margaret Busbee Shipp
  • Old Timbers by Marion Short -- Graef illustrations
  • "Thrift, Thrift, Horatio!" by Anne O'Hagan
  • The Champion by Nalbro Bartley
  • A Hit in the Nith by Edward Boltwood
  • The Generous Strain by Hulbert Footner
  • The Emancipation of Ann by Elizabeth Newport Hepburn
  • The Taming of a Tyrant by Ellen Childe Emerson
  • The Leading of Thomas Bruen (novel) by Emma Lee Walton
  • The Cruise of Narrow Margins by Holman F. Day
  • How We Elect Our Presidents (article) by Forbes Lindsay
  • How to Ward Off the Finger Prints of Time (article) by Dr. Lillian Whitney

Condition: Light edgewear (tears, creases, rubbing); BACK COVER: name and address written at top, tape reinforcing chip; SPINE: 1 1/2 inch tape at bottom, bottom 3/8 inch missing; PAGES white, supple, occasional tiny tears, stains, rubbing.

Smith's Magazine Jan 1913 (Vol 16 #4)  Gallery entry 16Jun2005
    Street & Smith 180 pages (541 - 720) (plus 4-page front and 8-page back advertising sections) (7x10")
    Cover by Mayo Bunker (signed)

    Complete in this issue
  • "Let Nothing You Dismay" (Christmas novelette) by Grace Margaret Gallaher
  • The Spirit of the Day (Christmas play) by Grace Torrey
  • Father at All Angels' by Anne O'Hagan
  • The Millionaires (Christmas story) by Kate Jordan
  • The Mysterious Lavender Notes by Edith Summers Updegraff
  • "Plug" Koose , of Christmas Cove by Holman F. Day
  • On Second Wives by Hildegarde Lavender
  • The Little Manager by Virginia Kline -- Graef illustrations
  • The Obsolete Festival (Christmas story) by Nina Wilcox Putnam
  • The Forked Road by Nalbro Bartley
  • The Parasite (Chs 19 to 24) by Helen R. Martin
  • Against the Wall (2/2) by Marion Hill

Condition: Moderate edgewear (tears, creases), surface creases; FRONT COVER: long dialonal crease left half; BACK COVER: name and address written at top, top left corner crease, bottom half diagonal crease, 3 inch vertical tear from bottom spine; SPINE: top 3/8 inch missing, tape at bottom wrapping front to back; PAGES white, supple, occasional mark.

Sport Story

Sport Story Jul 1, 1937 (Vol 56 #1)  Gallery entry 14Jan2005
    Street & Smith 128 pages (7x10")
    Cover by H.W. Scott (signed)

    Complete in this issue
  • Rocking-Chair Catcher (novelette) by Arthur Mann
  • The Slugging Swede (novelette) by Franklin P. Miller
  • Vault Venom by Jack Volney
  • Torture Test by Robert N. Bryan
  • Shell Shock by Royal Hall
  • Caddy Culture by Jackson V. Scholz
  • The Crab Fouls Out by Burt L. Standish
  • Headline Headaches (feature article) by Joe Cronin (Manager, Boston Red Sox)
  • Net Bomber (2/4) by T.W. Ford

• Back cover ad features actor Leslie Howard (Petrified Forest) for Lucky Strike cigarettes. • Joe Cronin was later President of the American League.

Condition: Moderate edge and spine wear; 1 inch separation top of spine, front and back; staining inside front cover; pages supple, browning at very edges and bottom.

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