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Manhunt (continued)

Manhunt Mar 1956 (Vol 4 #3)  Gallery entry 9Feb2005
    Flying Eagle Publications 144 pages (digest)
    Cover by (uncredited) for Eye for an Eye

    Complete in this issue
  • Two Hours to Midnight (Michael Shayne novel) by Brett Halliday
  • The Temptress (novelette) by Jonathan Craig
  • Split It Three Ways by Walter Kaylin
  • Lend Me Your Gun by Hal Ellson
  • An Eye for an Eye by Phillip Weck
  • Madman by Roy Carroll
  • His Own Petard by Daniel O'Shea
  • .38 by Joe Grenzeback
  • Hunch by Helen Nielsen
  • Suffer Little Children by De Forbes
  • Crime Cavalcade (humorous fact) by Vincent H. Gaddis

• Bryce Walton is cover-listed but not represented inside

Condition: Light corner wear, creasing, staining and soiling; back cover: date stamp top right corner; pages supple, yellowed, closed edges dirty, occasional spots, marks.

Manhunt Apr 1956 (Vol 4 #4)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Flying Eagle Publications 144 pages (digest)
    Cover by Tom O' Sullivan for First Kill!

    Complete in this issue
  • Line of Duty (novel) by Fredric Brown
  • First Kill (novelette) by Helen Nielsen
  • Pat Hand (novelette) by J.W. Aaron
  • Widow's Choice by Cole Price
  • Strictly Business by Hamilton Frank
  • The Better Bargain by Richard Deming
  • Room Service by Robert Turner
  • Come Across by Gil Brewer
  • Dry Run by Norman Struber
  • One Way or the Other by John R. Starr
  • A Trophy for Bart by James Charles Lynch
  • Open Heart by Bryce Walton
  • One-Way Ticket by Duane Yarnell
  • Contest Winner: YOU, Detective No. 8 (feature)

Condition: Edgewear; FRONT COVER: light creasing, 1/2 inch separation; BACK COVER: 1/2 inch top and 1 inch bottom separation, corner creasing; PAGES: supple, yellow, light creasing, occasional "X" marks.

Manhunt May 1956 (Vol 4 #5)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Flying Eagle Publications 144 pages (digest)

    Complete in this issue
  • Lenore (novelette) by Frederick C. Davis
  • Squealer by John D. MacDonald
  • The Man Who Never Smiled by Robert S. Swenson
  • Kill Fever by Rey Isely
  • The Red of Bougainvillea by Grove Hughes
  • Devil Eyes by Jack Ritchie
  • Preacher's Tale by Max Kane
  • Oedipus by Walt Sheldon
  • The Strangler by A.I. Schutzer
  • City Hunters by George Lange
  • Ten Minutes to Live by George Fielding Eliot
  • The Unholy Three by William Campbell Gault
  • The Pigeon by Claudius Raye
  • Contest Winner: YOU, Detective No. 9 (feature)

Condition: Edgewear; FRONT COVER: 1 1/2 inch top and 1 inch bottom separation, light creasing; BACK COVER: left side oblique crease, 1/2 inch top separation, near-horizontal wrinkle 1 inch up at spine; SPINE: tip wear; PAGES: supple, yellow.

Manhunt Aug 1956 (Vol 4 #8)  Gallery entry 6Jan2005
    Flying Eagle 144 pages (digest)

    Complete in this issue
  • Key Witness (novel) by Frank Kane
  • Biggest Risk (novelette) by C.B. Gilford
  • Cop Killer by Dan Sontup
  • The Man with Two Faces by Henry Slesar
  • Gruber Corners by Nine by John R. Starr
  • Seven Lousy Bucks by C.L. Sweeney, Jr.
  • "...Puddin' and Pie..." by De Forbes
  • The Wire Loop by Steve Harbor
  • Rat Hater by Harlan Ellison
  • Thanks for the Drink, Mac by Philip Weck
  • Good-by World by Jack Ritchie
  • The Earrings by Kermit Shelby
  • The Playboy by Claudus Raye

Condition: Very light edgewear; light creasing; pages supple, yellowish; contents page marked; cryptic marks every so often, usually at top corner.

Manhunt Sep 1956 (Vol 4 #9)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Flying Eagle Publications 144 pages (digest)

    Complete in this issue
  • The Sealed Envelope (novelette) by Allen Lang
  • Invitation to Murder (novelette) by Albert Simmons
  • The Last Spin by Evan Hunter
  • Fish-Market Murder by Robert S. Swenson
  • Badge of Dishonor by Norman Struber
  • "Sorry, Mister..." by C.L. Sweeney, Jr.
  • Brusky's Fault by Robert Plate
  • The Secret by Stuart Friedman
  • Anything Goes by Hal Ellson
  • The Partners by Jack Ritchie
  • Reach for the Clouds by Bob Bristow
  • Dead People Are Never Angry by C.B. Gilford
  • Webster Street Lush by James M. Ullman

Condition: Edgewear (tears, creases); FRONT COVER: 2 top inch separation and crease, inside stained, 1 inch bottom separation; BACK COVER: 1 3/8 inch bottom separation, left edge rubbing, interior creasing; SPINE: tip wear; PAGES: supple, light tan, stained outer edges and bottoms.

Manhunt Jun 1958 (Vol 6 #4)  Gallery entry 13Jul2005
    Flying Eagle 128 pages (digest)

    Complete in this issue
  • Say a Prayer for the Guy by Nelson Algren
  • It Never Happened (novel) by William O'Farrell
  • The Threat (novelette) by Max Franklin
  • Deadly Charm (novelette) by Stuart Friedman
  • The Sight of Blood by C.B. Gilford
  • Killer Cop by Arnold English
  • "Give Me a Break!" by Norman Struber
  • Stage Fright by D.E. Forbes
  • A Fire at Night by Lawrence Block
  • Pro by Joe Gores
  • The Chips are Down by Wilfred Alexander
  • Blackmailers Don't Take Chances by David C. Cooke

Condition: Light edgewear (small chips, tears); FRONT COVER: top right corner crease, light spine stress; BACK COVER: light reader's crease; PAGES supple, tan, outer corner chips in back.

Manhunt Nov 1956 (Vol 4 #11)  Gallery entry 2Feb2005
    Flying Eagle 144 pages (digest)

    Contents of this issue
  • Manila Mission (booklengther) by Charles Einstein
  • Zero... Double Zero (novelette) by Stuart Friedman
  • Pigeon in an Iron Lung by Talmage Powell
  • Who's Calling? by Robert Turner
  • The Tormentors by Gil Brewer
  • Death Beat by David C. Cooke
  • Cowpatch Vengeance by Charles W. Moore
  • Guts by John R. Starr
  • Death Wears a Gray Sweater by Roy Carroll
  • Naked Petey by Jack Q. Lynn
  • Four Hours to Kill by F.J. Smith
  • Three's a Crowd by Joe Grenzebeck

Condition: Light edgewear; front: light soiling, creasing; back: soiling and creasing; Wear at tips of spine; pages supple, yellowed.

Manhunt Oct 1958 (Vol 6 #6)  Gallery entry 28Apr2005
    Flying Eagle 128 pages (digest)

    Complete in this issue
  • I'm Not Dead (novel) by Carl Milton
  • Dope to Kill by Edward Wellen
  • Rivals by Talmage Powell
  • My Pal Isaac by David Lee
  • I'll Die for You by Charles Burgess
  • Time to Kill by Bryce Walton
  • Deadline Murd by Jack Ritchie
  • The Shooter by Craig Mooney
  • Murder by Al James
  • The Nude Next Door (short short0 by Ivan Lyons-Pleskow
  • Surprise by Don Lombardy

Condition: FRONT COVER top right corner stain evident throughout book, writing under "AN" of title; BACK COVER top left corner stain, bottom left corner stain evident back to about page 90; PAGES supple, yellow/tan, writing top right corner 1st page.

Manhunt Dec 1960 (Vol 8 #6)  Gallery entry 13Jul2005
    Flying Eagle 128 pages (digest)
    Cover by Dick Shelton

    Complete in this issue
  • The Woman Dies Naked (novelette) by Henry Widmer
  • Carnival Con by David Zinman
  • The Old Pro by H.A. De Rosso
  • Dead Heat by Tom Phillips
  • Hangover by Charles Runyon
  • Tee Vee Murder by Harold R. Daniels
  • Death and the Blue Rose by William O'Farrell
  • Jail Break by Dan Sontup
  • A Long Wait by Richard L. Sargent
  • Desperation by Joachim H. Woos

Condition: Light overall wear; FRONT COVER: top right corner crease, light reader's crease; PAGES supple, light tan.

Manhunt Oct-Nov 1966 (Vol 14 #5)  Gallery entry 29Apr2005
    Flying Eagle 160 pages (digest)

    Complete in this issue
  • The Misplaced Star (Oliver Short novel) by Nelson Adcock
  • The Prisoner (novelette) by David Daheim
  • Fernando's Return by Vic Hendrix
  • Obie's Girl by Fletcher Flora -- Manhunt Classic (1954)
  • A Friend of a Friend by Morris F. Baughman
  • Bomb Scare by Robert Slaughter
  • Two Weeks with Pay by Ernest Chamberlain
  • Sitting Duck by Robert Turner -- Manhunt Classic (1954)
  • Willful Murder by Harold Q. Masur -- Manhunt Classic (1954)
  • All the Loose Women by Jonathan Craig -- Manhunt Classic (1954)

Condition: Moderate edgewear (tears, small chips, corner wear); FRONT COVER: top spine 3/4 inch chip, 7/8 inch bottom separation, surface creases; BACK COVER: surface creases, light soiling/staining; SPINE: top 3/4 inch mostly missing, bottom 1/8 inch missing; PAGES supple, yellowed.

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