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Treats for the senses of adventure, wonder, mystery, horror, humor, aesthetics, nostalgia and curiosity.
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Help! (continued)

Help! #21 Oct 1964 Anniversary Issue  Gallery entry 30Apr2005
    Help Magazine 96 pages (magazine)

    Contents of this issue
  • Baby It's Occult Outside -- Tom Poston
  • The Mariners by Algis Budrys -- Russ Heath
  • Kissies -- Jessica Walters
  • The Jackpot by Algis Budrys -- Henny Youngman
  • The Ski Weekend -- Jim Hampton
  • The Shopping Center -- Orson Bean
  • Life in a Women's Dormitory -- Jim Hampton
  • A Star Is Born -- Jack Carter

• And more. • All picture stories reprinted from previous issues.

Condition: Very light wear; BACK COVER: bottom left corner chip; PAGES supple, yellowed.<

Help! #22 Jan 1965  Gallery entry 9Feb2005
    Help! Magazine , Inc. 40 pages (magazine)
    Cover photo of the Beatles (retouched)

    Contents of this issue
  • Help's Public Gallery (cartoons) -- Skip Williamson, Jay Lynch, plus 2-page untitled Robert Crumb's Fritz the Cat
  • Wonder Wart-Hog Meets the Merangsters (comic strip) by Gilbert Shelton
  • Harlem (sketchbook report) by Crumb, 6 pages

• Plus fumetti, funny captions, cartoons, letters. • This is the relatively long-lived post-mad Kurtzman-edited James Warren-published humor potpourri. • Terry Gilliam is contributing editor

Condition: Very light edgewear, minor creasing; pages supple, lightly yellowing.

Help! Mar 1965 (#23)  Gallery entry 23Aug2005
    Help Magazine 40 pages (magazine)

    Complete in this issue
  • Wonder Warthog (comics) by Gilbert Shelton
  • The Man from Auntie (fumetti) by Algis Budrys
  • The Monster Craze (cartoons) by Gahan Wilson

• Plus funny photo captions, cartoons by Jay Lynch, Skip Williamson, Jim Jones, Warren Sattler.
Condition: Very light overall wear; PAGES supple, light tan.


Illustration #4 Aug 2002  Gallery entry 9Feb2005
    Illustration Magazine 48 pages (magazine)
    Cover by Sam Savitt from Zane Grey's Shadow on the Trail (Dell #604, 1954)

    Contents of this issue
  • Sam Savitt: Painter, Author, Teacher & Horseman -- artist of numerous Dell comic-book horse covers.
  • Stanley Meltzoff: Metamorphoses of a Picture Maker -- noted for his Signet Heinlein paperback covers.

• Plus book reviews, illustration ads.

Condition: Back cover: minor creasing; pages white, like new.


Life Jan 17, 1949  Gallery entry 25Feb2005
    Cover photo for Resort Fashions

    Contents of this issue
  • Letters: pictures of Ray Bolger's courtship dance matched with sketches of whooping cranes; Charles Dickens'/David Copperfield's initials coincidence; adopting European orphans.
  • General Electric Daylight Television ad with Morton Downey (Senior)
  • Speaking of Pictures: Woman gets $1000 for keeping quiet one week (Art Linkletter) -- possibly inspiration for Twilight Zone episode?
  • Storms Spread Death Through Midwest -- gruesome photo of frozen yearling steer.
  • Democrats Take Over in Congress -- New Democratic Senators include Estes Kefauver, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Russell Long.
  • Chinese Gold Rush -- Inevitable victory by Communists over Chiang Kai-shek foreshadowed by run on Shanghai banks, photographed by Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • State Department Gets a New Boss -- Dean Acheson replaces George C. Marshall
  • Jeris Antiseptic Hair Tonic ad with John Garfield (Force of Evil)
  • Cardinal vs. Reds -- Mindszenty arrested and jailed by Hungarian Communists
  • Marjoe the Minister -- 4-year-old minister Marjoe Gortner performs a marriage and tries out a sermon
  • Pacquins Hand Cream ad with Gertrude Lawrence
  • Movie of the Week: Live Today for Tomorrow with Fredric March, Florence Eldridge and Edmund O'Brien.
  • Two-page ad for forgotten Disney live action/cartoon feature So Dear to My Heart, with Burl Ives, Beulah Bondi, Harry Carey, Bobby Driscoll
  • Rocket to the Moon -- predicts moon travel within 25 years! Beautiful illustrations by Noel Sickles
  • Theater: Anne of the Thousand Days by Maxwell Anderson, starring Rex Harrison as Henry VIII, "high-bosomed Joyce Redman" as Anne, and John Williams as Duke of Norfolk
  • Mussolini's Millions -- death photos of the Italian tyrant and his mistress.
  • New Year's Eve in Hollywood -- Sam Spiegel's party guests include Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz, Judy Garland/Vincente Minnelli, Cathy O'Donnell/Farley Granger, "Zsazsa Gabor Hilton", Louis Jordan, Shirley Temple, Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons, Danny Kaye, Paul Stewart.
  • It Ain't Hay -- Dutch cow lends new meaning to the term "omnivorous"

Condition: Light rubbing, edgewear; address stamp back bottom right corner; pages like new.


Manhunt Feb 1953 (Vol 1 #2)  Gallery entry 30Apr2005
    Flying Eagle 144 pages (digest)

  • Everybody's Watching Me (pt 2) by Mickey Spillane
    Complete in this issue
  • The Imaginary Blonde (Lew Archer novelette) by John Ross MacDonald
  • So Dark for April (Paul Pine novelette) by John Evans (aka Howard Browne)
  • Stabbing in the Streets (David Wiley story) by Eleazar Lipsky
  • The Lesser Evil (Manville Moon story) by Richard Deming
  • Sex Murder in Cameron by Michael Fessier
  • Carrera's Woman by Richard Marsten
  • Dirge for a Nude by Jonathan Craig
  • As I Lie Dead by Fletcher Flora
  • Attack by Hunt Collins
  • Back cover Mugged and Printed -- author bios of Spillane (+sketch), Fessier, Evans (+sketch), MacDonald (+x-ray), Deming, Lipsky (+sketch).

Condition: Light edgewear (tears, creases); FRONT COVER: reader's crease, 3/8 inch bottom separation; BACK COVER: faint reader's crease, chipping right bottom edge, top writing; SPINE: light soiling; PAGES: supple, yellowed, insect holes, chipping bottom near spine.

Manhunt Dec 1953 (Vol 1 #12)  Gallery entry 6Jan2005
    Flying Eagle 144 pages (digest)
    Cover by Uppwall (? signed)

    Complete in this issue
  • The Icepick Artists (Johnny Liddell novelette) by Frank Kane
  • Black Pudding (novelette) by David Goodis
  • The Wife of Riley (novelette) by Evan Hunter
  • Murder Marches On! (John J. Malone) by Craig Rice
  • Richest Man in the Morgue (Scott Jordan) by Howard Q. Masur
  • Killing on Seventh Street by Charles Beckman, Jr.
  • Switch Ending by Richard Marsten
  • The Quiet Room by Jonathan Craig
  • Sucker by Hunt Collins
  • The Coyote by David Chandler
  • Wife Beater by Roy Carroll
  • The Insecure by R. Van Taylor

Condition: Light edgewear; staining at bottom half of spine in front, along spine in back; light soiling; year marked under "Goodis"; pages supple, barely browning, first few stained at top; contents page marked; cryptic marks every few pages, usually at top corner.

Manhunt May 1954 (Vol 2 #3)  Gallery entry 6Jan2005
    Flying Eagle 144 pages (digest)

    Complete in this issue
  • The Old Flame (novelette) by James T. Farrell
  • Lead Ache (Johnny Liddell novelette) by Frank Kane
  • The Blonde in the Bar (novelette) by Richard Deming
  • Broken Doll (novelette) by Jack Webb (no relation)
  • Or Leave It Alone by Evan Hunter
  • A Clear Picture by Sam S. Taylor
  • You Know What I Did? by Charles Beckman, Jr.
  • Murder of a Mouse by Fletcher Flora
  • The Right One by Jonathan Craig
  • The Woman on the Bus by R. Van Taylor

Condition: Light edgewear and creasing; scuffed at middle of back cover; pages supple, browning; contents page marked; cryptic marks every so often, usually at top corner.

Manhunt Jun 1954 (Vol 2 #4)  Gallery entry 16Jun2005
    Flying Eagle 144 pages (digest)

    Complete in this issue
  • Skip a Beat (Peter Chambers novel) by Henry Kane
  • No Vacancies (John J. Malone novelette) by Craig Rice
  • Double (novelette) by Bruno Fischer
  • Butcher (Shell Scott story) by Richard S. Prather
  • The Choice by Richard Deming
  • Die Like a Dog by David Alexander
  • Points South by Fletcher Flora
  • My Enemy, My Father by John M. Sitan

• Plus features.

Condition: Light edgewear, top right staining, mid-top edges wrinkled from back; FRONT COVER: slight angled cut; PAGES supple, yellow.

Manhunt Oct 1955 (Vol 3 #10)  Gallery entry 6Mar2005
    Flying Eagle 144 pages (digest)

    Complete in this issue
  • A Stranger in Town (Michael Shayne novel) by Brett Halliday
  • Tell Them Nothing (novelette) by Hal Ellson
  • The Spoilers (Police Files novelette) by Jonathan Craig
  • Blonde at the Wheel (novelette) by Stephen Marlowe
  • In Memory of Judith Courtright by Erskine Caldwell
  • I Saw Her Die by Gil Brewer
  • Field of Honor by Robert Turner
  • The Hunter by John A. Sentry

• Plus features.

Condition: Light edgewear; front cover: creases, soiling; spine: light roll, wear at tips (especially bottom); back cover: soiling, creasing, staining; pages supple, edge stains, inside front and first page soiled, back of book soiled, with liguid stains at top, bloodlike (!) smudges.

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