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A burgeoning collection of publications from and about the days of classic fiction, illustration, and clever humor.

Treats for the senses of adventure, wonder, mystery, horror, humor, aesthetics, nostalgia and curiosity.
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Detective Story

Detective Story Feb 1941 (Vol 161 #4)  Gallery entry 22Jan2005
    Street & Smith 130 pages (7x10")
    Cover by (uncredited) for Riddle in Red

    Complete in this issue
  • Riddle in Red (novel) by Arthur Leo Zagat
  • Hairsbreadth (novelette) by Carl Clausen
  • The White Eye (novelette) by Anthony Rud
  • Old-Fashioned Cop by Dale Clark
  • Murder on May Street by Neil Miller
  • Girl from Boston by Eric Howard
  • Amateur by Sidney Waldo

Condition: Overall light edge wear; Front cover soiling and creasing near spine and right edge; spine stress, wear at top, missing 1/2 inch at bottom, with 1 1/4 inch separation in back; writing at top left corner.

Detective Story May 1941 (Vol 162 #1)  Gallery entry 22Jan2005
    Street & Smith 130 pages (7x10")

    Complete in this issue
  • A Tooth for a Tooth by Benton Braden
  • Murder in High Heels by Neil Miller
  • Mr. Marlow Takes to Blondes (1/2) by John Bentley
  • Death on Post #7 (conclusion) by Frank Gruber

• 1 Cartier illustration for A Tooth for a Tooth.

Condition: Light edgewear in front; back cover soiling, with very heavy edgewear, bottom right corner worn out (missing); spine stress and moderate-to-heavy spine wear, with bottom 1/2 inch missing; pages supple, off-white.

Detective Story Annual

Detective Story Annual 1948  Gallery entry 27Jan2005
    Street & Smith 224 pages (digest)
    Cover by Charles G. Ravel

    Contents of this issue
  • Flowers on a Grave by Agatha Gandy
  • Lost in Hell by Dorothy Dunn
  • She Sang of Murder by Roger Torrey
  • Oswald Has His Night by Ronald Henderson
  • Seventh Round Homicide by James Causey
  • Marked for Murder by Inez Sebastian
  • A Trifling Matter by Donald Van Riper
  • Unwanted Body by Paul E. Triem
  • The Want Ad Murders by Frances M. Deegan
  • The Hanging Garden by Margaret Manners
  • The Case of the Indian, O'Shaughnessy by Warren Fabian
  • Tell the Coroner by George Cory Franklin
  • Murder Rode Aft by Curt Storm

Condition: Wear along spine and at tips; very light edgewear; 1/4 tear halfway down right edge; light creasing and soiling; pages supple and bright.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries

Famous Fantastic Mysteries Oct 1946 (Vol 8 #1)  Gallery entry 29Jun2005
    Popular 130 pages (7 x 9 1/4")
    Cover by Lawrence

    Complete in this issue
  • The Island of Dr. Moreau (novel) by H.G. Wells -- Lawrence illustrations
  • Third Person Singular (novelette) by Clemence Dane -- Finlay illustrations
  • Daemon (novelette) by C.L. Moore -- Finlay illustration
  • The Burial of the Rats (novelette) by Bram Stoker -- Lawrence illustration

• As expected, readers excitedly anticipate Finlay's return from the army.

Condition: Light edgewear (small tears, creases); FRONT COVER: crease down mid-left half; BACK COVER: very light soiling; SPINE: top 1/2 inch heavy wear, bottom 1/2 inch missing; PAGES supple, light.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries Mar 1951 (Vol 12 #3)  Gallery entry 11Jul2005
    Popular 112 pages (6 1/4 x 8 1/2")
    Cover by (uncredited) for The Threshold of Fear

    Complete in this issue
  • The Threshold of Fear by Arthur J. Rees
  • The Music of Erich Zann by H.P. Lovecraft
  • The Dancing Partner by Jerome K. Jerome
  • Golden Apple by C.H. Liddell

• Announcement that interior illustrations will resume next issue, specifically Virgil Finlay on Slayer of Souls.

Condition: Light edgewear, moderate surface wear; FRONT COVER: wear along spine, top half scratch near spine, 1/2 inch tear mid-upper right edge; PAGES supple, light tan, mid-top stain in front detectable through front half.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries Apr 1952 (Vol 13 #3)  Gallery entry 11Jul2005
    Popular 114 pages (6 1/4 x 8 1/2")

    Complete in this issue
  • The Death Maker by Austin J. Small -- Lawrence illustrations
  • The New Sun by J.S. Fletcher Finlay illustration

Condition: Moderate edgewear (tears, creases); FRONT COVER: light spine roll, top right corner creased; BACK COVER: lower left quadrant stain and name written along edge; PAGES supple, yellow, many letter "O"'s and "Q"'s filled in, dogears, light staining back bottom outer corners, doodling top p. 86.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries Aug 1952 (Vol 13 #5)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Popular 114 pages (7x10")
    Cover by Norman Saunders for White Wolf

    Complete in this issue
  • White Wolf by Franklin Gregory -- brilliant Virgil Finlay illustrations
  • The Green Splotches by T.S. Stribling -- Lawrence illustrations

Condition: Light edgewear; PAGES: supple, yellowed, last few thumb-worn.

Fantastic Adventures

Fantastic Adventures Mar 1947 (Vol 9 #2)  Gallery entry 17Aug2005
    Ziff-Davis 178 pages (7x10")
    Cover by Robert Gipson Jones for Forever Is Too Long

    Complete in this issue
  • Forever Is Too Long (novel) by Chester S. Geier
  • You Can't Scare Me (novelette) by Charles F. Myers
  • Not as Plotted by Guy Archette
  • Hickson's Strange Adventure by E.K. Jarvis
  • Man of Two Worlds (novelette) by Robert Moore Williams
  • The Princess and Her Pig by Richard S. Shaver

• Plus fillers galore.
Condition: Light edgewear; FRONT COVER: faded, 1/2 inch top and 1 1/4 inch bottom separation, light oblique lengthwise creasing; BACK COVER: bottom 2/3 loose with messy dried blackish glue on spine, penciling at top, light soiling and creasing; SPINE light staining; PAGES supple, yellowed, outer pages glue blotches.

Fantastic Novels

Fantastic Novels Jan 1950 (Vol 3 #5)  Gallery entry 25Jan2005
    New/Popular 112 pages 7x10"
    Cover by Lawrence

    Contents of this issue
  • The Flying Legion by George Allan England

• Illustrated by Lawrence.
Condition: Light edgewear; writing under "F"; chipping at tips of spine; pages light and supple, 1 smudged a little, one torn 3/4 inch at top.

Fantastic Universe (Science Fact & Fiction)

Fantastic Universe (Science Fact & Fiction) Feb 1960 (Vol 12 #4)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Great American Publications 128 pages (7x10")
    Cover by David Afton (?, worn in signed area)

    Complete in this issue
  • The Night Before the Battle by J.T. McIntosh
  • There IS an Abominable Snowman (article) by Ivan T. Sanderson
  • Mercenaries Unlimited by David Gordon -- Finlay illustration
  • To Mars and Venus in the Gay Nineties (article) by Sam Moskowitz -- old illustrations
  • The Mystery of the Martian Satellites (article) by Dr. I.S. Shklovsky
  • Drug on the Market by Randall Garrett -- Finlay illustration
  • The Large Ant by Howard Fast -- Finlay illustration
  • Fannotations (feature) by Belle C. Dietz
  • The Lutine Bell by Tom and Gladys Cluff
  • Universe in Books (feature) by H.S. Santesson
  • Rope by James Rosenquest -- Finlay illustration

Condition: Light edgewear; FRONT COVER: top outer corner taped inside (with acquisition date?); SPINE: detached 1 inch at top; BACK COVER: writing at top and right edge, top right corner tape; PAGES: supple, tanned.

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