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A burgeoning collection of publications from and about the days of classic fiction, illustration, and clever humor.

Treats for the senses of adventure, wonder, mystery, horror, humor, aesthetics, nostalgia and curiosity.
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Argosy (The New) (continued)

Argosy (The New) Jun 1945 (Vol 321 #2)  Gallery entry 31May2005
    Popular 112 pages (magazine)
    Cover by Rafael DeSoto

    Complete in this issue
  • Murder Never Rings Twice (novel) by Dick Strouse -- Chiriacka illustration
  • Bleecker Street Pilot by N.R. Shores
  • The Legend of Melody Creek by John Randolph Phillips
  • Bowery Boy by Frank Bonham
  • A Bat and a Prayer by Howard Breslin
  • Big Mag Has Engine Trouble by Roark Bradford
  • McDonough to the Rescue by William C. Chambliss
  • Not in the Contract by Athelstone Kendrick
  • Midnight Rendezvous by Margaret Manners -- Chiriacka illustrations
  • A Downright Peaceful Man by H. Vernor Dixon -- Fulton illustration
  • Flying Room Only by Keith Edgar
  • Uncommon Castaway by Nelson S. Bond -- Lawrence Sterne Stevens illustrations
  • Contention at Red Gulch by Todhunter Ballard -- Chiriacka illustration
  • Loser -- and New Champion by Jack Karney -- De Soto illustration
  • Cartoonists in Foxholes (article) by Hannibal Coons -- inluding Bill Mauldin, George Baker
  • Did It Work? (feature) by Hans Schoenfeld -- innovative transportatio ideas

• In You Take It from Here, Bob Considine marks Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis' passing as Baseball Commissioner • In Back Talk, a photo of Argosy's All American basketbaoo team, including George Mikan • America's Foremost Fiction subheading opposite TOC page.

Condition: FRONT COVER: light soiling, bumpy, creases, spine stress; BACK COVER: about 1/2 the cover clipped, the rest is rippled/soiled/dust shadowed, separated 1 1/2 inch at top, has spine stress; PAGES supple for now, brown, light outer bottom corner staining in back.

Argosy (More and Better Stories for Men)

NEW! Argosy (More and Better Stories for Men) Jun 1946 (Vol 322 #3)  Gallery entry 15Nov2005
    Popular 112 pages (magazine)
    Cover by Gail Phillips
    Complete in this issue
  • The Untamed (novel) by Wilbur Daniel Steele -- Fulton illustrations
  • The Magnificent Thief (novelette) by William Fay -- Chiriacka illustrations
  • Shark in the Fo'c'sle (novelette) by Albert Richard Wetjen
  • Dark Mission by John Wells -- Mayan illustrations
  • First Deadline by Neill C. Wilson
  • The Reconstruction of Refugee Smith by Eustace Cockrell
  • Ph D Handicap by Burgess Leonard
  • Salute for Admiral Call-Me-Joe by Allan R. Bosworth
  • Andy Hawkins and the Talking Wire by Frank Bonham -- Peter Stevens illustrations
  • Death in the Mirror by C.P. Donnel, Jr. -- Chiriacka illustrations
  • Roger, Pilot! by Orvis M. Nelson
  • Champions of the Roaring Road (article) by Charles Dexter -- road racing, Barney Oldfield, Paprocki ("Pap") illustrations
  • New World or No World! (article) by Leland Stowe -- Harry Lampert illustrations
  • Atoms over America (1/2) by Will F. Jenkins (aka Murray Leinster) -- Lawrence Sterne Stevens illustrations
  • No Law North of 54 Degrees (conclusion) by Tom W. Blackburn

Plus articles, features. • Story background and author bios in Argonotes for Wetjen, Bonham, Kjelgaard • Letters on their respective stories from Wetjen and Leinster in Back Talk.

Condition: FRONT COVER: substantial surface wear (scratches, chips, tears, creases); BACK COVER: 5/8 missing; SPINE: tip wear; PAGES supple, tan, corner wear, occasional mid-outer edge tear.

Argosy (More and Better Stories for Men) Jul 1946 (Vol 322 #5)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)

    Complete in this issue
  • Too Far Gone for Salvage (novel) by William Holder -- Hamilton Greene illustrations
  • Honeymoon with Death (novelette) by Margaret Manners -- Ralph (sic) De Soto illustrations
  • Whistle on the River (novelette) by Giff Cheshire
  • Brick Road to Glory by William Gault -- De Soto illustration
  • McDonough Reconverts by William Chambliss -- Hamilton Greene illustrations
  • My Son's Old Man by Fred Malina
  • A Trade for Charity by Everett and Olga Webber
  • Frye's Fanatics by Joel Reeve -- Chiriacka illustration
  • Judge Driskill's Judgment Day by H.L. Kidd, Jr. -- Earl Mayan illustrations
  • The Goat, The Gook and the General by Russell Annabel (nice title :-x)
  • The Balanced Equation by Roy Wheeler -- Lawrence Sterne Stevens illustration
  • Rider from Nowhere (1/2) by Jack Schaefer
  • Atoms over America (conclusion) by Will F. Jenkins (aka Murray Leinster) -- great Peter Stevens illustration
  • Don't Kill the Umpire! (article) by John Horn

• Plus features and featurettes.

Condition: Light edge and corner wear (creases); FRONT COVER: reader's crease, bottom left corner rubbing, 5/8 inch top separation; SPINE: pruny, bottom tip wear; BACK COVER: spine stress, light soiling; PAGES: supple, bright, some dogears, tears.

Argosy (Fiction and Fact for Men)

Argosy (Fiction and Fact for Men) Sep 1946 (Vol 323 #1)  Gallery entry 6Jan2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Charles Dye (for Play Ball, Killer! ?)

    Complete in this issue
  • Home for Homicide (novel) by C.P. Donnel, Jr.
  • Play Ball, Killer! (novelette) by William Holder
  • Pants Make the Man by Robert E. Mahaffay
  • Tide of Glory by R.W. Daly
  • Trottin' Hoss, Drivin' Gal by H.L. Kidd, Jr.
  • Too Hot to Handle by Eustace Cockrell
  • Castaway by Will F. Jenkins (Murray Leinster)
  • Downwind to Danger by Jim Chapman
  • Valiantly Yours by William Fay
  • Then Up Spoke the Goonie-Bird by LaSelle Gilman
  • Rider from Nowhere (2/3) by Jack Schaefer

• Plus articles, cartoons, Pap's Calendar of Sports, Poetry, Back Talk (letter column). • Illustrators include Earl Mayan, Chiriacka. • Cover portrait brings to mind the yet-to-emerge Mickey Mantle.

Condition: Light wear along edges and spine, including creasing; small punctures across "RG" in title; back cover soiling and similar punctures at top; pages supple, brown at edges.

Argosy (Fiction and Fact for Men) Oct 1946 (Vol 323 #2)  Gallery entry 26Apr2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Charles Dye

  • Rider from Nowhere by Jack Schaefer
    Complete in this issue
  • Blonde, Beautiful and Deadly (novel) by William Holder
  • The Bigger They Come (novelette) by William Fay
  • King of Coppertown (novelette) by James Charles Lynch
  • The House of the Singing Skulls by LaSelle Gilman
  • Town Quarry by Margaret Manners
  • Love Makes Strange Bedfellows by Daniel Danforth
  • The Curious Destiny of Wing Lee by Walter C. Brown
  • Captain Corrigan Collects by William Slavens McNutt
  • The Lord and Jason Timberlake by Everett and Olga Webber
  • Pictures Tell the Story (featurette) -- Boxing photos (airbrushed?)
  • Pap's Sports Spotlights (sports cartoons)

• Plus, articles, features, cartoons, quizzes, letters. • Illustrators include Chiriacka, Mayan, De Soto, John Fulton, Peter Stevens, Hamilton Greene (pulp-style!).

Condition: FRONT COVER: reader's crease and surface creases, tears from spine, writing under "Y" of title; BACK COVER: creasing near spine, tears from spine, light surface wear; SPINE: missing top 1/2 inch and bottom 1/4 inch, half of title worn away; PAGES supple, light tan.

Argosy (Fiction and Fact for Men) Nov 1946 (Vol 323 #3)  Gallery entry 16Jun2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Charles Dye (signed)

    Complete in this issue
  • One Guy, One Gal (novel) by William Holder -- Earl Mayan illustrations
  • The Body at the Bar (novelette) by A. Bishop Knight -- Ralph (sic) De Soto illustration
  • Cactus Crusader (novelette) by William Corcoran
  • A Lesson in Salvage by William C. Chambliss -- Hamilton Greene illustrations
  • Quadruple Threat by Phylip Wylie
  • Hunter's Moon by Jim Kjelgaard
  • Dirt-Track Thunder by William Campbell Gault -- De Soto illustration
  • Passage to Kentucky by Everett M. Webber -- Peter Stevens illustrations
  • White Magic by Hans Ruesch
  • Dyin' Ain't Important by H.L. Kidd, Jr.
  • Pap's Sports Spotlight: The Roughest Guys in the Game (sports cartoons)-- including Eddie Shore.
  • Caught by a Giant Clam (article) by Wilmon Menard -- Earl Mayan illustration

• Plus articles. • Henry Boltinoff cartoon. • Pictures of Gault, Kjelgaard in Argonotes.

Condition: Very light surface and edgewear; FRONT COVER: top right corner shallow crease and year written; BACK COVER: top left corner impression, light staple and spine stress; PAGES: supple, light tan.

Argosy (Fiction and Fact for Men) Dec 1946 (Vol 323 #4)  Gallery entry 2Feb2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Charles Dye (signed)
    Inside back cover ad for Story Digest, endorsed by Arthur Godfrey.

    Complete in this issue
  • Powder, Shot and Texas Cattle (novel) by Allan R. Bosworth
  • The Grandstander (novelette) by Burgess Leonard
  • Shark Bait (novelette) by Albert Richard Wetjen
  • In a Dead Man's Shoes (novelette) by John and Ward Hawkins
  • Never Rile a Tucker! by Philip F. Kennard
  • Canal Boat Concerto by Fredric Sinclair
  • Fogarty's Last Card by William Fay
  • Mr. Flip Goes to Town by George Michener
  • World's 10 Best Undressed Women picked by Earl Wilson
  • Pap's Winter Carnival (featurette) -- sports cartoons, including Maurice Richard.
  • Mayhem on Skates (article) by Mac Davis -- Hockey fights
  • Argonotes (featurette) author photos include John and Ward Hawkins.

• Plus articles, features, quizzes, cartoons, letters. • Illustrators include De Soto, Hamilton Greene (pulp-style!), Chiriacka, Mayan, Peter Stevens.

Condition: Front: light edgewear at bottom, year written in top right corner; back: edgewear, 5/8 inch tear at top spine; pages supple, browning.

Argosy (Fiction and Fact for Men) Jan 1947 (Vol 324 #1)  Gallery entry 25Jun2005
    Popular 112 pages (magazine)
    Cover by Charles Dye for Off-Stage Champ -- Martin Millner lookalike

    Complete in this issue
  • Killer at Her Door (novel) by Stewart Sterling -- Mayan illustrations
  • Off-Stage Champ (novelette) by William Fay -- Peter Stevens illustration
  • Murder Tavern (novelette) by Howard Bloomfield -- Ralph (sic) De Soto illustrations
  • Ride Your Own Saddle by Bob Obets -- Greene illustration
  • Doc Cutney's Bonefish Marathon by Philip Wylie
  • No Detour by Hugh B. Cave
  • Gentlemen Prefer Coyotes by Owen Cameron
  • Bush Pilots Never Die by Frank Richardson Pierce
  • The Pirate's Lady by Everett M. Webber -- Chiriacka illustrations
  • They Fight for Their Own (article) by Russell Annabel -- photo of python choking a water buffalo
  • Pap's Sports Spotlight: Bowling 'Em Over (sports cartoons)

• Full page ad for Nocturne starring George Raft. • Harry Lampert cartoon. • Wylie bio + photo in Argonotes • Some confusion about Jack Johnson, Jim Jeffries, and Tommy Burns in Back Talk (plus photo of the 69-year old Jeffries).

Condition: Light edgewear; PAGES supple, tan, front top outer corners chewed, bottom outer corners creased.

Argosy (Fiction and Fact for Men) Feb 1947 (Vol 324 #2)  Gallery entry 2Feb2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Charles Dye (signed)

    Complete in this issue
  • Suicide Journey (novel) by Edwin O'Hanlon
  • A Horse on Willy (novelette) by William Holder
  • The Bride Price (novelette) by Henry John Colyton
  • Death Astern by Steve Hail
  • Key Man by John Wells
  • Money Rider by Dan Cushman
  • Miracle at Daylight Ridge
  • Killer in the Dark by Margaret Manners
  • Last Hand by Stanley G. Allen
  • Pap's Sports Spotlight (featurette) -- Basketball Is Booming -- sports cartoons of Dr. James Naismith, Bob Kurland.

• Plus articles, features, quizzes, cartoons, letters. • Inside front cover ad for Decca Oklahoma Original Cast album. • Illustrators include Chiriacka, Peter Stevens, De Soto, Hamilton Greene (pulp-style!), John Fulton, Mayan. • In Back Talk, two photos of Jane Russell are contrasted, and Mayan responds to letter criticizing his depiction of a Springfield.

Condition: Spine wear, 3/8 inch missing at top, bottom detached below spine; front rubbing, missing top right corner, right edge wear; back: tears near spine; pages supple, browning a little.

Argosy (Fiction and Fact for Men) Mar 1947 (Vol 324 #4)  Gallery entry 26Apr2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Charles Dye
    Inside front cover Calvert whiskey ad with Tom Lovell illustration

    Complete in this issue
  • Mud, Blood -- and Glory (novel) by Robert Carse -- John Fulton illustrations
  • So Long, Larry! (novelette) by William Fay
  • The Man Who Died Laughing (novelette) by Wyatt Blassingame -- Mayan illustrations.
  • The Passing of Poker Bill by Thomas Thompson
  • You Can't Always Win by William Holder -- "Ralph" (sic) De Soto illustration
  • Jacopo the Faithful by Les Savage, Jr. -- Peter Stevens illustrations
  • By Hook -- or Crook by Philip Wylie
  • The Cabbie, the Red-Head -- and the Blessed Event by Jack Karney
  • Reprieve for Whitey by Howard Bloomfield
  • Durocher's a Good Boy Now (article) by Charles Dexter
  • Old Black Joe (article) by William Fay -- Joe Louis
  • Handmade Monsters and Their Ladies (picture story) -- Movie monsters: Lon Chaney, Jr.'s Mummy and Frankenstein, Robert Wilke's Catman of Paris, Barrymore/March Jekyll/Hydes, Chaney, Sr.'s Hunchback.
  • Pap's Sports Spotlight (sports cartoons) -- Track Splinters: Paavo Nurmi, Glenn Cunningham.
  • His Girls Are Dynamite (photo feature) by Matthew Huttner -- Photographer George Hurrell: Jane Wyman, Ann Sheridan.
  • Then and Now (photo feature) -- Glamorous photos of star actresses matched with childhood snapshots: Garbo, Dietrich, and Anns Sheridan and Sothern.
  • Soldier Ants on the March (article) by Ethel Eaton -- Lawrence Sterne Stevens illustration.
  • Armadillo Farmer (photo feature) -- spotlights a manufacturer of novelties like ships, baskets, sun helmets, lampshades, clocks, mandolins and penholders from armadillos (yuk!).
  • The Dollar Value of Danger by James Scheer -- Hollywood stuntmen.

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