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A burgeoning collection of publications from and about the days of classic fiction, illustration, and clever humor.

Treats for the senses of adventure, wonder, mystery, horror, humor, aesthetics, nostalgia and curiosity.
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Argosy (continued)

Argosy Feb 1944 (Vol 317 #3)  Gallery entry 6Jan2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Rafael DeSoto for Gentleman Bushranger

    Complete in this issue
  • Death in Vienna (novel) by C.P. Donnel, Jr.
  • Crash Landing (novelette) by Richard Howells Watkins
  • Willy and the Lady Prizefighter by Joel Reeve
  • The Hard Way Home by Frank Richardson Pierce
  • Them Chetniks by Bennett Foster
  • Via the Horn and Hell by H. Vernor Dixon
  • Dog Sense by Jim Kjelgaard and Gordon MacQuarrie
  • Ice Diver by George Armin Shaftel
  • God's Errand Boy by Cliff Farrell
  • Soldiers Shouldn't Remember by L.R. Batman
  • All This and Courage Too by William Lynch
  • Gentleman Bushranger (1/4) by Leslie T. White
  • Logs for St. Louis (2/3) by T.T. Flynn

• Plus articles, cartoons, Back Talk (letter column). • Illustrators include Chiriacka, De Soto, Sterne Stevens.

Condition: Very light wear; staining/dust shadow? at top edge; spine tips worn; pages supple, browned a bit.

Argosy Mar 1944 (Vol 317 #4)  Gallery entry 6Jan2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Arthur Sarnoff (? signed)

    Complete in this issue
  • Diver at Work (novel) by Henry Norton
  • Johnny Was a Hero (novelette) by Carroll John Daly
  • Last Night in Town by C.P. Donnel, Jr.
  • Danger -- High Voltage! by Bill Gulick
  • Comes a Devil by G.A. Higgins
  • Human Interest Story by Dane Gregory
  • Night Club Fighter by William Heuman
  • The Girl He Left Behind by Joe Archibald
  • Harpooner's Lady by H. Vernor Dixon
  • Sanctuary by E. Hoffmann Price
  • No Exchanges after Christmans by Robert E. Johnson
  • Gentleman Bushranger (2/4) by Leslie T. White
  • Logs for St. Louis (conclusion) by T.T. Flynn

• Plus articles, cartoons, book and movie recommendations, crossword, Back Talk (letter column). • Illustrators include Chiriacka, Sterne Stevens.

Condition: Very light edgewear; top and bottom of spine worn; back cover dust shadow left edge; year marked in top of left branch of "Y", pages supple, browning just a bit.

Argosy May 1944 (Vol 318 #2)  Gallery entry 6Jan2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Chiriacka (signed)

    Complete in this issue
  • Headline Hunter (novel) by C.P. Donnel, Jr.
  • Gold Cups Are for Gentlemen by Borden Chase
  • Hero's Privilege by William E. Barrett
  • Escape by Will F. Jenkins (Murray Leinster)
  • Ed Quenches an Old Flame by Walter Brooks (featuring Wilbur Pope's talking horse -- sound familiar?)
  • A Letter for Dad by William Armin Shaftel
  • Battle Test by George W. Campbell
  • Double Exposure by Joseph Marshall
  • Eagles Without Wings by Donna Geyer
  • Strictly Plutonic by Everett and Olga Webber
  • Love, Honor and Possess by Anita Block
  • Gentleman Bushranger (conclusion) by Leslie T. White

• Plus articles, cartoons, Argosy recommends movies, crossword, Back Talk (letter column). • Illustrators include Chiriacka, De Soto, Sterne Stevens.

Condition: Lightest edgewear; year written at top right corner; back cover slightly soiled in upper left area; top 3/4 inch of spine worn; pages supple, a little browned.

Argosy Jun 1944 (Vol 318 #3)  Gallery entry 27Dec2004
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Harold Anderson (signed)

    Complete in this issue
  • Queen of Hades (novel) by William Fay
  • A Diet of Fish by Philip Wylie
  • Come In Like a Yankee! by H. Vernor Dixon
  • Ice Team by Don Phillips
  • Ed Signs the Pledge by Walter Brooks
  • Pitcher's Error (baseball story) by Hugh Pentecost
  • Furloughs Are for Fun by C.P. Donnel, Jr.
  • Courage Is Contageous by Georges Carousso
  • A Girl for the Pilot by Donna Geyer
  • Tactics Never Change by George C. Appell
  • And One Makes Three by Margaret Lee Runbeck

• Plus cartoons, crossword puzzle, quiz, movie recommendations. • This is clearly a magazine in transition. The articles predominate, most war-oriented. • Letters page (now called Back Talk) has messages bemoaning and praising the change in direction. • Illustrators include Rafael De Soto. • Inside back cover ad (for Lord Calvert Whiskey) model appears to be Larry Keating (of George Burns and Mister Ed fame).

Condition: Light wear; top inch of spine missing; creasing at bottom right corner, back top corner; spine stress; first page 1 inch tear at mid-edge; pages supple, hardly any browning.

Argosy Jul 1944 (Vol 318 #4)  Gallery entry 2Feb2005
    Popular 96 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Arnold Sarnoff (signed)

    Complete in this issue
  • North African Hayride (novel) by Robert Wallace
  • Beauty and the Poor Fish by Philip Wylie
  • Neighbor Girl by Isabel Stewart Way
  • My Pal the Champ by William Fay
  • Hussy! by John Christopher
  • The King's Regulations by William Lynch
  • Double Trouble by Mindret Lord
  • Courtyard Reserved for Two by Margaret Lull
  • Infiltration by Leon Ware
  • Man Stuff by Ted Tinsley
  • Love Letters for Frankenstein (article) by Anna Erskine -- Boris Karloff's popularity
  • Safe Convoy (article) by Robert Carse
  • Argosy Authors (featurette) includes photos of Robert Carse, William Fay, Ted Tinsley.
  • What I Want Most out of Life by Sonja Henie, Hedy Lamarr, Dinah Shore, Greer Garson, Gracie Allen.

• Plus, numerous articles and features (Bob Hope, Jimmy Durante, movie and book recommendations). • Illustrators include Lawrence Sterne Stevens, De Soto, Chiriacka. • One letter bemoans the proliferation of articles, while another calls reading fiction a waste of time!

Condition: Cover printing registration off to the right (part of spine lettering is in left margin of the cover); year written in top right corner; pages supple, browning.

Argosy Aug 1944 (Vol 319 #1)  Gallery entry 2Feb2005
    Popular 96 pages (bedsheet)
    Photo cover.

    Complete in this issue
  • Concerto in 4 F (novel) by William Fay
  • Tomorrow -- the Deluge (novelette) by Joel Townsley Rogers
  • By Their Works by Max Brand
  • Swamp Haven by Jo Austell Small
  • Ed Makes Like a Horse by Walter Brooks -- a talking horse, of course.
  • First Love by C.P. Donnel, Jr.
  • Mr. Jenson's Landfall by Reese Wolfe
  • Love Story Assignment by Robert Fontaine
  • Good Connections by John Scott Douglas
  • Argosy Authors (featurette) includes photos of Paul Gallico, C.P. Donnel, Jr., Joel Townsley Rogers.
  • A Farewell to Max Brand by Steve Fisher -- a heartfelt and touching eulogy by a colleague and friend of the prolific writer killed in May 1944.

• Illustrators include De Soto, Lawrence Sterne Stevens. • Touching letter about a message for a soldier's worried parent, similar to a recently published story.

Condition: Slight separation at top back and bottom front; back: spine stress; pages supple, browning.

Argosy Oct 1944 (Vol 319 #2)  Gallery entry 26Apr2005
    Popular 96 pages (bedsheet)
    Photo-cover by Walter Engel

    Complete in this issue
  • The Beautiful Bum (novel) by William Fay
  • Guest of Honor by C.P. Donnel, Jr. -- De Soto illustration
  • How to Fight a War by H. Vernor Dixon
  • Well Really, Mr. Pope! (Mister Ed story) by Walter Brooks
  • Hero Worship by Newlin B. Wildes -- De Soto illustration
  • Trail Hand by L. Ernenwein
  • Here Come the Engines by Sidney Herschel Small
  • Reunion in France by Robert Ormond Case
  • Revolt of a Yard Bird by Peter Stirling
  • The Man Behind Adolf Hitler (article) by Curt Riess -- Albert Speer
  • Post-War Pipe Dreams (article) by Don Herold
  • Baseball's Screwball (article) by Paul Gardner -- Al Schacht

• Plus features, featurettes. • In Back Talk (letter column), Max Brand fan praises Steve Fisher's tribute.

Condition: Lightest edgewear; SPINE: light tip wear; PAGES supple, light tan.

Argosy (America's Foremost Fiction...)

Argosy (America's Foremost Fiction...) Jan 1945 (Vol 320 #1)  Gallery entry 31May2005
    Popular 96 pages (magazine)
    Cover by Glen W. Thomas

    Complete in this issue
  • God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen! (novel) by Henry John Colyton -- Fulton illustrations
  • A Trade in Scotch by (novelette) Crawford Sullivan
  • Naval Engagement by C.P. Donnel, Jr.
  • Ultra Violent by Octavus Roy Cohen -- DeSoto illustrations
  • For Frankie by William Fay
  • Hung Up at Parley's Store by Cliff Farrell
  • Off Tackle by Philip Wylie
  • Dateline -- South Pacific by Allan R. Bosworth
  • Women Are Peculiar by John Randolph Phillips -- Lawrence Sterne Stevens illustration
  • Pitcher's Error by William Porter
  • Medals for Sale by Sam Stowe

• Plus articles, picture features, features, departments. • Announcement of 16 additional pages next issue.

Condition: Light edgewear; FRONT COVER: crease down mid-left side, other surface creases, 2 inches top and 3/8 inch bottom separation; BACK COVER: 2 inches top and 1/2 inch bottom separation, right side soiling, left side rippling, rubbing/tape tear?; SPINE: bottom 3/8 inch missing; PAGES browning, 1st page top right corner writing, small mid-edge tears in back.

Argosy (The New)

Argosy (The New) Feb 1945 (Vol 320 #2)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Popular 112 pages (bedsheet)
    Cover by Ernest F. Baumann

    Complete in this issue
  • Crisis at Sundown Cay (novel) by Whitman Chambers -- Rafael De Soto illustration
  • Prelude to Battle (novelette) by Robert Thomson
  • In This Corner -- by Jack Karney
  • Body in the Barn by Margaret Manners
  • A Dog of Character by H. Vernor Dixon
  • Tug at War by William C. Chambliss
  • Detour for Courage by C.P. Donnel, Jr. -- Chiriacka illustration
  • The Wild Man of Birmingham by Octavus Roy Cohen -- De Soto illustration
  • Cast-Off by Margaret Cousins
  • Pigskin Pagliacci by Joel Reeve
  • Monster in Horse's Clothing by Walter Brooks -- Mister Ed
  • Last Edition by Don Phillips -- Chiriacka illustration
  • $70,000 -- To Win! by T.T. Flynn
  • Double Jeopardy (short short) by Kurt Steel
  • Star Prospector by Donald C. Peattie -- Jesse Lasky, Hollywood pioneer, picture of Sgt. York

• Plus articles, features, featurettes. • Readers opine on fiction/article/serials mix, cartoons' efficacy, racial relations.

Condition: Light edge and corner wear (small tears, creases); FRONT COVER: reader's crease, 1 inch top and 1 3/4 inch bottom separation, writing inside contents summary; BACK COVER: spine stress; SPINE: top tip wear, signatures split at bottom; PAGES: supple, very light.

Argosy (The New) May 1945 (Vol 321 #1)  Gallery entry 31May2005
    Popular 112 pages (magazine)
    Cover by Ernest Chiriacka

    Complete in this issue
  • Hannegan's Ghost (novel) by William Fay
  • Murder in the Newsroom (novelette) by C.P. Donnel, Jr. -- Chiriacka illustrations
  • Every Man His Sword by William Chamberlain
  • Fresh Water Nightmare by Philip Wylie
  • Fighter for Sale by Jack Karney -- De Soto illustrations
  • This Hero Stuff by Edward Hope
  • Lunatic Patrol by Les Savage, Jr.
  • In Search of Folly by Robert Burkhardt -- Chiriacka illustrations
  • Pirate Style by Ben T. Young -- Eggenhofer illustrations
  • Overnight Diver by H. Vernor Dixon -- H.W. Scott illustrations
  • Exit -- With Honor by Matt Taylor -- Fulton illustrations
  • A Gamble in Beans by Sidney Herschel Small
  • Medal for McDonough by William C. Chambliss
  • Brooklyn's Kid Pennant Chasers (article) by Leo Durocher
  • The G.I.'s General (article) by Hannibal Coons -- General Omar Bradley

• America's Foremost Fiction subheading opposite TOC page. • Letter from Missouri's William F. Nolan praises Steve Fisher's farewell to Max Brand, asks for a complete index of the late author's Argosy work.

Condition: Light edgewear; FRONT COVER: bottom right corner crease, surface creases, writing inside "A" of title, story blurb box; BACK COVER: dents, creases, soiling, spine stress; SPINE: thick tape over top half, rough bottom half; PAGES supple for now, brown, some edge brittleness, bottom outer corner stain first 3 page leaves, back 32 pages have white streaks.

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