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A burgeoning collection of publications from and about the days of classic fiction, illustration, and clever humor.

Treats for the senses of adventure, wonder, mystery, horror, humor, aesthetics, nostalgia and curiosity.
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Adventure (continued)

Adventure Dec 1947 (Vol 118 #2)  Gallery entry 4Feb2005
    Popular 16 pages (7x9")
    Cover by Peter Stevens for Red Ivory

    Complete in this issue
  • Seafaring Lancer (novelette) by John Scott Douglas
  • Red Ivory (novelette) by Alexander Wallace
  • Shipment Seventeen by Robinson MacLean
  • The Ruination of Restless Solomon by Fred Gipson
  • The Head of the Bearded One by B.L. McGann
  • Of Treachery and Tradesmen by F.R. Buckley
  • The Long Death (fact story) by George C. Appell
  • Restricted (1/4) by Georges Surdez
  • Prairie Paddles (conclusion) by Carl D. Lane

• Plus verse, departments • Illustrators include Mayan, Lawrence Sterne Stevens, V.E. Pyles.

Condition: Light edgewear; pages supple, browning.

Adventure Sep 1948 (Vol 119 #5)  Gallery entry 30Dec2004
    Popular 146 pages
    Cover by Robert Stanley for Marooned

    Complete in this issue
  • Marooned (novelette) by Richard Howells Watkins
  • The Long Roll by C. Hall Thompson
  • Four Blind Men by Fredric Brown
  • The Honorable Missing Pyramid by James Norman
  • Jackass by Hal G. Evarts
  • Periscope Patrol by Alec Hudson
  • Of Vice and Virtue by F.R. Buckley
  • Handguns of Glory (fact) by Charles Edward Chapel
  • The Devil's Left Tusk (3/4) by Robinson MacLean

• Illustrators include Lawrence Sterne Stevens.

Condition: Light edgewear; pages supple, yellowing a bit; a very nice specimen!

Adventure Sep 1949 (Vol 121 #5)  Gallery entry 16Jun2005
    Popular 130 pages (7x10")
    Cover by Peter Stevens

    Complete in this issue
  • South of Celebes (novelette) by LaSelle Gilman
  • Tijuana Toreador by Llewellyn Hughes -- Lawrence Sterne Stevens illustration
  • Kenya Trap by Jan Saakse
  • A Deal with Davy Jones by George Warburton Lewis -- Pyles illustration
  • Free Land at War Eagle by W. Edmunds Claussen
  • Day of Reason by George C. Appell
  • A Simple Small Boat of No Value by William A. Krauss
  • Man Shy by Roderick Lull
  • The Windships Went to War (fact) by John Bunker

Condition: Light edgewear (tears, creases, chips); BACK COVER: fragile edges, bottom outer corner creased; SPINE: detaching due to dried glue; PAGES supple, tan, some flaking at bottom outer corners, bottm brittle?.

Adventure Nov 1951 (Vol 125 #3)  Gallery entry 28Jan2005
    Popular 112 pages (7x10")
    Cover by Rafael DeSoto for Escape!

    Complete in this issue
  • Jungle-Wallah by Alexander Wallace
  • The Ghost of the 099 by Jack Clinton McClarn
  • No Man's Banner by Donald Barr Chidsey
  • Escape! by Robert Carse
  • Blood of the Ship by Captain John Vigour
  • Terror Born by Verne Athanas
  • The Day of the Dragon by George C. Appell
  • Sands of Death by Borden Chase
  • Cap and the Devil's Supper by Chandler Whipple

• Illustrators include Lawrence?

Condition: Heavy edgewear, especially to right edge (overhang breaking up); small dent mid-cover; wear 1 3/4 inch down spine; tips of spine are missing; pages supple, light tan.

All Fiction Stories

All Fiction Stories Annual 1945  Gallery entry 6Mar2005
    Street & Smith 144 pages (bedsheet)

    Complete in this issue
  • Death in the Pool (from Detective Story) by Roger Torrey
  • Brown Orchids (from Detective Story) by Frances Beck
  • The Accidental Clue (from Detective Story) by Dave Ballard
  • The Long Road (from Detective Story) by Philip Ketchum
  • Soldier's Wife (from Love Story) by Isabel Evensen
  • The Body Beautiful (from Love Story) by Moran Tudury
  • Serenade to a Lost Love (from Love Story) by Pauline Parsons
  • Five Grains of Corn (from Love Story) by Carroll Voss
  • Reunion at Reno (from Love Story) by Marguerite Jacobs
  • A Husband is Chosen (from Love Story) by Maria Hjor
  • The Medico of Swift River (from Romantic Range) by R.R. Meredith
  • The Cowboy and the Ocean (from Romantic Range) by Richard Hill Wilkinson
  • Down in Sonora (from Romantic Range) by Eric Howard

• All stories have stylish illustrations.

Condition: Light edgewear; front cover: two punctures bottom right corner; spine: wear (tears, rubbing), especially at top and bottom, 1 inch front top separation, 1 1/2 inch back bottom separation, light roll; pages supple, yellowish, wormhole at top right edges (cover not affected).

All-Story Western

All-Story Western Sep 1949 (Vol 1 #4)  Gallery entry 8Feb2005
    Popular 130 pages (7x10")
    Cover by (uncredited)

    Complete in this issue
  • Way of the Untamed (novel) by Luke Short -- originally Hurricane Range (1939)
  • The Pauma Massacre (fact story) by Harry Van Demark
  • Bobwire Bobcat (fact story) by Curtis Bishop

Condition: Water damage upper right corner throughout book; front cover: light edgewear, rubbing along right edge, liquid staining in bottom left corner, writing under "W" in title; back cover: 1 1/2 inch separation at top, 2 inch separation at bottom, liquid staining in bottom right corner; spine: light wear; pages supple, edges tanned.

The oldest of the big three (with Adventure and Blue Book) long-running genre-spanning fiction pulps. First published by Munsey, purchased by Popular and converted to a slick in 1943, then gradually to a men's magazine by the late 40's.
The Argosy

The Argosy May 1905 (Vol 48 #2)  Gallery entry 19Jan2005
    Munsey 192 pages (193-384) (plus 40 slick-page advertising section, 8 in front, 32 in back)
    Partial table of contents style cover (with decorative inner border)

  • The Black Smudge (part 1) by J. Aubrey Tyson
  • The Sifting of Colton (part 2) by Cyrus Townsend Brady
  • The Rift in the Honeymoon (part 2) by W. Bert Foster
  • Down the Toboggan (part 3) by Charles Carey
  • Once Around the Dial (part 4, conclusion) by Lawrence G. Byrd
  • When the Show Failed (part 5) by Frederick R. Burton
    Complete in this issue
  • The Case Against Richard Hassell (novel) by F.K. Scribner
  • Brass Buttons and Moonlight by Anna Steese Richardson
  • The Crimson Blight by Frank Lillie Pollock
  • When the World Came to an End by Edwin A. Moree
  • Eluding the Law by Bertram Lebhar
  • An Evaporated Bank Burglary by Howard R. Garis
  • The Mixer in Masquerade by George L. Gibson
  • His Bear Story by The Commercial Traveler
  • Mrs. Thornton's Cousin by Una Hudson
  • An Unplanned Elopement by Marie Madison
  • Jed's Big Scheme by Charles Fort
  • Proof Positive by F.J. Knight Adkin
  • Shot in the Back by Willard Holcomb

• Charles Fort became famous as a reporter of weird phenomena. • Ads include Pabst Extract for stomach nerves (from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hmmm...), Grape-nuts, Prudential Insurance, Shredded Wheat, Mennen's Toilet Powder, many more.

Condition: Spine wear and separation of bottom back cover; additional separation of 1/4 inch at back top, 3/4 inch at front top, 1 1/2 inch at front bottom leading to 1 inch tear and missing piece; small hole above tear; small stain between "MA" in "MAY"; spine wear; edge wear, moderate in front, heavy in back; light staining in front top right region, reaching TOC and advertising section, affecting (only slightly) the first few story pages; pages remarkably bright and supple, only a couple with very minor stains; all dogeared slightly at top, occasional small stains.

The Argosy Dec 1911 (Vol 68 #1)  Gallery entry 15Dec2004
    Munsey 192 pages (+60 slick-page advertising section)
    Cover by Modest Stein for Disentangled in Detroit.

    Complete in this issue
  • Disentangled in Detroit (novel) by Fritz Krog
  • At Six Bells in the Dog-Watch (novel) by George C. Jenks
  • The Jewels of Santy Joe (novelet) by Seward W. Hopkins
  • His Hunch by Charles T. Heaslip
  • The Kidding of the Boob by R.K. Thompson
  • A Christmas Derelict by Viola Justin
  • When Babson Worked Late by Howard P. Rockey
  • Mud Helps by George B. Walker
  • Fate and a Rag Doll by Leonard M. Fanning
  • The Last Hold-Up by C. Langton Clarke
  • With Siberia Waiting by William H. Greene
  • In Desperate Clutch by Garret Smith
  • What He Couldn't Throw Away by Robert Keene
  • When Two Women Said No by Lee Bertrand
  • Trembling Earth (Pt 1) by Louis Gorham
  • Russia's Black Paw (Pt 2) by Casper Carson
  • The Hoodoo Fighter (Pt 2) by Albert Payson Terhune
  • A Break from Annapolis (Pt 3) by Betram Lebhar
  • The General's Pawn (Pt 3) by William Wallace Cook
  • The Frame-Up (Pt 4) by E.V. Preston

• Stories have small title headings.

Condition: VERY GOOD+, cover has vertical crease down center, long diagonal crease across bottom right corner; chip out of top right corner; separation and tear at bottom left corner; 3/4 inch separation at top of spine; chip out of back bottom left corner; pages tan, supple, but getting brittle.

NEW! The Argosy Sep 1912 (Vol 70 #2)  Gallery entry 15Nov2005
    Munsey 240 pages (241-480) (plus 12-page front and 16-page back advertising sections) (7x10")
    Cover by Clinton Pettee for Cleared for Action
    Back cover ad for Kellog's Corn Flakes
    Inside back cover ad for Prince Albert tobacco features a portrait of an aged John L. Sullivan ("the greatest that ever lived", "Tobacco that's got the punch")
    Complete in this issue
  • Cleared for Action (novel) by Lawrence Perry
  • A Bunch o' Mountain Scenery by Howard Dwight Smiley
  • Proving the Case by Randolph Hayes
  • The Fiber of Men by Courtenay Savage
  • Mr. Scales Makes a Loan by C. Langton Clarke
  • Dead or Alive by Fritz Krog
  • The Fifth Shot by Frank Conly
  • The Motor-Bus Mystery (pt 1) by Bertram Lebhar
  • Making a Fan of Him (pt 3) by Fred V. Greene, Jr.
  • Between Two Alibis (pt 6) by Lawrence Perry
  • One Confounded Thing after Another (pt 2) by George M.A. Cain
  • The Hawkins Relapse (pt 5) by Edgar Franklin

In the October All-Story, Pettee would be cover artist for the first appearance of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan of the Apes. • Ads for Victor-Victrola, Nabisco Sugar Wafers, Postum Grape-Nuts, Colgate's Shaving Lather, International Correspondence Schools, Campbell's Clam Chowder, Edison Phonographs, Remington Rifles, AT&T.

Condition: Moderate edgewear (tears, creases, fraying); FRONT COVER: 2-inch top and 1 3/4-inch bottom separation, taping; SPINE: light wrinkling; PAGES supple, tan.

The Argosy March 1916 (Vol 81 #4)  Gallery entry 14Mar2005
    Munsey 192 pages (577 - 768) (plus 8-page front and 12-page back advertising sections) (7x10")
    Cover by (uncredited) for Four Speeds for Forest Hill

    Complete in this issue
  • Four Speeds for Forest Hill (novel) by George M.A. Cain
  • Nerve by Arnold Hofmann
  • All He Had to Give by George Foxhall
  • The Ring of Raaj by R.K. Thompson
  • An Appendix and a Carburetor by Frank Condon
  • The Man They Couldn't Help by Lenivers Carew
  • Cochrane's Australian Stunt by Frank A. Russell
  • Bricks Without Straw by Tudor Jenks
  • Fools of Sacrifice (1/3) by Richard Duffy
  • 3 1 7 5 4 (2/3) by Lawrence Perry
  • Castles in the Air (conclusion, 3/3) by Casper Carson

• 31754 is the 1915 license plate number of a NY roadster in the story. • Ads (most attractively illustrated) for Piper Heidsieck Chewing Tobacco, Victor Records, AT&T, American Radiator Company, Brunswick Home Billiard Tables, Eastman Kodak, Helmar Turkish Cigarettes, Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco. • Ad for International Correspondence Schools charts trained vs. untrained man's salary and appearance over 30 years (the untrained man looks old and decrepit at 50, while the trained man is still robust and handsome!

Condition: Edge and corner wear; FRONT COVER: top right and bottom left corner chewing, bottom right corner large, non-surface breaking crease; BACK COVER: Top left corner stain, price written; SPINE: moderate wear, bottom 5/8 inch missing; PAGES: first 16 pages bottom outer corner soiling and bottom left corner erosion, page 1 top right corner price written.

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