The Sock Monkey Parade

"Like a bad rock band, an SF writer's workshop can be set up in any vacant garage by any group of spotty enthusiasts with nothing better to occupy their time. No one has a copyright on talent, desire, or enthusiasm." ~Bruce Sterling

Congratulations!  You found your way to a dead webpage.

From 1999 to 2001, the Sock Monkey Parade was a group of nine aspiring science fiction and fantasy writers from around the world who met on the internet to discuss craft and trade critiques in order to become better writers.  They chose the name Sock Monkey Parade because it sounded like a bad rock band.

When they started out, none of them had been published, apart from one or two semi-pro stories. They started a webpage to tout their early successes, but it soon became too difficult to keep updated.  Within the next few years, more than half the Socks would be published, and since then a couple have gone on to international success.  Those who haven't made names for themselves ...yet... have done other interesting things.

The original members of the Sock Monkey Parade were:

Keri Arthur (Australia)

Lisa Deguchi (Canada)

Charles Coleman Finlay (United States)

Caroline Heske (Australia)

Karin Lowachee (Canada)

Steve Nagy (United States)

S. K. S. Perry (Canada)

Marsha Sisolak (United States)

Jason Venter (United States)

Two other writers who weren't part of the critique group, but who ended up spending a lot of time online with the original Socks, were the self-called Lint:

James Allison (England)

Cecilia Dart-Thornton (Australia)

So that was a long time -- and millions of words -- ago.  But it was an exciting, enthusiastic couple of years in the garage.  Before the drug problems, and the drummer died, and Yoko Ono and alla that.

Oh! Look!  Here's a sock monkey page right here.