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Did you know that Dr. Carole Carbone, is available for private seminars/workshops or motivational instruction personally tailored for your group or business? Call today for more information 818-786-8675 or 800-292-0371. Dr. Carbone also offers Private Appointments in the following areas: Past Life Regression Therapy, Psychic Counseling (in person or via phone consultation), and Personal Hypnotherapy sessions.

NEW IN 2006 ! Dr. Carbone is offering personally tailored on-site weekend retreats for women who wish to lose weight, boost self-esteem, release non-productive patterns and understand past life ties. You may prefer a personal one -on -one retreat with Dr. Carbone. You may choose to arrange your own group (limit 6) or you may choose to join one of our regularly scheduled women's retreat groups. (All meals and lodging are included.) Call 1-800-292-0371 or 818-786-8675 for details.
For more information and rates contact Dr. Carbone direct at 818-786-8675.

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in your area please call Dr. carbone personally at 818-786-8675

In addition, Dr. Carbone proudly presents the following professionals who have been recently certified by IAPLT. For information on additional certified professionals in your area call us @ 1-800-292-0371.

Eileen A. Bassil (Orange County,Ca.,) is a gifted artist and inspirational leader giving insight and calmess, clearing the soul's pathway for a successful life. By using her connection with the Universal energies, she combines her hypnotic voice with a soulful light to help her clients achieve a greater sense of who they are and where they want to go. She can be reached by telephone at 714-638-3488 or e-mail her at


Jeanne Hurley-Williams(Simi Valley,Ca.,) has completed the programs taught by
Dr. Carole Carbone in certified Psychic couseling, Holistic Healing counselor, Hypnotherapyand ET. Abduction Counselor. She is also an ordained Metaphysical Minister, Doctor ofMetaphysics, Doctor of Divinity, Reiki Master practitioner and Parapsychologist. Sheworks to eliminate blocks with deep emotional and inner child healings, self-esteem, fearsand phobias, stress reduction and discovering your inner strengths and creativity. Shebelieves that removing blocks will bring harmony and balance into your life physically,mentally, emotionaly and spiritually. She has been involved with metapyhsical workfor over 40 years. Due to her own experiences and healing she believes that past life therapy and inner healilng can help clear and release negative energies. Jeanne is always acquiring information for her business "Let It Go" and her clients to better help them and herself. She is available for phone readings and counseling at 805-587-1246 or you cane-mail her at

Brenda White, Newark, Nottinghamshire, U.K. is a Holistic Hypnotherapist. A Holistic Hypnotherapist is a Traditional Hypnotherapist who has taken extra training to incorporate additional therapies and techniques whic treat mind, body and spirit. Brenda covers a large area of problems but specialises in resolving deep emotional problems. Brenda believes that doing this type of work is not just a job but a vocation. Brenda is also registered as a Certified Hypnotherapist with the General-Hypnotherapy where the code of ethics she abides by can be viewed. For further information Brenda White M.P.L.T.A. Cert P.L.T. R.P.H.H Dip. H.Hyp. S.Q.H.P. G.H.R. Reg.
2nd Floor, 17A Cartergate, Newark, Nott's NG241UA Tel: 01636 677725
Email: Website:

Jennifer McVey, Palm Springs, CA, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist and Regression Therapist. She offers Multi-Session Programs, Allergy Removal, Pediatric Hypnosis, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Age Regression and Inner Child Healing. She also offers Past Life Therapy, Reiki Seminars, Self Hypnosis and Meditation Classes and a Free Consultation.. As a Psychic Counselor, she offers a variety of readings including Tarot Card, Channeling, Dream Analysis, Phone Readings and Group Sessions. She offers individual appointments aswell as personal availability for groups and parties. Jennifer is a member of the American Holistic Health Association, American Association of Behavioral Therapists and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. You can contact Jennifer at (760) 416-0450 or her website at


Karin Peterson-Sitrin, Marlboro, NY, is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist and Hynotherapist, a Certified Grief Counselor, and a Karuna Reiki Master Instructor. She is presently working on her MA in Expressive Therapy. Karin is the founder of the Orphan Connection She also has another website called Beyond Grieving She has been involved in Metaphysics for over 20 years. Some of Karin's workshops on the following subjects: Dream Intelligence, Journaling, Weight Reduction, Past Life Regression (i.e. soul agreements, removing blocks) working with Life's Journey, to name a few. Karin can be reached at (845)236-2557 or email her at

Vilma Blanco, San Diego, CA is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist, Psychic Counselor and Hypnotherapist. In addition to scheduling clients for hypnotherapy and past life regressions, as a noted clairvoyant, Vilma also schedules clients for psychometry, and tarot readings. To speak with Vilma personally, you may call her at 619-296-5322 or e-mail her at

Monika A. Kruger, Romney, West Virginia is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist. She holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Behavior. Monika was born in Germany and has been in the United States since 1985. She speaks and writes fluent German. For the past 10 years she has been involved in an intensive study of the Metaphysical and Past Lives. You may contact Monika by phone at 304-496-8145 between 6 p.m. and 8.p.m. e.s.t. or e-mail her at

Arlene Shovald, Salida, Colorado is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist. Arlene has been a newspaper reporter and author for 30 years, with a lifelong interest in mind/body spirit healing and parapsychology. She earned her doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology from Westbrook University in 1998 and specializes in dream analysis, irodology and Past Life regression Therapy. She can be reached at 1124 D. Street, Salida, Colorado 81201. You may also phone her at 719-539-3139 or by E-mail her at:


Vance Larson, Odenton MD is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist, and a board Certified Hypnotherapist. Vance works with everything from AIDS to addictions to health problems using a number of different techniques. Spiritual by nature, therapeutic by profession, Vance's programs are a complete mind/body approach to health. To reach Vance personally or to schedule an appointment, please choose the following options: phone: 410-672-7571 or e-mail:



Daniel J. LaSota, Blasdell, NY is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist.. He is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher and enjoys using Reiki to help people heal their mind, body and spirit. He is a former treasurer for a Spiritualist church in the area, where he was also a Certified Healer and at different times a Message Medium. He has done counseling for the church to help people with various emotional problems. He and his wife have a meditation and Lightwork group that meets twice a month and he is blessed with the ability to givei ndividuals messages from their past as well as seeing their auras. For more information on Dan's services, please contact him direct at 716-826-1327 or e-mail him at

Mary A. O'Brien, Sheldon, WI is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist.. At present she is also teaching aromatherapy, reflexology and herbs. Her goal is to bring additional knowledge to those individuals seeking life's answers. To contact Mary direct, please call 715-452-5515

Patricia Turner, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada (T4T 1A2) is an IAPLT Certfied Past Life Therapist. She states, she has been interested in the Metaphysical and Spiritual Aspects of life for as long as she can remember. Patricia has investigated many areas on her journey. Her first formal training began with Reiki. She experienced so many positive changes in her life that she decided to continue onto Masters (Oct. 1999) and is now teaching on all levels. She has literally done hundreds of treatments and finds it very rewarding. She has also experienced many past life regressions and found them very beneficial. She believes past life regressions are the door to much peace and freedom. She also offers Private Readings as a Medium. Her business name is Light Walk. For more information on Patricia's services, you may contact her at 403-845-5568 (RES) or 403 844-4171 (The Feel Good Shop)or e-mail her at

lightnrg@telusplanet.netBox 293


Catherine V. Mead, Livingston Manor, NY is the founder of "Uniquely You." She is an IAPLT Certified Holistic Counselor and Hypnotherapist. Catherine states:: "I, Catherine V. Mead am here to be a tool to help you empower yourelf, to master intent and to live a joyful life. Through my life experience and my education I am a healer of one's soul and mind. We together can uniquely create your personal techniques to get you on the road to a joyful life, that you can start controlling. You will learn it is okay to be loveable to yourself." For more information or to reach Catherine direct call. 845-439-8307 or toll free at 888-439-8307.

Garla "Willow" Wood, Commerce, GA is a Certified Past Life Therapist, a member in good standing with the International Association of Past Life Therapists. She is also the founder of Dreamscape Consciousness Workshops, The Introduction To Unlocking The Symbolic Language Of The Universe And How All Life Is Working To Give You, Clues, Hints, Signals And Messages Through Its' Reflection. Showing you how to use "All Life" as your teacher and acknowledging the loving energy all life sends you, bringing you into Higher Consciousness, Life is but a dream. Garla is also a Reiki Master practitioner and ordained Metaphysical Minister. For more information on her wonderful services, please contact Garla direct at 706-335-6361 or e-mail her at

Fred Osborn, Chittenango, NY is a Certified Past Life Therapist, and is a member in good standing with the International Association of Past Life Therapists. He is also a Certified Hypnotherapist with the American Hypnosis association, and a level two Reiki practioner. Fred offers sessions for weight control, smoking cessation, stress reduction, emotional healing, fear and phobia releasing and past life regressions. He can be reached at (315) 687-6136 Ext. 3 or you may contact Fred through his e-mail at

Andrea Morese, Redondo Beach, CA practices Spiritual Healing/Counseling in Redondo Beach, California. She has studied metaphysics and healing for over 10 years. In practice, she combines Past Life regression, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Crystal and Color Therapies with Spiritual Counseling. She specializes in working with women in Life Transitions, using the combination of modalities that fit the client's preferences and needs. She offers Free initial consultations in person or by telephone. Andrea also holds a B.A. and M.M. in Music, teaching private voice throughout the South Bay. Please visit her web site at and contact her by phone: 310-379-9699 or email:

Catherine Marie Carr, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist, a Metaphysical Consultant and a Reiki master registered with the Canadian Reiki Association.. Catherine was born and educated in Dublin Ireland where she trained and worked as an R.N. for some 23 years. After emigrating to Canada in 1993 she continued her education by attaining a Ph.D in Metaphysics from the International University of Metaphysics. She also graduated from College in Canada with a certificate in Counseling techniques and continues working part-time for a health care agency. If you are seeking an appointment with someone with a wide range of healing techniques, knowedge and caring,please contactCatherine personally at 1-905-643-3153.

Eric Gregory Cole, Reston, VA is a IAPLT Certfied past Life Therapist and a Hypnotherapist. After spending 25 years as an independent consultant, businessman and entrepreneur in the Information Technology field, he has dedicated himself to enhancing his skills in clinical hypnotherapy including past life therapy. Eric is truly excited about applying the benefits of hypnotherapy and past life therapy to clients in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. To contact Eric for more information please call 703-430-1767


Caroline Jenkins, Langhorne, PA is an IAPLT Certified Past Life Therapist and an interfaith minister with a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science. Caroline specialized in spiritual counseling for the dying and terminaly ill. Caroline is also a teaching Reiki Master and has been practicing and teaching Reiki for three years. To contact Caroline personally, please call 215-757-0748

Suzie Bowers, B.S. (Stockton, CA) is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with an A.A. in Business Administration and a B.S. in Clinical Hypnotherapy.Suzie believes a fuller, healthier life is waiting for you. At Abundant Possibilities Hypnotherapy, Suzie works with those who want to remove blocks that may be keeping them from achieving success in any area of their life. She works to balance body, mind and emotions. Suzie specializes in weight control, emotional healing, stress reduction, self exploration, self-esteem, energy clearing, past-life regression, aromatherapy, herbal health, success motivation and so much more. Suzie has been working with people since 1995 and is currently working on her Phd from The American Pacific University in Hawaii. She loves watching others succeed. Take the first step and call Suzie for a Free consultation today at (209) 476-9852

Pamela Dinkowitz (Acton, CA) is a Reiki Master/Teacher for the International Reiki Association. She is also a Past Life Therapist certified through the International Association of Past Life Therapists. She holds a RMT degree in Karona Reiki and she is continuing her education toward a Phd in para psychic science. pamela has been involved in metaphysics for over 20 years. She has her own practice in Valencia CA called Nature's Nagick. She offers Reiki, magnetherapy, channeling of the Akashic Records and Past Life Therapy. She begins most of her sessions with an inner journet to meet one's guides, angels and loved ones. She offers sessions in smoking cessation, weight reduction, fear and phobia releasing and devloping one's psychic self. You may reach Pamela at 661-540-5570 or check out her website at

Joan Earnshaw (Flora Vista, NM) received her first hypnotherapy training in 1990 from the Hypnodyne Institute and took extensive training in 1996. Recently she has completed the Certification programs taught by Dr. Carole Carbone in Past Life Therapy and e.T. Abduction Counselor. She continually seeks information to better serve her clients.If you are looking for a skilled professional in New Mexico you may contact Joan at PO BOX 573, Flora Vista, NM 87415 . Her phone number is 505-334-2206. Joan's e-mail address is


Alyce Jackson, PH.D, (Orange County, CA.) IAPLT:Certified Past life Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist. Through the use of progressive relaxation and psychotherapeutic techniques, one is empowered to uncover undesirable life patterns, reflect upon them, release them and heal. Practices include (a) past life regressions, (b) regression therapy, (c) life transition therapy, and (d) channeled readings. Phone (714) 449-9432, email: Fax: (714) 449-0751

Dr. Nancy BerlatskyDr. Nancy Berlatsky lives in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles County) and has been actively involved in holistic healing for over twenty-five years with a wide range of training. She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a
certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist, and a certified Life Between Lives Therapist, trained personally by Dr. Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a TransCrystal Therapist. She
has studied many other healing modalities such as Universal Energy Healing
and Magnified Healing. She works with the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realm
and the Divine Light to create physical, emotional and spiritual healing and
believes that Love and Forgiveness are the greatest healers. She is an ordained minister and frequently conducts Sunday services at the Spiritual Science Church Center, a metaphysically church located in Sherman Oaks, California. She has a Master Degree in Theology and Doctor of Divinity, and presides at marriage ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, baby blessing, house blessings and memorial services. In addition, she is a spiritual writer, facilitates a women's spiritual group
and teaches a variety of metaphysical classes. Call for a consultation at
(818) 760-2844 or email:


Joan M. Smith, from Manchester, New Jersey is a IAPLT Certified Past Life Therapist and Psychic Counselor. Her enthusiastic interest in the area of Past Life Therapy stems from intensive searching of her personal past lives. Feeling beneficial release from her own past life negative patterns, Joan desires to assist others to achieve this same success. Currently, Joan is also an aspiring author dabbling into the world of reincarnation, past lives and the afterlife. Joan invites you to join her for either group or private consultations. Her phone # is 732-849-9068. Her e-mail is DustyD0302@ AOLcom. Her web site is



Sabine Price is a Certified Past Life Therapist and Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy "(c)" in the Washington State area. She conducts a general practice in hypnotherapy and psychic counseling. Her areas of speciality are improving relationships, removal of blocks in order to realize one's full potential and tuning into spirit guides. Sabine conducts telephone and in-office visits. For more information call (206) 780-8023

Anne D.H Turbeville has a BA in Communication and is a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist in Reno, Nevada. Through her intuition and ability to sense and hear spirit guides she can help you to move toward your fullest potential in this life and future lives. She uses a variety of healing techniques to help you release negative energy that may be blocking your progress. These include past life regression therapy, therapeutic touch and energy alignment, NLP and Time Line Therapy, hypnotherapy and meditation classes. Anne can be reached at 775-324-6450 or e-mail:

Nellie Smith is an intuitive with mediumistic abilities in the Orange County area of Southern California. Nellie is able to assist clients with total past life recall through her unique method of shamanistic drumming. Nellie is also a skilled trance channeler and medium. Her speciality is assisting those clients who wish to make contact with the spirit world and other dimensions. Nellie is available for private consultation or for group workshops. To contact Nellie call 949-888-7894.


Cynthia Olwyn Stocks, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master/Teacher, Practicioner living in Westlake Village, Southern California. She states: "In order to recover from a serious disabling illness and searching for answers in the realm of traditional medicine without finding solutions, I found myself drawn to past life therapy and energy healing, (Reiki). My life changed direction after once again attaining perfect health with the use of past life therapy and energy healing. Because of the wonderful results obtained by myself and many others, I am committed to encourage, guide and empower students and clients to achieve balance, harmony, physical and emotional health, peace, love and success in their daily lives through Past Life Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing, (Reiki). For private appointments or class schedule contact me at: (818) 707-7646 or E.Mail "





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