spring 2005
photos from early march 2005>>>
winter pictures

near right: pink freesia filed with rain.
far right:  tree frog, japanese maple, grape hyacinths, rocking chair.
below: wet poppy buds.

indoor wackiness:
venus considers cannibalism

venus finally flowers, above and left

photos posted 2.18.2005.
just starting to rain.

winter 2005

photos taken throughout 2004

2004 stargazer with seven blossoms
above: stargazer with seven blossoms, summer 2004 - thanks alaska jim

left and below: our neighbor dog Prynze helping himself to the blackberries that hang over his back fence, late summer 2004.  he is such a good boy.

nice little secret decoder spaceman unearthed in the garden after a big rain.  you turn a little wheel on the back and he gets different combinations of openings in his eyes - full moon, quarter moon, stars.  pretty psychedelic.  3/4" high

above: gardener with chocolate soldier columbine
center: bright lights chard
right: ladybug child on dill (yep, that's what they look like - don't kill them)

above: fourth of july on xmas eve 2004
above: rocotos on xmas eve 2004
above: cape gooseberries, summer 2004

above: anemone on xmas eve 2004
above: echeverria on xmas eve 2004
above: sunflower on xmas eve 2004

left: forget-me-nots from jackie on xmas eve.  jackie also supplied the herb garden this year: marjoram, basil and summer savory.
above: more pretty chard on xmas eve
right: the tomatillos kicked ass this year.  summer 2004

venus flytrap eating five flies at once - what a big pig
at left, summer 2004 - indoor wildlife: venus eats five flies at once (all caught within a few hours) - BRRAAAAP
below: also summer 2004, venus chows down on a rather big muscular spider.  ugh.  she's vicious.  on the other hand, we hardly ever have to feed her.  she ate an entire wasp late this fall.
right now (february 3 2005) she's busy making a flower... photos to come when it opens!
venus also grabs big fat spiders if they don't move fast enough.
NEW pictures taken 2.17.2005 just as it begins to rain

below:  the first freesia of 2005.  right:  calla with bewitching point

top left:  anemone and daffodil
below, left:  wallflowers and hyaciinth
below:  aloe blooming enthusiastically