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This is the easiest, quickest, most accurate way to set the gap and endplay on your Centax clutch.

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The easiest, quickest, and most accurate way to set the gap and endplay on your Serpent or Mugen Centax 1, Centax 2 and Centax 3 clutch. It is also available in a version for the new Kyosho clutch. This tool fits right over the clutch bell for quick and easy measurement of the endplay of your Centax clutch. This is the exact same tool used by such noted racers as 28 time national champ Ralph Burch Jr. and his mechanic and pit man Mark Blackhedder and Art Carbonell. It has an electronic digital readout that reads in metric or English units at the press of a button along with an automatic shutoff. Everyone who has one of these agrees this is the quickest most accurate way to set the endplay on your Centax clutch. No more fumbling around with calipers and adding and subtracting just to find out what the endplay is in your clutch. Simply remove the inner bearing and reassemble the clutch as you normally would to check the endplay, slip the tool over the clutch bell, a spring holds the tool firmly in place. Seat the clutch bell against the clutch shoe, press the zero button to zero the readout, pull out the clutch bell and tool together and the readout will give you the exact endplay of your clutch. Then simply add or subtract the correct shims to achieve the desired endplay. It's that simple. It comes in a nice foam lined wood box.
                                    Price $155.00

Current Tool
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Depending on availabilty, the digital gauge portion of the tool may vary from the one pictured above. Rest assured though that the tool still gives the same easy and accurate measurement

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click here to download instructions for using the digital gap and endplay tool