Cay-Lee  Farm
        We are located about 30 minutes east of downtown Louisville in Taylorsville, Kentucky ( off of Normandy Road - SR 1169).

 Our email is  caylee1@

For Sale 
  2002 Cherokee Invasion LQ -  4 horse slant aluminum trailer
 Factory installed..... Insulated floor...  Air conditioner, forced air heat and heat strip in AC....... Gas stove, microwave, refrigerator - small freezer ( gas or electric ), sink, small table, storage, wall mirror. Shower / toilet combo.... Fresh water tank and gray water holding tank..... Propane tank, new battery, screen door...  Walk through door into first stall....  Exterior door leading from first stall (convenient for hay/grain storage or sleeping cot)... Removable rear 4 stack saddle rack.... Four drop down windows ( also slide open)  with drop down grills...  Two way roof vents...   Rear exterior light,  entrance door light and lights above horse area.... 30 ft long (front to end)....   Awning is 16 ft.   Stall floor & walls are matted,  padded dividers (including stallion divider wall ).   $18,900
 502-322-7559   or  502-322-7546 
The living quarters does not have a dinette or sofa bed conversion. It does have a small table to accommodate 2 people 





Below (open door)  - toilet is on the left - shower on the right.



Below right picture - Hanging clothes closet. Water tank is beneath step/seat.



Left picture - walk through door into first stall ( convenient for hay/grain or a cot for extra sleeping ).


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