Services Offered

Sound Guitar Repair offers top-notch craftmanship on any acoustic instrument problem you care to pay for.

I'll change your strings while you wait. Give me an afternoon with your pitted frets and crummy action, and your guitar will come back playing better than new. Seriously.

I can also rebuild your guitar from the stripped-down carcass, if that's what you require. (Note: there will be a wait!)

Over the years since 1982, I've done just about everything one might have to do to fix an instrument. New tops, backs, and sides. New fingerboards, pegheads, and bridges. Glueing down every loose brace, and all sorts of loose necks. Installing trussrods and pickup systems.

A refinishing service is also available.

I work on electric guitars as well, unless you need electronic work, in which case I will refer you to my friend James Campbell-Drury.(James can be reached at (206) 214-6668).

What's more, it's not just guitars! I've worked on mandolins (including two Lloyd Loars), bouzoukis, tambouritzas, guslas, lutes, ouds, banjos, basses, saz, gedulkas, pipas, and door chimes. You name it, it has probably come through the door.

Clients run the gamut from the rich and famous to the parlor picker to the street musician. Their guitars are treated with the same care and goal; craftsmanship and playability, tailored to the individual player.