A gallery of repairs and restorations - 1930s Gretsch a little rough around the edges

This 1930s Gretsch Synchromatic came into the shop needing body joint repairs, a neck reset, and suffering from seriously deteriorated binding. (Click on images for a larger view.)

Here the guitar
has had the top and side joints reglued and aligned, the neck removed, and reproduction binding
being glued and clamped. The tape protects the finish from the solvents in the binding cement.

The binding is attached, and is being pared level with the top and sides using scrapers.

The finished guitar showing the clean binding on the neck and upper bout.

A full view of the restored guitar.


A closer view of the reset neck joint. The guitar has not been refinished.


A bottom view showing the binding and the beautiful Art Deco tailpiece of this lovely guitar.

a detail view of the replaced binding, showing how careful work can pay off handsomely.

Another shot of the fingerboard binding and the refurbished inlays. The fingerboard was resurfaced and new frets were installed.