KZ-Cass Exhaust Project

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H-D Mufflers for the KZ-1000

The mufflers that come on the KZ-1000P motorcycles are not only ugly and inefficient, but they disguise the sound of the engine.
Stock Harley-Davidson mufflers, with or without their internal baffles removed, solve all three of those problems.
This page shows how to replace the stock KZ mufflers with stock H-D mufflers.
Fortunately for us, most new Harleys have their exhaust systems replaced at the dealership before they are sold.
This leaves piles of brand new H-D mufflers laying around and available cheap or for free.
Check your state and local noise and emission laws before making any modifications to your motorcycle.

Stock KZ-1000 Exhaust
Cop-Bike One
This is the stock exhaust configuration
for the KZ-1000 Police motorcycle

Modified KZ-1000 Exhaust
CopBike Two
This is the modified exhaust configuration for the KZ-1000 Police motorcycle.
The pipes are cut off at the front end of the mufflers.
(Inner header pipes and balance tubes are not shown.)

Cop-Bike Two
These are the parts required for the conversion.
The muffler bracket is shown attached to the muffler.
The clamps are standard Harley-Davidson.
The tailpipes are 1 3/4" OD (1 5/8" ID), and the bushings are 1 1/2" ID (1 5/8" OD).

The Bushings
Suzuki Bandit
The 1 1/2 inch ID bushings slip over the exhaust pipes where they are cut off.
Weld them to prevent leakage.

 The Tailpipes
 The 1 3/4" OD tailpipes slip over the bushings.

The Muffler
The muffler clamps over the 1 3/4" OD tailpipe.
The hanger bracket supports the muffler bracket.

The Finished Bike
This is a KZ-1000P with H-D mufflers.
Click to see the other side.

Another Example
CopBike Two
This KZ-1000P has longer tailpipes to place the mufflers further back.
An S-shaped bend in the tailpipes better aligns the mufflers with the bike.
Click to see the other side up close.

H-D Mufflers
CopBike Two
You might find a Harley-Davidson muffler in one of three conditions.
In stock mufflers the gasses flow into the outer chamber, then into the outlet chamber.
Some mufflers have had the diverter punched out to allow straight-through flow.
Others have had the weld cut out, which allows removal of the entire inner baffle.

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