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by 6Fireman3 -

For the past 15 years or so I have had an extreme aversion to needles and blood. I gave blood in high school and passed out and ever since, became woozy at the thought of needles, got light headed for any amount of blood draws, and would completely pass out if I had to watch a needle go into me or anyone else. And if blood started to flow afterward...forget about it. I was done. I found John through the internet and after speaking with him decided to give hypnosis a try (having tried everything else I could think of to get over this issue) even though, I'll admit it now, was kinda skeptical as to its legitimacy. He said he though he could help, and since I was out of ideas, I figured "what the heck." Went in for a session, he had me relax in the chair, he talked to me for a while and that is about it. If you have never done hypnosis, it's not like tv. It is really relaxing, you kinda just hang out in that space between asleep and awake. You still know what is going on and you can hear and understand John as he talks just fine. Anyway, after the hypnosis session, he gave me a cd to listen to daily, and then told me to give myself a test after a week. So I did EXACTLY that. Listened EVERY day, for about 10 days, then looked up some IV needle videos on YouTube and I was good through that. So I then asked a paramedic friend if he would place an IV in my arm (he was more than willing), and I was good through that. Well now I am proud to say that after all that, I went in last week and donated a full pint of blood at a blood center without any dizziness, wooziness, or any ill effects at all. The first time in 15 years! And it is all possible because of John and the wonderful help he gave me. I can't recommend him enough. Thanks John.


by Beejay -

John and I have been friends for years, but I was more than a little skeptical when he started his hypnotherapy practice. Then I got breast cancer. John sent me a tape and said to listen to it every night when I went to bed before my surgery. He told me to picture a "Pac Man" creature in my body eating up the cancer cells. Despite being skeptical, I trust John without reservation, so I did as he said. On the tape, John talked about the "Pac Man" creature, about having a minimum amount of bleeding during and pain after the surgery. I don't know how many cancer cells "Pac Man" ate, but I do know that after my lumpectomy and removal of 19 lymph nodes, I had very little pain. I live in California and John is in Illinois, so I've only had one in person session with John. But since the cancer operation 11 years ago, I have used CDs from John for stress management, relaxation, and insomnia. And they work!!


by KS -

I met John, years ago in school. This last year, I seen him on facebook. He remembered after all these years, I had suffered from panic attacks. We got to talking about Hypnotists, I had to have cataract surgery, I live in FL and him in IL, when he told me he could help me. I could not let this chance go by. He sent me two tapes, And even called me. I had no idea that Hypnotherapy could change your life. I went to IL to see family and went to vist John. We both have changed after so many years, But he was so easy to talk to and he had such a calming voice. I had a Hypnotists session with him. He brought me back to a time though Hypnotists, where my panic attacks started, And I was able to understand after all these years, Where they began, And how come, I was having them. I truly believe our paths have crossed for a reason. When I arrived home. He still made contac with me. To see how I was doing. I am so thankful to John, for teaching me, how to cope and control my feelings,


by BB -

I first met John through his wife, a lovely lady. When John was going through his schooling to learn about HYPNOTHERAPY and become a certified member, I thought he had a screw loose. Boy was I wrong. I am 71 yrs. young and was terified of dentists. When I was a kid I went to a dentist down the street that my Dad thought was great, mainly because he never sent a bill. He didn't know that this wonderful dentist was drunk all the time. Dam the pain I endured. I better finish this up. Not going to the dentist for almost 50yrs.you can imagine the shape my teeth were (or lack of).When my grandaughter wanted to know why I had a big gap in my front teeth I knew it was time to go to the MAN OF PAIN. In steps my friend JOHN CASHMAN. I live in Mich. and John is in Ill. Thank goodness for Ma Bell. He sent me a seriers of CD'S and talked me through his class. My teeth were too far gone, they all had to go. Thanks to John and his classes by phone I was able to go through the whole process


by J -

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the second time and was having a hard time dealing with it. John helped me to relax and learn to live with it. After my sessions I always felt much better and could handle things. It has been over a year and I still use the techniques and CD's when I become stressed out. Thanks John, for helping me to learn to relax and deal with whatever comes along.




Client With Cancer

Dear John,

I have to thank you again for all the help you've given me during my cancer treatments. Helping me adjust my attitude and get over the panic the diagnosis of cancer gives you went a long way in helping me cope.

I'm about to start the fifth of seven cycles of chemotherapy and I've never been sick once. (In four months!) I feel well. In fact I go to work every day.

Even my doctor and the nurses at the University of Chicago are impressed. They ask me how I'm managing so well so they can pass the information on to other patients. I gave them your card. They thought going to a hypnotherapist was a great idea.

Thank you again for helping make my life so livable during this trying time.

Every day in every way I'm getting better and better.


L. B.


A Poem By L. B.



Are you all mixed up? Can’t get a grip?

Your every thought is grave

You’ve problems by battalions

And your inner child just won’t behave

You think too much, You drink too much,

You’re scared to death, You’re fat!

It’s all too much to handle

How do you cope with that?

You need a hypnotherapist, a fellow with a plan

Well friend, I’m here to tell you

John Cashman is your man!


Cancer Client

Everytime I browse through my CD’s and notice yours, I am reminded of the peace you helped me attain during that trying time of my life.  Hope you have a good 2009.




Dental Problems

Dear John: 

All fun aside, I do want to Thank You for the CD you sent me before I went to the dentist.  When I was all done with the pulling of all my teeth and new dentures in place,  I said I really didn't think the CD did me any good, you just laughed.  In hind sight you were right to laugh, because it really did help me with healing, pain and the swelling.  I had no REAL bad pain, the swelling was minute and I was on my way to healing in under a week.  When I went in I was scared out of my pants, but I did it with the help of your CD and remembering to touch my index finger and thumb saying "I can do this, calm down, relax,"  I did it John with your help.  Thank you.

B. B.

More from B.B. one year later

Hi John:

How fast time flies by, it is already a year since I had all my teeth pulled, to be honest it seems like yesterday. Not a week goes by when I don't look in the mirror and say "I can't believe you did it", but I didn't do it by myself.  30% me and 70% of your help with your cd's, I was so afraid of a dentist and have been for 50 years but you got me through it.  Rubbing your index finger and thumb really works, who would have THUNK it.  Thank you John for everything especially your belief in Hypnotherapy and passing it on to me.

Love ya





Preparing For Surgery Recording


I just wanted to say thanks for helping _____ through the ventilator bit and let you know how much the tape you gave him for his shoulder surgery is helping him now. When I got there this morning (Sunday) he was hurting real bad because he didn't ask for pain medicine like he should have. He was kind of shaking and pale. He had to go to the bathroom real bad and he wanted to wait for me. Men! So once he got his pain medication, went to the bathroom and then settled in, I had him listen to his after surgery tape. I could just see him relaxing. He almost fell over listening to it. He felt much better afterwards and I left it for him to listen to tonight after I left and he said he would. The nights are tough for him because he hates being there and the nurses have 9 patients each so he doesn't get the individual care he got spoiled with in the CSU. He was tired today since he had a bad night, but he rested good today after I took him for a ride in his wheelchair and showed him where his surgery was, where we waited for him, where _____ was snoring so loud we had to cover him with a blanket to muffle the sound and then I took him to see his CSU nurse who got kind of attached to him and told him to come see her in CCU if she wasn't in CSU today. She makes him feel better because she gives off the confidence of experience and was an absolute lifesaver when she took care of him for 2 days in the CSU. She instantly knew how to handle him (even though she did throw a pillow at him for nagging her about smoking only 2 days after his surgery). The surgeon was in today and was very impressed with his progress. He said he is ahead of schedule but that he shouldn't push himself. He really isn't. He's just got the right frame of mind and is doing everything they tell him to do.

Well thanks again. It's really helping him.

T. J.



Shy Client

Yeah doing good actually been out meeting people going up to them myself pretty cool . kind of amazing, 2 people I really wanted to meet and was afraid, they
turned out to be very nice. The one actually look very intimidating but says he isn't and is actually shy so if I didn't go up to him then never would have met.

My main focus now is nothing else but a job 100% focus and maybe can work on that getting the nerve to call some of these places I guess union jobs since spring
is here. I was hoping for something else but it's not happening. So I don't know, if I do another session that would have to be the focus.

let me know about this week sorry I didn't get back
to you sooner
M. S.


Long Distance Stress Client

I’m going to continue to listen to the CD. I do it just before I go to bed, and I’m so relaxed that I go right to sleep. And I don’t ache all over when I get up. One thing that I am curious about, though. I don’t feel like I’m hypnotized, just really relaxed. I’m aware of my surroundings. I have had no desire to open my eyes until you say so and I haven’t even tried. What do you think?

B. M.

More from Stress Client

Before you open the attached picture, I have to tell you this story.

Just before I started doing your CD, someone had sent me a collection of special photos in an email. The first time that I used your CD and you mentioned the place at the end of the stairway, this picture popped into my mind. The next day, I dug the email out of my delete folder and copied this picture to my hard drive. I now have an icon on my desktop that I can click at any time to see this picture and it’s the place that I always picture when I do a session.

Now here’s the thing, it never dawned on me to send it to work. However, I had my work computer re-imaged last week and lost my Webshots application. I reinstalled it yesterday. Today, webshots was in screen saver mode and as I turned around to my computer, there is this same picture. When you install Webshots, it gives you a sampler collection and this was in the sampler. I said, “Wow! Now I can look at my own peaceful place while I’m at work!” Who’s hand do you think was in that?

And here’s the other thing, this photo is a picture of the Snake River and the Grand Teton National Forest, the same place that my Lakota (Sioux) ancestors roamed. One of other things that I find very relaxing is to listen to my Lakota music. Is it all coincidence? I don’t think so.

Now you can open the picture. Enjoy!

B. M.



From a Student at College Lecture

I am one of Ms. ________ students and I am writing you to say thank you for taking the time to come and share your wisdom with our class. I found it very interesting and very helpful. I did pick up the movie you recommended. I can see why you bought it. It is the kind of movie that you have to see more than once, because there’s a lot of valuable information in the movie. I’m thinking of purchasing it for my son’s for Christmas.

I have enclosed the check for the 2 CD’s that I chose, Stress Management, and Controlling Anger. I am finding both of them very helpful in my quest to be stress free and handle anger and frustration better. I told some family and friends about you and they also found it very interesting . If I or anyone that I know who may be interested in your services or CD’s, I will share your number with them. I am sure you will hear from me again in the future.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. May God Bless You With Great Success


L H.


Came to Improve Golf Game 

Prior to my leaving I seem to have found a certain rhythm or tempo, some improvement
to be sure. Haven't played since my return to the Land of Nuts and Fruits, will get out
next week and will utilize the CD and my meditational music as well.
PS: Upon my next visit home to Chicago I will get away for a weekend at a golf
academy, summer of 07', we will schedule another session prior to that venture
focusing on MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL approach, passivity as I refer to it!
Used Self Hypnosis for Back Pain

Hi John,


You’ll appreciate this.  My back was hurting most of the day.  Sometimes it very uncomfortable just walking, and getting in and out of my SUV really hurt.  When I went to see my oncologist today, I had been sitting in the waiting room for quite a while and when they called my name, I could barely walk at first.  Anyway, I was sitting on the exam table waiting for the doctor, and I knew that it might be a while.  So I’m thinking about how tired I was and how stressful this week was.  So I decided that I was going to try and relax the old muscles.  So I closed my eyes (hoping I didn’t fall asleep and off the table) and started from my feet up to just like you do on the CD.  My muscles were jerking all over the place, and when I got to my back, my whole upper body was twitching back and forth.  And my shoulders and face were just as bad.  In the back of my mind was the thought that if I ended up going under or sleeping and didn’t wake up when the doctor walked into the room, he was going to have quite a sight to see.  I did hear him coming in, though.  Anyway, when I walked out of that room, I’d say my back was 75 to 90% better.  And I barely felt it getting into the SUV.


Thank you!!!!


p.s. I almost laid back on the exam table to do this, but I’m glad I didn’t.  I was sitting straight up with my feet dangling off the end of the table and I think it worked better.  The upper part of my body was able to move more freely and get rid of the stress I think.  Like I said, when I was trying to relax the spine, my upper body moved back and forth.  It wouldn’t have been able to do that if I was laying flat on my back.  Also, when I got the neck, my head was almost rotating to release the stress.  Again, if I was laying down, it would not have. 


p.s.  I’m taking an exercise class that combines tai chi, yoga, and pilate.  So at the end of the class, we have the 10 minute relaxation.  The class has their eyes closed, but I don’t know if the instructor does or not.  I’ve been waiting for her to ask me if I have a condition that makes me twitch.


( The twitching the client talks about is the release of the tension and stress in the muscles.  Once your body knows hypnosis, it can get in a hurry to get there causing a slight twiching in the muscles.   I also get some twitching when I do self hypnosis............John)



from P.H.   Thanks John.  And thanks for the support over the years.  You've helped my family more than you know.




I received the letter you sent me, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. It made me cry when I read it. Not because it made me sad, but because it put my heart at ease. Not to mention the fact that you remembered a conversation that we had some time ago. Thank you again !

Love You, T. W.

California Client I Sent CD to
1-12 From C.T.E.  

It always seems that things go a little crazy when we least expect it.  I will start using the recorded session today. The last time Bev and I talked about prepping for surgery we both were feeling a little unsettled. But I look forward to using the CD and regaining my composure to prepare for next Tuesday.

Thank you so very much!! I started using your pre-surgery hypnosis CD on 12/7. My schedule was so hectic leading up to my surgery date of 12/13, that I was only able to listen to the CD at night before bed. I was very anxious about the surgery, and on the day of surgery my Dr. was watching my blood pressure readings real close. The whole idea of local-anesthesia just put me on edge. I continued to listen to the CD every day after surgery for another 9-days.

It's been 20-days since my procedure and my Dr.'s are truly amazed at my rapid recovery. I experienced pain after surgery, but was back on my feet in 48-hours and I stopped using the prescribed Percocet pain pills completely after 7-days. My bruising and swelling was much less than my Dr.'s expected. At each of my 1-week and 2-week check-ups, both Dr.'s just looked at me and shook their heads saying I should have been much more bruised and swollen and they even encouraged me not to skimp on my pain medication to be sure I was comfortable. But I was just fine using Tylenol. I return to work in another 2-days and will be wearing a little makeup around my eyes to conceal bruise residue, but feel confident to go back to work.

Thank you John so very much!! I look forward to retaining your services in the future. All the best to you and your family in the new year.

C.T.E.  friend of B.M.




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