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Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to...

The Walrus' Web Page

Smaller update - 1/11/05

Quick minor updates to a few pages on here.  Bigger updates later(?)

Small update - 7/27/04

Added a link to my blog... <shudder>

More major updates - 4/15/04

Ok, this isn't much of a site update, but...
  •  I just delivered letters of resignation to my employers yesterday (4/14/04) so I can focus more on my graduate studies amongst other reasons.  There is a small chance, I would return in the fall, but it's unlikely.  So students of the future at Peninsula and West Torrance, there may be reason to rejoice!
  • I may have a topic for my masters research project/thesis decided!  I remembered an old video compression idea I had 4 or 5 years ago, and realized that could be a perfect topic for them.  I may also have a faculty sponsor or two!
  • I also added a quick howto on the computers page on how to setup a free x client with putty to remote connect to CSULB's cadence systems in the CECS labs for Win32 pcs, but it can probably be modifed to work for any remote X connections.  And free is good!
You can't keep a good (or morally ambiguous) Walrus down - 4/6/04

Reborn, reinvigorated, and rehabilitated, the webpage returns to life... about 23 months since the last update to the main page...

  • I moved back to the Los Angeles area
  • I worked for the California Democratic Party from July through November of 2002 as the Deputy Director of Targeting & Data Analysis for the coordinated campaign
  • This page isn't even close to complete...  I will fill out content as time permits (though given I teach 5 classes, and am enrolled in two classes, filling out the content will happen piecemeal)
  • Whew!
last updated on 1/11/05
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