This is the cover to "Lockdown Party!", the upcoming studio album by Seattle's Boss Martians, on Rockin' Bones Records in Italy. It's on 12 inch vinyl, 'cause that's the way to go over there. Big Art! It'll be a CD soon too. Click here for a closeup of cover
Here's the Boss Martian's web site:
This is the back cover art for "Lockdown Party!"
Long before Michael Dowers published Big Mouth #1 and put me on the map, he was roaming around the Northwest in various bands with different musical styles. Well, now he is the mastermind behind Crystal Forest, the surf instro foursome that put out this nifty cassette! It's a must have, but only 5 songs. Look for more frm these guys, though. Here's their web site:
I admit I'm no Blues expert, but I dig this release by Freddy James Rockin' 88, called "Ain't No Money (Playin' the Blues)". I think it has elements of Rock and Jazz in there too. This experienced Seattle combo is meant to be experienced live, but it's great to have this expertly recorded document of their material in a studio. It does has a live cut at the end. It was an honor to do the cover...
This is the back cover art for Freddy James Rockin' 88
The STAND gt — “They’re Magically Delicious”. Canadian pop punk. This great record / cd was produced by Seattle hero Kurt Bloch (of the Young Fresh Fellows, Fastbacks, and many other configurations) and it shows. There’s wacky references to TV and cereal, and lots of energy... like kids high on Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms on a cartoon Saturday morning.
The STAND gt – “Turn on the Cartoons b/w Bring on the Joe Jacksons”. This 45 record rules. I love the premise of the A side– a guy that turns to cartoon shows in times of crisis.
CRUST–O–MATIC! From Crustacean Records in Milwaukee Wisconsin, this compilation just came out. It has the Blasted Boys on it. look at their sight for more info.
This is a two color cover for a CD ep for the infamous “House of Large Sizes”, one of my favorite bands from the midwest. I think it is slated for a September release from “WAR?”(yes, its a company called WHAT ARE RECORDS?) Their new CD, “Glass Cockpit” rocks like a naughty word and must be heard. Go to their site at:
Ex–Action Figures – “Global Kid b/w Trick Rock”. This came out a few months back, and only 300 were made, I think. Of course I love it, or I wouldn’ta done the cover. Paul Grimstad is a great song writer and composer. I think a new cd is comin’ out on Mafia Money Records. Look at their site...

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