These are some of my rock posters from the 1990's. Some newer and recent posters are posted on my Myspace webpages (see links page):
CIV. I dug this band. Are they still together? Jim Blanchard originally inked my pencil drawing, making it look really clean, despite the subject, a degenerate robot walking in garbage.
EX–ACTION FIGURES. This poster was a CD release party at O’cayz Corral in Madison Wisconsin. This time I reused an illo I drew (and Jim B. inked) for Slant, not a newspaper. It’s the creepy hillbilly guy from “Deliverance”, you know, that great Burt Reynolds movie... but purple.
KORN. This was for their record release party (at the Roxy) for “Life is Peachy”.
SUPER DELUXE / MxPx. This was for a benefit concert, where you bring a can of food for the hungry, and you’re an instant hero, just like my bald super girl on the poster...
WARPED TOUR '97. Twenty bands played at the Gorge Amphitheater, a beautiful location. I also did the Warped tour '98 posters, and there were twenty eight bands billed! That time it was at the Kingdome South lot.I'll probably show that poster later. The Warped Tour....It's a ska-head / skate boarder / punk rocker / extreme athlete's dream come true!
WARPED TOUR '99. Well, whatdaya know, it's 1999, and I did the posters yet again. This one is huge, 20 x 26 inches. Probably the last Warped Tour show near the Kingdome before they blow it up. Click here to see it in "Big-o-vision".

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