July 2009

preview of upcoming CD art


and also


May 1st, 2009

This is a tour poster for Mythological Horses (Unicorn) and Saucy Yoda (Blow up doll)

October 2008

Clooney Smooch

George Clooney gets smooched by his new co-star, a monkey
(Worst nightmares of the Stars) for NICKELODEON


Crusty DVD

New double DVD by Crustacean Records 2008
featuring AWESOME SNAKES, DRUNK DRIVERS, MAD TRUCKER GONE MAD and many other bands from this label.
I designed their logo 15 years ago and I'm in it too.


TB vol9

Here's the cover to the upcoming volume 9 of the TIJUANA BIBLES, from Fantagraphics.


March 2008

Here's some work recently completed, or in progress. I posted some stuff on the NEWS page.

The Tijuana Bibles are the oldest dirty comicbooks printed, going back to the 1920's and 30's.
The 8 page pamplets are now being collected for “historical” purposes, but they were very crudely drawn and mostly anonymous.
Lots of the Tijuana Bibles were copyright infringements, and starred popular figures of the time, like Cary Grant,
Errol Flynn, Dick Tracy and Popeye. The Fantagraphics imprint EROS has published 8 volumes in paperback.
I have drawn the covers to each one, emulating a moment from one of the stories reproduced within.
I'm always told to avoid putting a famous figure on there. The first 5 volumes are now being made into a hardcover edition,
and what you see above is part of that cover. I'll leave the rest to the imagination!

Jan 2008

This is part of a 9 page story in a new STUDS TERKEL book coming out soon,
where they are adapting parts of his book WORKING into graphic novel format


caricatures in progress....


Yes, that's my art on a package of turkey jerky. Ha ha! Yes, it's real.


Edith Beale

There's a website dedicated to all things Edith Beale.
The website asked me to do this portrait of the main three people from the film GREY GARDENS.
I'm working on a new one of just Edith to replace this one, which has been up a while.



I did a series of portraits for an upcoming 2008 issue of ARTIST ACID TEST, an art magazine in Italy.
Each one goes with an interview with various Italian artists....This one is a street artist and painter named Filippo.




If you live in Washington State, you may find yourself in a Texaco Station or a random food mart and see this monstrosity,
part of a campaign to discourage cigarette smoking. There are other gross posters in this campaign, but this is the only one I did.
These are giant posters, 48 inches tall, framed, and supposedly up all over the state.
Very rarely do I get a job where they actually WANT you to be this gross, detailed and unsettling.
I had to turn it around fairly fast, or I would have gone further .


Here's a closer look...



This will soon be the cover to the upcoming CD of BLACK IRISH TEXAS, of Austin.
I'm still working on the other parts of the package, but it'll be done soon enough! For more info, go to www.myspace.com/theblackirish



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