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I did this caricature as a freelance gig, though I usually don't do this sort of thing. It was fun. Artist/pal Rick Altergott helped me out with the watercolor part.
Spot illos for Nickelodeon, showing ways to stay cool in the hot summer. Freeze tag. You're it!
Wearing frozen waffles might cool you off.
This teenybopper illo is in a CD booklet for Fanmail, a cool band on Tooth & Nail Records. Yes, I did the cover, I'll probably post it when it comes out...
Spot illo in DETAILS about those wacky rave kids and their water bottles. They are always SO happy! hmmnnn...
Invasion of the “Live” BOSS MARTIANS. These guys do great 50’s and surf instrumentals, with a youthful edge and professionalism. This cd is live and well recorded. The Boss Martians were in Europe promoting this one last I heard.

Most of these things are available from Pat, signed by the artist.
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