I did this for Big Bang, an ad agency in Seattle. It was for an internet thing, but I never got to read the accompanying copy to complete the ad.
This was for the same ad campaign as above.
Another Big Bang job. This was a dinner & drinks invite for a graphic design thing, I think.
Cartoon portrait of the infamous Wildman Fischer, for a book about "outsider music", written by Irwin Chusid, who produced and reissued material by artists like the Shaggs, Raymond Scott, Esquivel, Lucia Pamela, and others...click here for a closeup of image
Glam Rocker illo for Experience Hendrix Magazine.
This was for THE STRANGER’S “Last Days”, a news–of–the–weird type thing, where a guy actually SHOT his computer out of frustration!
Baby New Year, for the Rocket.
Editorial cartoon about how writers are taking over a particular neighborhood. Those punks!

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