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The official, music related myspace page, featuring more record and CD art
Rock Star art

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Comic Art Collective

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The long standing music publication YOURflesh has gone online,
and I did this recent cartoon for their story about the sad state of the Rock n Roll Hall o Fame:
Rock and Roll Hall of SHAME!

A site about HENRY DAVID THOREAU. I did the portrait on the homepage

A ten minute black and white movie, made from Mary Fleener's story in BIG MOUTH!

Chris Page and the Stand GT, awesome music, great song writer. I did two covers for them...

David Greenberger's Duplex Planet Illustrated, another great Fantagraphics comicbook series...

Brownsfield Press has great rare comics and books. They also have copies of BIG MOUTH number one.

Doug Holverson. First REAL cartoonist I ever met, also from Iowa. What a character he is!
He likes a certain kind of girl

JAMMING WITH ALEKSANDAR ZOGRAF is a book with artists from 8 countries,
each collaborating with Sasa (Aleksander), from Serbia. I did some pages with him, as well as Crumb, Woodring, and Bob Kathman.
Jamming With Sasa!

The Slow Boys CD with Moriarity art can be found at

Here is the website of the DT's, they rock. I did their first demo CD art. DT's

Go to Candyland Comics for even more comics from Brasil. Apparently, in Brasil my name is Pat Moriaty.

Buzzy Linhart has posted a 14 page comic story by Pat, from 1987!

I did the Crustacean Records logo, and I love MAD TRUCKER GONE MAD

The Crust-o-matic CD is available here: Crust-O-matic!

Get the "Invasion of the Live Boss Martians!" here: Vagrant Records

The Boss Martians website is:

Great comics!

Get what you can’t get from Pat from Fantagraphics (Duplex Planet, Real Stuff, Pictopia, Dirty Stories):
World's Greatest Cartoonists

I did the logo for this excellent site that debunks email hoaxes and annoying chainletters that we all get.
If you ever suspect a hoax, it's probably already documented here.

This website was set up by Headveins Graphics. Contact them for ALL of your Graphic Design needs,
other than what you need Pat Moriarity for, of course!
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Artist Trust and the Washington State Arts Commission, who gave me a hard earned fellowship award.

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