Who is Sebascom Karr?

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S. S. Karr was born in Tennessee, probably Grainger County, Tennessee to John H. Kerr/Karr and Mary Caroline Dyer [maiden name unknown], who were married in Grainger County on January 9, 1948.  According to his tombstone, he was born August 16, 1855, but census records indicate that 1850/1851 is probably more accurate.  

The 1860 census of Grainger County, District 3, shows "Seaburn" at age 8, living with father John Kerr.  The census was taken in June of that year; he would have turned 9 two months later which places his year of birth in 1851.

The 1870 census of Grainger County, District 9, Bean Station PO, shows "Seborne" at age 17, living in the household of his father John Caar.   The census was taken on the 9th day of August, which would put his birth year as 1852.

In the census of 1880 in Mooresburg, Hawkins Co., TN, 12th Civil District, he is shown married with two children as "Sebron Carr".  This record, taken on the 14th day of June, states his age as 29.  This would place his birth year as 1850.  His father appears in the census of 1880, in Grainger County, District 3, as "J. H. Karr".

His marriage record in the Grainger County, TN marriage book for 1871, page 137, states his name as "Seborn S. Karr".  He married N. A. Gammon on November 2, 1871.  Her given name was Nancy, but in many census recordings, she is listed as "Nannie".  She was born in 1853 to William Gammon and Nancy Scearce/Scarce in Danville, Pittsylvania Co., VA.  William Gammon moved his family from Danville, VA to Thorn Hill, Grainger Co., TN between 1860 and 1870.  Nannie would have been about 18 when they married.

One of S.S. and Nannie Karr's children was Walter Karr, who married Ettie Meek in 1897.  Their daughter Lucy married Briscoe Thomason in 1925, and they were my father's parents.  My father has told me many times that his mother's family (the Karrs) were very adamant that their name was spelled with a "K", and that they were no relation to the Carr families who also lived in Hawkins County.  

S.S. and N.A.'s other children are:

- daughter Hattie Karr (who married Frank Williams and migrated to Richmond, Kansas)
      children: Brian and Anna
- son Robert T. Karr (who married Sue Mooney)
      children: Hattie, Howard, Mary Alice, and twins James Earl & Robert Elmer
- son Grover Cleveland Karr (who married Corris P. ? and lived in Clinton, TN near Knoxville)
      children: Grover (who married Mildred J. ?) and Frances

S. S. Karr died March 17, 1886.  He is buried in the Karr Family Cemetery on Carroll Road in Mooresburg, Hawkins County, Tennessee, his being the oldest grave in the cemetery.  On his son Walter's death certificate of 1948, Ettie Karr, as the informant, stated his name as "Sebascom Karr".

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