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Bowling Score Sheet


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The Bowling Score Sheet automatically calculates your score
as you enter the number of pins you knock down on each roll,
just like the scoreboard at the bowling alley.


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NEW!!!  Version 2, Release 2

updated October, 2012

(Release 2 is a bug fix for an error in frame 2)

*** Compatible with "Documents To Go" app on your cell phone! ***



Special Considerations:  this Excel file is a read-only and protected document.  This means that it will always be available to you as a blank document that you can fill in, then Save As... under a new document name.  "Protected" means that you cannot accidentally alter or erase  the formulas that calculate your running totals.


In order to enter a slash ( / ) as a spare, you may need to do one of two things: 

1) type an apostrophe ( ' ) before the slash ( / ), or

2) in Excel 7, click on the round Office button in the upper-left corner, then click on the Excel Options button (lower-right).  click on the Advanced group, scroll down to the "Lotus Compatibility" section, and remove/delete the "slash" (/) from the "Microsoft Office Excel Menu Key" box, OR

2) in previous versions of Excel, click on Tools, Options, go to the Transition tab, and clear the
     "Microsoft Office Excel Menu Key" box (see a screenshot)

The Bowling Score Sheet is available as a free download.  However, if you are happy with it, please consider a private donation to the creator of the spreadsheet, Carole Thomason. 

I am asking for a $5 donation, but the amount is up to you. 

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