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September 6, 1747 August 22, 1828

portrait of William Cocke

"Few of us ever think of the trials of those early days of Tennessee's history.  None of us know what supreme efforts were made by the  heroes who from a wilderness succeeded in establishing a sovereignty, and defended it from all attacks, literally annihilating its enemies.  The example of such men as William Cocke and his associates is worthy of emulation in these days, and the State of Tennessee does well to do them honor."

                                                                    --William Goodrich


  • a Captain in the Revolutionary War;

  • an explorer with Daniel Boone;

  • one of the first two Senators from the State of Tennessee;

  • a volunteer in the War of 1812;

  • a Circuit Court Judge;

  • a legislator in 4 different states;

  • a strong supporter of education, having introduced the bill to make into law the establishment of Blount College, now University of Tennessee at Knoxville, also serving as trustee for Blount College, Washington College, and Greeneville College;

  • a great speaker and a great leader; 

William Cocke
excerpt from "Genealogy of the Cocke Family of Virginia"
prepared by James C. Southall
transcribed by Carole Thomason

William Cocke, the Orator
        excerpt from
"Sketches of the Bench and Bar of Tennessee"
        by Joshua W. Caldwell

William Cocke and the Lost State of Franklin
copied from The Lost State of Franklin, pages 287-291
        by Samuel C. Williams
copied by Paul M. Fink
       transcribed by Carole Thomason

William Cocke
        article from
"American Historical Magazine", July 1896 issue, pages 224-229
        by William Goodrich

The Cocke Family in Virginia
        article from "William and Mary College Quarterly", Vol. XXVII, No. 2, October 1918, pages 140-143
        note:  the entire volume may be viewed at Google Books

Mississippi Newspaper Article
       article from "The Dispatch" in Columbus, Mississippi, June 25, 2011

Richard Cocke of Henrico, VA
        written and contributed by Steven R. Day

Bill of Complaint by Wm Cocke
       transcribed by  Carole Thomason


Ancestors of William Cocke
        compiled by Carole Thomason

Descendants of William Cocke
        compiled by Carole Thomason

The Gravesite of William Cocke
        compiled by Carole Thomason


William Cocke
Political Graveyard

William Cocke
 Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

William Cocke
        The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture

William Cocke


William Cocke Portrait


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