Descendants of Col. James Roddye

Generation No. 1

1.  COLONEL JAMES1 RODDYE  (JAMESA) was born 1742 in Ireland, and died 1822 in Russellville, Hamblen Co., TN.  He married (1) CATHERINE JANE CHASE March 1, 1766.  She was born ABT  1746, and died 1779 in Washington Co., TN.  He married (2) LYDIA RUSSELL ABT  1780 in Washington Co., TN, daughter of GEORGE RUSSELL and ELIZABETH BEAN.  She was born 1762 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, and died August 1825 in Rhea Co., TN.


James Roddye was a Colonel during the American Revolution, serving in the North Carolina line.  He served with distinction in the Battle of King's Mountain, for which the Continental Congress awarded him a large tract of land.  In 1785, he built the first house in Russellville, Tennessee (in now Hamblen County) which served as a tavern, called the Tavern with The Red Door (or the Red Door Tavern), on the Old Kentucky Rd. between North Carolina and Kentucky.  This house was later named "Hayslope" by Louise Graham Rogan, whose father, Hughe Graham, had purchased the house for her upon her marriage to Theophilus Rogan.  During the Civil War, the house and surrounding grounds and the nearby Nenney home served as camps for General Longstreet and his Confederate soldiers.  For more information about Hayslope and Col. Roddye, see The History of Hayslope.

Col. Roddye was a member of Capt. William Bean's company in the Indian raids in the early history of Tennessee.  He represented Jefferson County in the Senate in 1789, and was one of the framers of the First Constitution of Tennessee, his signature appearing on that valuable document.  According to Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee, he was commissioned by Gov. Sevier as a Justice of the Peace for Jefferson County in May, 1796.  

From Members of the Tennessee General Assembly (State Legislature) Representing Jefferson County  (  Transcribed from the original volume by Doris Kinser Fountain.  The book is in the TN State Library & Archives, Nashville, TN:

North Carolina HOUSE OF COMMONS, 1788; representing Greene County; HOUSE, 2nd General Assembly, 1797-99; representing Jefferson County. Born in England in 1748, exact date and place and names of parents unknown. Married (1st) in 1766, presumably in England, to Catherine Chase, who died in 1779. Children: Jesse, James, and Rachel Roddye. Before the Revolutionary War he emigrated from England and settled on Roane Creek in the upper Watauga valley. He later removed to Greene County, but when Jefferson County was established his lands lay within that county. In Revolutionary War: a private in Captain Bean's Company in Indian raids; was a colonel at the Battle of King's Mountain. After returning from King's Mountain he built the first house in Russellville (now in Hamblen County). He was married (2nd) in 1784 to a Miss Russell (for whose family the town of Russellville was named); children by this marriage: John, Isaac, Thomas, William, Elizabeth, Lydia, Ann, Polly, and Lutie Roddye. Delegate to the Franklin Constitutional Convention from Greene County; member of North Carolina Convention to consider ratification of the U. S. Constitution, 1788. Sometime Register and justice of the peace of Jefferson County. Member of the Constitutional Convention of 1796. Member of Baptist Church, one of the organizers of the Bent Creek Church. Died at his home, "Hayslope," in Jefferson County (now Hamblen) in 1823; buried in Bent Creek Cemetery, near Russellville, Hamblen County.

Sources: Williams, Lost State of Franklin, 32.6; Moore, Tennessee, The Volunteer State, II, 224; Rosters and Soldiers, 1367; Ramsey, Annals of Tennessee, 179, 264, 432.


    Burial: Bent Creek Cem., Hamblen Co., TN

(picture taken by Carole Thomason, Sept. 2002)


    Burial: Rhea Co., TN


                   i.       ELIZABETH2 RODDYE, b. 1767; d. September 20, 1823, Amite Co., MS; m. JAMES M. LEA, ABT  1785; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

2.               ii.       JESSE P. RODDYE, b. January 5, 1775, Washington Co., NC (now Hamblen Co., TN); d. February 16, 1861, Rhea Co., TN.

                 iii.       RACHEL RODDYE, b. 1777; d. Unknown; m. ABNER MAJORS, July 23, 1798, Jefferson Co., TN1; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.


                 iv.       JAMES RODDYE, JR., b. May 29, 1784; d. 1829, St. Helena, LA; m. ANNA BATES; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

                  v.       LYDIA2 RODDY, b. 1785; m. JAMES WRIGHT, May 19, 1799, Jefferson Co., TN; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

                 vi.       ISAAC RODDY, b. 1787; d. Unknown; m. MARY MARTIN, April 29, 1821, Jefferson Co., TN1; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

                vii.       SEDNAY RODDY, b. 1789; d. Unknown; m. (1) PATRICK A. HUME HALE, September 13, 1819, Jefferson Co., TN1; b. December 29, 1799; d. Bef. 1849, Greene Co., TN; m. (2) EPHRAIM MOORE, February 19, 1867, Coffey Co., TN2; b. July 1, 1793, Lancaster, PA; d. August 5, 1875, Morristown, Hamblen Co., TN.

                         [Note:  Patrick Hale was the son of Phillip Hale whose father was Nichols Haile II, who was the great- great- great- great- grandfather of Mary Leona Hale who married T. L. Thomason, Sr.  Source:  Randy Frazier, Frazier/Humpston Family Trees.  For more information about the Thomason family, see the Genealogy Report for James Thomason.]

               viii.       ANNA RODDY, b. 1791; d. 1830, Rhea Co., TN; m. JOHN LEA, October 8, 1805, Jefferson Co., TN3; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

3.               ix.       JOHN RODDY, b. 1794, Jefferson Co., TN; d. September 14, 1844, Hamilton Co., TN.

                   x.       MARY "POLLY" RODDY, b. June 3, 1796; d. Unknown; m. WILLIAM S. LEUTY; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

4.               xi.       THOMAS RODDY, b. ABT  1800; m. LYDIA NENNEY, January 26, 1824, Jefferson Co., TN3; b. July 30, 1801; d. January 20, 1887.


    Burial: Bent Creek Cem., Whitesburg, Hamblen Co., TN

                 xii.       WILLIAM O. RODDY, b. Unknown.


Generation No. 2

2.  JESSE P.2 RODDYE (JAMES1, JAMESA) was born January 5, 1775 in Washington Co., NC (now Hamblen Co., TN), and died February 16, 1861 in Rhea Co., TN.  He married (1) BOONE.  She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.  He married (2) RUSSELL.  She was born Unknown in VA, and died Unknown.  He married (3) JENNIE MAHAFY December 8, 1797 in Jefferson Co., TN3, daughter of MAHAFY.  She was born Unknown in Near Charleston, SC, and died Unknown.

Notes for JESSE P. RODDYE:

Jesse Roddye became one of the pioneer settlers of Rhea County, Roddye Station, near his old homeplace, being named for him.  He raised a large family there.  He was one of the commissioners appointed, in 1813, to locate the county seat of Rhea County.  "Old Washington" was selected and used for a number of years, it afterwards being changed to Dayton.  "Old Washington" furnished the state with some of its foremost pioneer citizens.  At the ripe old age of 87 years, Jesse Roddye died and was buried on the day Fort Donelson surrendered, Feb. 16, 1862.


    Burial: Roddye Family Cem., Roddy, TN

Notes for BOONE:

    Jesse Roddye and his wife Boone (rumored to be Daniel Boone's sister; however, subsequent research conducted by John White shows this to be implauseible) had 10 children.  

More About BOONE:

    Relation: Sister of Daniel Boone


5.                i.       ELIZABETH3 RODDYE, b. October 18, 1798; d. Unknown.

                  ii.       JAMES RODDYE, b. January 29, 1801.

                 iii.       MAHALA RODDYE, b. Unknown.

                 iv.       CATHERINE RODDYE, b. August 3, 1806.

                  v.       LYDIA RODDYE, b. Unknown.

                 vi.       JESSE RODDYE, b. Unknown.

                vii.       DAVID RODDYE, b. April 12, 1810.

               viii.       ANNA RODDYE, b. Unknown.

                  ix.       JANE RODDYE, b. 1812.

3.  JOHN2 RODDY (JAMES1 RODDYE, JAMESA) was born 1794 in Jefferson Co., TN, and died September 14, 1844 in Hamilton Co., TN.  He married ELIZABETH LANE May 29, 1815 in Jefferson Co., TN3.  She was born April 30, 1790, and died June 29, 1862.

Children of JOHN RODDY and ELIZABETH LANE are:

                   i.       SYDNEY3 RODDY, b. May 6, 1816.

                  ii.       JAMES RODDY, b. October 2, 1817.

                 iii.       SOPHIA RODDY, b. July 5, 1819.

                 iv.       JOHN L. RODDY, b. September 29, 1821.

                  v.       LYDIA ANN RODDY, b. June 26, 1823.

6.              vi.       THOMAS HALE RODDY, b. December 28, 1830; d. July 6, 1889.


4.  THOMAS RODDY(JAMES1 RODDYE, JAMESA)  was born ABT  1800.  He married LYDIA NENNEY, January 26, 1824, in Jefferson Co., TN3. She was born July 30, 1801, and died January 20, 1887.


    Burial: Bent Creek Cem., Whitesburg, Hamblen Co., TN  

   Notes for THOMAS RODDYE:

1830 Census, Carroll County, Georgia:
Thomas Roddy
1 male under 5
1 male 30 to 40
1 female under 5
1 female 5 to 10
1 female 20 to 30

1850 Census Jefferson Co., TN, 13th District, household 132,133:
Lidia Roddy, age 49, born in Tenn
Thomas ", age 19, born in Geo
Mary ", age 17, born in Geo
James ", age 16, born in Geo
Elizabeth ", age 13, born in Geo
Maranda ", age 21, born in Tenn

1860 Census Jefferson Co., TN, p. 93, household 633,662:
Lydia Rhoddy, age 59
Thos. ", age 30
E. ", age 20

1870 Census Jefferson Co., Distric 16, p. 1, household 5,5:
Roddy, Lydia, age 69
", Elizabeth, age 32, teaches school, born in GA

1880 Census Hamblen Co., TN, Civil Distr 8, p. 18B, household 149,152:
Roddy, Lydia, age 78, TN, Ireland, VA
___, Elizabeth B., age 41

Generation No. 3

5.  ELIZABETH3 RODDYE (JESSE P.2, JAMES1, JAMESA) was born October 18, 1798, and died Unknown.  She married WILLIAM TERRELL GILLENWATERS.  He was born Unknown, and died Unknown.


                   i.       MARY JANE4 GILLENWATERS, b. Unknown.

6.  THOMAS HALE3 RODDY (JOHN2, JAMES1 RODDYE, JAMESA) was born December 28, 1830, and died July 6, 1889.  He married SYDNAH CAROLINE MCDONALD December 18, 1876.  She was born Unknown in Rhea Co., TN, and died Unknown.


                   i.       THOMAS BRYANT4 RODDY, b. April 28, 1882, Ooltewah, TN; d. March 22, 1953, Winchester, KY; m. ELIZABETH BARNUM CRUTCHER, August 10, 1923, Paris, Bourbon Co., KY; b. July 15, 1891, Bagdad, KY; d. March 1961, Dayton OH.

                  ii.       ELIZABETH MAY RODDY, b. Unknown.

                 iii.       ANITA SYDNAH RODDY, b. Unknown.

                 iv.       INA LANE RODDY, b. Unknown.

                  v.       LUSGAN ALPS RODDY, b. Unknown.

                 vi.       EVELYN HARRIET RODDY, b. Unknown.



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