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Pioneering Families
of East Tennessee

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Genealogy Reports:

Bowman, John

Carson, William

Cavender, Ezekiel

Cocke, William

    Will of James Courtney 
    Will of Fielding Courtney
    Will of George Courtney

Coward, John

Dean, John Wilson

Epperson, James

Graham, Thomas
The Ellen Graham Patton Story

Greene, William



Howington, William

Johns, Henry  

Karr, John H.
Karr Family Cemetery

Kesterson - see Chris Walters' Kesterson Pages at Rootsweb or Freepages-on-Rootsweb

Meek, John
     Lucy Malissia Moore Meek's Widow's Pension Application
     Alice Elizabeth Taylor Meek's Widow's Pension Application

Miller, George

Morelock, Jacob
     The Morelocks by Mary Ellen Purkey Horner ca 1940

Nenney, Patrick - looking for a list of his children - currently have Catherine, Clementine, William B., Mary & Charles

Nicholson, John

Owen, Hugh
        The Owen Family by Mary Ellen Purkey Horner ca 1940

Purkeypile, Christian - will be updated soon
The Purkey Story by Mary Ellen Purkey Horner ca 1940
some Purkey marriage records

Riggs, Edward

Roddye, Col. James

Rogan, Daniel

Russell, George

Taylor, James

Thomason, James
The Thomasons of Hamblen County, TN
      Sarah Rebecca Cavender Thomason's Widow's Pension Application

Thompson, James

Williams, Ezekiel

Wisecarver, John
Will of John Wisecarver
     Wisecarvers buried in Greene Co., TN


1930 Hamblen County, TN Census Index (Heads of Household)

       Full Index, alphabetical
       Civil District 1
       Civil District 3
       Civil District 4
       Civil District 5

Civil District 6

Civil District 7
Civil District 8
Civil District 9 
These census index files were created in MS Excel.  
You can download them to your computer, open them in Excel, then sort them by any column you wish, such as by last name.
Some of the names were very hard to read.  Please e-mail me any spelling corrections!

Related Information:

Pedigree Charts for my parents
or, how do these surnames fit together?

Hayslope - Historic house in Hamblen County
compilation of text from different sources

"Something of the Remarkable History of Hayslope"
from The Birmingham Age-Herald, February 21,
1904, p. 18

The Ellen Graham Patton Story
from "TheConfederate Veteran" Vol XV No 1

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These genealogy pages are a work-in-process and may never be what I would consider complete.  It is my hope that you enjoy them and find them helpful.  I have strived to be accurate, yet we all know errors invariably creep in.  I apologize for any errors you may notice, and feel free to let me know when you see them.

If you have additional information, I would be honored if you would share it with me.  Also, if you found any of the information on this site helpful to you, I'd love to hear about it. 

Or just drop me a line to let me know how we're related.

--Carole Thomason
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