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Address:  151 North Michigan Avenue,  Suite 814,  Chicago, Illinois 60601
Phone:     (312) 616-0006

Dr. Shansky

Directions:   The Doral (now called The Millennium Park Plaza) is a tacky building running the full block between Randolph and Lake Streets.  It is on the East side of Michigan Avenue.   If you enter from the ground level on Michigan Avenue, take the  single elevator to the lobby with the ugly chandelier which is called the first floor.  An alternative is to walk up the steps on the outside of the building to the lobby.  From the lobby, you will be directed to my office which is in the North bank of elevators.  The office door looks like the door to an apartment.  Don't knock.  Just let yourself in and have a seat in the waiting room to your left.                                                                                                                                                           

Psychology Links:

      The American Psychological Association (APA)
      is a scientific andprofessional organizationthat represents psychology in the United States.  It is the largest association of psychologists worldwide.  The mission of the APA to to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives.  It's Psychologist Locator caters to specific needs by way of various filters.

      The Illinois Psychological Association (IPA)
      is a professional association  is to advance psychology as a science and a profession and as a means of promoting human welfare by the encouragement of psychology in all its branches; by the continual improvement of the qualifications of psychologists through high standards of ethics, conduct, education and achievement increase and dissemination of psychological knowledge through meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussion and publications. The IPA provides a referral service to help locate qualified psychologists in a particular Illinois area at their Referral Search page.
              is the largest credentialing organization for psychologists in the United States. The National Register certifies
              11,000 licensed psychologists as health service providers.  It has the added feature of a referral service,
              Find A Psychologist, as well as scientific articles on psychological conditions and extensive links.
The Department of Professional Regulation
contains information about obtaining a psychologist license as well as a listing of Illinois licensed psychologists. This listing also indicates whether a complaint has ever been filed against a psychologist.
The Confidentiality Act                                                                                                                                                                             The Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act (“IMHDDCA” or “Act”), 740 ILCS 110/1, outlines extensive methods for handling mental health information and records. The IMHDDCA defines confidential communications, provides directions for access to and disclosure of mental health information, creates privileges, and provides for civil and criminal penalties for breach of its provisions.

The Mental Health Code
is the Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities Code describing your rights to privacy.
The Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct                                                                                                 contains the prescribed professional behaviors to which licensed psychologists adhere

      Cogmed Working Memory Training
      is a computer-based service that helps people to concentrate and better utilize complex reasoning skills.

Psychology Today
is a magazine with articles on such topics as love, relationships, sex, happiness, depression, and self-empowerment. Articles also include findings from other fields such as neurology and pharmacology.  A prominent and well-respected feature of Psychology Today is its Find A Therapist search for mental health practitioners.

      All Therapist
      is an online referral service to find therapists.

Find Health Pros
is an online referral service to holistic health care providers.