FEES, HEALTH INSURANCE & TIME    (What will it cost?)  



Health insurance is regretfully accepted but I belong to no managed care panels that I know of other than Blue Cross.  Optimal  confidentiality is achieved without  the intervention of a third party.   Although I am  an "out-of-network provider",  your PPO insurance usually  cover a portion of fees charged by a licensed clinical psychologist.

If you do decide to use your health insurance, and don't know how much it covers for outpatient  psychotherapy with me as  your treatment  provider, please phone your insurance company and....  

ask what they pay for out of network providers

ask if there is a maximum $ per visit and what that is

ask if there is a percentage per visit and what that is

ask how many sessions are allotted per year and when the year begins

ask what your yearly deductible is

ask if you need precertification


It is your right to know what your benefits are!  If you have HMO coverage and plan on using your  insurance to cover the  cost of therapy,  you will not be able to chose your provider.

Although the standard psychotherapy hour is 45 minutes long, the last time I looked, an hour was 60 minutes.


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