Do your homework.  Interview more than one therapist before making a decision about who to go with.
Minor questions can easily be answered in a phone call.   If a therapist is unwilling to talk to you over the phone or insists that you make an appointment, just thank them for their time and move on to the next name on your list. Finding a good therapist can take some digging, but it’s well worth the effort.            


      Compile a list of names:


Before walking in the door for your first appointment, make a list of questions.*  Ask the same questions of every therapist you see before making a decision. Remember, your therapist will be in your employ.


How to Make the Most of Therapy

Keep in mind that some issues will require bigger changes than you initially thought. Realize that lasting change takes time. Many people expect change to happen from an hour a week at the therapist’s office, but in order for the process to foster real change, much of the work has to take place outside of the therapy room.

Be brutally honest. You should be able to share any and every thing with your therapist, including how you feel about him or her. This can provide some of the best results therapy has to offer.

Discuss the challenges that therapy presents.  Therapy requires resources, namely time and money, which are increasingly hard to come by. Talk to your therapist about these concerns, because together you can brainstorm solutions.

*Sample questions:                                                                                                                          


Common Reasons to Consider Therapy 

Choosing a Therapist

Personal Philosophy & Qualifications

Treatment Modalities & Specialties 

Fees, Health Insurance & Time

Fancy Downtown Office & Links    

How a Psychologist Differs from a Psychiatrist

The Stigma of Outside Help

How Psychotherapy Works   

How Long Therapy Takes

Isn't Therapy for Crazy People?

Group Therapy

Couple Therapy

Different Types of Psychotherapy

Working Memory Definitions

Cogmed Working Memory Training  

What's Unique About Cogmed?


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