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I have trouble making decisions.
I obsess over whether I said and did the right thing.
I often feel like crying.
My moods are unpredictable.
I don't like myself but I don't know how to change.
I feel worried, guilty or discouraged.
My relationships feel frustrating and unsatisfying.
I need everyone's approval.
I rely on others too much.
I don't think people listen when I speak.
It seems like people don't value my opinions.
I feel that life is passing me by.
I have a hard time accepting a compliment.
People give me compliments to make me feel better.
I have a hard time expressing my thoughts and feelings.
Saying "No" is difficult for me.
I think people view me negatively.
I have a difficult time asking for what I want.
I have a hard time knowing what I want.
I would rather please or be nice to people than upset them.
I feel lonely and isolated.
I imagine those I love will leave me.
I procrastinate or avoid things I must get done.

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I avoid relationships because I fear rejection.
I'm so fearful of getting hurt in a relationship that I run          away before it gets started.

I don't stand up for myself because I fear retaliation.
I'm controlled by my fears.
I ruminate about bad things that could happen in the future.
I don't deserve the good things that come my way.
All the "family" guys are taken.
I buy my wedding dress on the first date.
I always end up with the wrong guy.
Girls don't like me because I'm not funny.
I don't know why girls decline a second date with me.
Everyday routine tasks are boring,  so the mail sits                      in piles, and the room remains a disorganized mess. 
When I read, I frequently drift off the material and I            have to re-read it.
I keep saying that I’ll do it later.
I do things more slowly than most people.
Its hard to finish the final details of a project.
I make careless mistakes.
I'm easily distracted.
I talk too much.
My mind wanders off a topic being discussed so I miss      parts of what is being said.
My memory is awful.
I have a hard time waiting my turn in line.
I'm more often than not, late.
I jump from one topic or task to another and then back.
I'm easily bored.
Its hard to stay quietly seated in a meeting.
I interrupt others alot.
I finish other people's sentences.
I have difficulty concentrating.
I am soooo disorganized.
I'm distracted by background noise.
I space out alot.
I think I have ADHD.
I know I have ADHD.

I want a permanent relationship but it doesn't happen.
I feel bored or empty when I'm not in a relationship.

I would like to be with my partner all the time.
I am fearful my partner will leave me.
I get jealous easily although my partner has never    cheated on me.
If I can't go out with my partner, I'd rather not go out at      all.
I can't stand being alone.
I'm tense in any group setting.
I don't have many friends.
Nobody knows me very well.
I have a spending problem.

My spouse thinks I have a spending problem.
My spouse has no regard for money.
I'm having an affair.
I want to have an affair.
My spouse if having an affair and its certainly not with      me.
I'm frightened of my husband.    
I'm frightened of my wife.
My spouse has a need to control everything.
My kids have a problem with me.
I want a child but my spouse doesn't.
My spouse wants a child but I don't.
I can't set limits and my kids are out of control.
I can't decide whether to stay or leave my marriage.
My worries distract me from play.
I'm a perfectionist and its driving me crazy.
I'm a perfectionist and can't make a decision.
I tend to think of things in black and white.
I need everything to be "just so".                                             I feel angry most of the time.               

I can't stop thinking that life is unfair.
Any change upsets me.
I have to nail down future plans or I can't proceed.
If I don't know what the future holds, I'm  very anxious.
I have difficulty handling change.
I'm the only one in my family holding things together.
My friends would be shocked to find out I'm a wreck          inside.
I'm bad at dealing with uncertainty.
People say I have everything but I don't feel happy.
My parents are suffocating me.
I don't think my parents know me.
I don't think my parents love me.
My parents want me to check in all the time and I do.
I work for my father and can't leave.
I'm not as successful as I want to be.
I feel as though I entered the wrong career.

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Its hard for me to stop working once I start.
The only time I feel OK is at work.
I can't seem to delegate tasks.

I try to make things turn out differently but the outcome      remains the same.
I have certain attributes that are just permanent                      weaknesses.
I don't excel at anything so why bother.
I chose the wrong career.
I don't feel confident.
I don't feel competent.
I'm not competent.
I hate my job.
I hate my boss.
I hate my life.

I probably need a life coach.
I feel helpless and hopeless.


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