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Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based program that helps people increase their working memory capacity.  Cogmed is designed to improve working memory, now known to be a key deficit in individuals experiencing normal cognitive decline caused by aging, those with reading comprehension & math difficulties, ADHD, learning disorders, or stroke.

Clinically-proven results demonstrate that after training, users improve their ability to concentrate and better utilize complex reasoning skills. 


Working Memory is the Search Engine of the Mind

Working memory is a process that allows the brain to temporarily store and manage information for a short time. It is essential to carry out complex tasks such as learning, reasoning, and understanding. In daily life you use working memory to solve problems remember plans or instructions of what to do next.

  • Socially, you use it in the moment you are meeting someone and hearing their name for the first time.

  • Academically, you use it when you’re reading and find it hard to comprehend what you've just read and have to reread material.

  • Professionally, working memory is what drives your ability to concentrate and not lose your train of thought. A strong working memory empowers a professional to perform well under pressure, remain organized, meet deadlines, and prioritize activities.

Working memory has several functions. An important one is to hold one bit of information active while working with another. Working memory is like a very active computational unit that not only holds information, but also actively processes this current information in connection with the vast files of longer-term memory.

Research now tells us that there is a strong link between working memory capacity and the ability to resist distractions and irrelevant information. One study used the so called “cocktail party effect”, i.e. our ability to focus on one voice despite noisy surroundings, and showed that this ability is related to working memory capacity. Recent studies have also shown that low working memory is related to being “offtask” and daydreaming. 

Working memory has been suggested to be the single most important factor in determining general intellectual ability. Did you know that there is a decline in intellectual capacity (the ability to learn, reason, plan, comprehend ideas, make inference, generalize, solve problems and think abstractly) that begins around age 25 and declines about 5% to 10% each decade? Improving your brain's working memory capacity is a good method for increasing your IQ.

There's Good News!

New studies indicate that the neural systems underlying working memory are plastic, i.e. they can change. 

After using Cogmed Working Memory Training, you literally build new neural connections – connections that will remain and will help you continue to experience better memory and focus in the future.  The effects are clinically strong, lasting, in children, young, middle-aged and older adults.

Training Benefits are:

          − Improved memory

          − Improved ability to sustain attention

          − Better complex reasoning skills

          − Improved ability to complete tasks without being distracted

          − Improved ability to concentrate

          − Increased organizational skills

          − Increased ability to filter irrelevant information and focus on what's important

          − Greater efficiency

          − An obvious advantage for those facing the GRE, GMAT, LSAT or MCAT exams

          − Knowing why you entered a room and finding your keys


Signs of Working Memory Deficits are:


            − Difficulty starting and finishing tasks

            − Difficulty prioritizing tasks

            − Resisting tasks requiring sustained mental effort

            − Forgetting instructions & detailed information

            − Forgetting what you asked 30 minutes ago

            − Disorganization

            − Poor sense of time

            − Procrastination

            − Distractability

            − Difficulty planning next steps

            − Problems breaking a project down into manageable tasks rather than panicking

Learn More about Working Memory

Cogmed is a Comprehensive Computer-Based Program:

     Training takes place at home five days a week for five weeks and takes about 30 to 45 minutes.  

     Office visits are not necessary.

     The software automatically increases in difficulty gradually improving an individual's abilities.

     Every participant has a Personal Coach who leads the training, analyzes results and provides  information and

               encouragement during weekly phone calls.


To learn more about this program, email  Dr. Shansky or call  312.616.0006. 

The Results are Clinically Proven:

Cogmed Working Memory Training is scientifically validated by placebo-controlled clinical studies published in leading medical journals, and there is on-going research at several leading U.S. Universities. Cogmed Working Memory Training is an intervention backed by peer-reviewed placebo-controlled studies published in leading medical journals. 8o% of those who complete training show measurable improvement in complex reasoning skills. Training has lasting effects empirically validated after one year.

Learn more about  Cogmed Research

Cogmed Working Memory Training is not intended to be a substitute for a health care provider's consultation or a substitute for medication that a doctor may have prescribed. Naturally, results vary. The effects on any one individual cannot be guaranteed.

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