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Psychologists are mental health professionals who hold a doctorate (Ph.D. or Psy.D.).  Their training and education includes graduate study for at least six years in human behavior, therapeutic treatment of emotional problems,  theories of  personality, psychological test construction and administration, experimental research,  statistical analysis of data, as well as a clinical internship.  Clinical psychologists have the most rigorous  graduate training in theories and techniques of  psychotherapy.  Among mental health professionals, only psychologists can administer and report the results of psychological tests.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors (M.D.s) whose training and education includes medical school and at least four additional years of clinical training.  Because of their medical training, psychiatrists bring to their practice an understanding of medical as well as emotional issues.  Psychiatrists generally possess an in-depth knowledge of  medication, its effects and  limitations as a treatment modality.  Among mental health professionals, only  psychiatrists evaluate patients for a specific medication and only they can prescribe drugs.

The term "psychotherapist" refers only to that fact that one is engaged in the practice of psychotherapy.  It does not refer to any particular educational discipline, training, or license and, in fact, anyone can call themselves a therapist.  Both psychologists and psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental disorders.   The therapist you select should hold a professional degree in a particular field of mental health and be licensed in the state of practice.   



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